Why Do Some Bodies Reject Energy Healing ??

We often refer about Miracles while discussing something really unbelievable, but do we experience miracles in the real life? Of course YES, in our everyday life, we are witness to many miracles but we generally ignore such happening. Please think about how many times, we have observed some of our stuck issues sorted out and have thanked god for his grace to make it happen. Isn’t it a miracle that happened? But we generally perceive Miracle to be a fairy-tale scenario happening.

We must have ignored, but the most amazing miracles on the earth is US – the living beings. Think why a human is born of a human and not Frog. Endowed with a brain, eyes, nose and 2 hands (not 4 hands), 2 legs (not 6 legs like a spider). A small infant grows to an adult.  Aren’t we the living miracles of Nature? We surely are.

Why Do Some Bodies Reject Energy Healing ??

Human body, in itself is an unsolved mystery. Medical & quantum science are continuously working to unfold new findings each day but still much has to be done to solve the secrets of body healing. Holistic approach of healing is nowadays gaining attention because of its miraculous results and solutions. However, the masses are still unaware of this approach and ignoring the intensity and depth of healing, they still expect instant results.

Unfolding some of the myths of Energy healing, I recall, a couple of days ago, a co-healer in Cosmic Energy Healing, had posed an interesting question. He has asked why sometimes a healing might not work if the body of the person, who is being healed, does not permit. In other words, healing works on “FREE WILL” of a body. This inspired me to write my views on this very interesting issue.

To understand this, we must know – What is a Free Willing Body. Healing is definitely not restricted to ask for permission to be healed. Moreover, it is most powerful, when healing is with Cosmic Energy wherein the emission, transmission and transfusion of energy are at its best – free flow, absolutely effective, with results assured. But still there are bodies, which sometimes do not get healed. Reasons could be:

  1. Healer still needs practice to effectively heal the patient
  2. Unclear diagnosis of the patient
  3. Unfocussed or un-required energies
  4. Patient body not accepting the energy

Why Do Some Bodies Reject Energy Healing ??

Our topic of interest is point (d). Let’s study it by our perspective. Why does abodies not accept healing? Broadly speaking a body may not receive healings because of the following reasons:

  1. Unbalanced or improper Chakra situations : Various problems could be observed in a body due to improper/ unbalanced Chakra positions. Our parallel body consist 7 major Chakras which are said to be responsible for various physical, mental & spiritual activities. For example, imbalances in the Manipur Chakra (Solar Plexus Chakra) may cause intestinal disorders and a weak Mooldhara Chakra (Root Chakra) may be responsible for material crisis. An imbalanced Heart Chakra, may cause hurdle /obstruction to receive healing energies.
  1. Presence of Negativities : Presence of Negative ingredients could be reason for non-acceptance of healing energies. Negativity must never be mis-understood as presence of evil or possession by soul etc. Inclusive of these Spiritual science terms Negativity as presence of any Negative ingredient. Even infections or Allergies are negative ingredients in a body. While common negativities could easily be healed, stubborn negativities require hard ushering to diminish. We must have observed that in case of chronic diseases, we are often suggested to repeat doses. It is because these negativities require repeated insistence to be eradicated.
  1. Negatively Destined : This is an isolated category which is an exception to the zone of healing. One of my co-healer had a quarry some days ago that why can’t a person who is practicing negatively be healed and transformed? Why would these bodies may not respond to a healing or why is an acceptance required for certain bodies to heal? Let us understand this from a healer’s perspective. Healing as a subject is too vast to understand. It not only covers the physical dimension but also encompasses the parallel world. Because of this vastness, the world of Energy is beyond logical understanding of modern science. But it should be understood that in-spite of whatever knowledge we have, we are the tiniest particle of the God’s creation – the Universe. Whatever exists in the Universe has to work in a regulation and we are not an exception. As the Sun has to rise in the East and set in the West. As the time cannot be withheld, there are several things which are given their respective Orbits to happen. Even He does not interfere in this cause and effect mechanism.

Why Do Some Bodies Reject Energy Healing ??

We have heard and read in our scriptures that from time immemorial, there has been a tussle between Devas and Asuras (Angles & Demons). This war goes on …..and there are times when the Asuras have overpowered Devas. This is an indicative explanation which gives an understanding to a common person. If we dwell deep into it, this war of Devas and Daanavasis actually the fight between the positive & negative………Brightness & Darkness, which is still going on in all the sectors of Universe…..even within us.

Since its inception, Positivity & Negativity are eternal. Both emerged from infinity and shall remain till infinity. It is because both are the source of each other’s existence. We know about light because of darkness and identify darkness as we see light. As per our great scriptures – ‘Satva’ & ‘Tama’ is well explained, while describing human instincts. It is this instinct that we refer Raavana, Kansa & Hriranyakashayapa as demons while respectfully classify Bhakta Prahlad & Raja Bali as sages, in-spite they had Asura descendency. Holding this to be true, even today, bodies, who are instinctively negative, do not respond to any positive healing. These people could be identified by their karma. They have a kind of urge to give in to the darkness. They not only repel positivity but spread negativity.

Why Do Some Bodies Reject Energy Healing ??

Another category of bodies could be the one who are negatively destined by their planetary situations. They are naturally destined to go the way they are going and thus may not accept energy assistance from a healer. Although, this category of bodies could be sent healings, but the healer should not get disheartened, if results are not seen happening. As such, their diagnostics are hidden in their Kundli and unfolding the complex mechanism of planetary effects on a body is quite difficult. VK has the power to carve ways out of this complexity but the faith & patience of the healer should be firm for this.

Why Do Some Bodies Reject Energy Healing ??

Apart from the above, there are some avenues which is the Almighty’s prerogative. As human beings we are not capable of diverging HIS decisions. Like a patient destined to leave his/her body will not respond to energies sent. Through Cosmic Energies (VK), his passing could be made peaceful but we may not hold the body to this world and alter his destiny. In this endeavor, a healer should not feel that he/she has lost, as Energies are divine and does whatever best could be done within the limitations of divinity.

To sum up, as a healer, we should always understand that we might have been entrusted with Divine powers, but we are not God. Cosmic Energies has immense healing powers, but it, also is part of the Divine and thus by intellect shall do whatever is possible within the orbits of Universal regulations. This Border should be respected. We should have an insight to understand what Divine has destined. Cosmic Energy does not need to ask for permission to heal a body, but it may not do futile jobs.

Happy Healing to All


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  1. thank you Sharat Sir – it is necessary to recall what we know but we always should be thankfurl for the healing and also thankful to you for the develeopement and courses how to use the VK ad not, really not to forget your wonderful team with most often instant help.

  2. Golden Sunrise
    Sanjay Ji, thank you for the beautiful explanation. Will try not to get attached to why healing’s not taking place in some cases.
    Thank you once again.


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