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When we are in a struggling state of life, we often face problems and find it difficult to get the solutions of those problems. When in life, situations go beyond our control, that time, we start looking out the solutions of our problems outside, start searching such a person or place or thing who can change our lives by fixing our issues. Have you ever thought of that solution – whether it has come from the right path or not, it is good or bad, black or white? If you don’t know but really want to know, continue reading…

Sometimes, we stuck in such a situation in life where we are supposed to choose a path out of different right or wrong paths available to us to solve our problems or to reach to our goal. That moment, we don’t think whether we have made a right decision or not. That can be wrong/ black or right/white. Let’s discuss both separately. By the end of this article, you will be able to decide what is best for us among the both.white black magic effects

Understanding Black Magic

All humans have two sides in them- GOOD (divine) or BAD (evil). There are many people in this world who focus on their evil side more & their main goal is to harm others or to deprive other people to live a peaceful life. Black magic or dark magic is the use of supernatural powers, negative/evil energies to help others or use of energies for a negative purpose. Black magic is used to help or hook others by performing certain rituals, animal or human entity sacrifice, paranormal activities, by controlling spirits & force that evil spirits to fulfill their commands, bewitchment, tantric kriyas, tantra mantra, tantra puja, etc. In Black magic, most aggressive energies are used like Saturn, Mahakali, Baglamukhi, Bhairav, black cyclone, negative disincarnate which are hateful & deceptive, etc. It is generally used by unhappy people for malevolent acts. People use pins and needles, lemon, hair, blood, urine, nail clippings, voodoo dolls, cursed spells, skulls and bones, unwashed clothes, etc. in black magic.

Reasons why people use Black Magic

Its someone’s desire who fascinate his/her thoughts to go for certain actions whether right or wrong. It has been observed that black magic is still very much in use. Its Kalyug and people do black magic for several reasons-

  • With the increase of frustration, jealousness, greed, selfishness, and inability to accept other’s happiness in people, the usage of black magic has become most common for the completion of evil desires.
  • Now-a-days, people are simply jealous of other’s success in personal or professional life. They think more about letting other people down rather than their own success.
  • People want success in life at any cost.
  • People do it to make someone fall in love with them.
  • The couple who fall in love with each other, approach black magic to convince their family for their relationship.
  • A lady who is a mother-in-law does black magic on her daughter-in-law or son to control.
  • A wife does it on her husband to control him and detach him from his mother and vice-versa.
  • For the settlement of legal cases pending since long.

Why do people prefer Black Magic

  • It is easy to execute and works so fast that gives prompt results. People don’t have to wait for long for the results. Black magic can ruin one’s life in no time.
  • Black magic can easily ruin one’s personal life, career, business, marriage, family, wealth and prosperity, mental peace, can create chronic health diseases, no matter how religious or spiritual the victim is.
  • It can quickly control the thoughts, mind, action, and behavior of a person.
  • Victim of black magic rarely comes to the realization that he/she is being victimized by negative/black forces.
  • Now-a-days, the exposure of black magic practitioners is quite fascinated and modish which compels others to redirect to it.
  • Sometimes it’s a cheap solution of a specific magic effects

Side effects of Black Magic

Though black magic is widely spreading nowadays like a contagious disease for the accomplishment of evil desires or to harm others’ body, mind, work, marriage, career and everything in life, still we cannot overlook the fact that along with the victim of black magic, the person who initiates it, cannot keep himself away and secure him from the destructive consequences of the same. Whatever we give to the universe, comes back to us. But unfortunately, many people are unaware of its adverse effects or they simply ignore them in the greed of their negative will. For a VK user, Shield of Seven Rays is the best shield for protection form almost all kinds of black magic and evil eye.   

  • One of the most common outcomes is that it is backfired to the one who intends.
  • Black magic certainly affects the personal life, health, business or family of the intended person eventually. There are chances of untimely death as well in the family.
  • It can ruin his/her future as well but most of the times, the person doesn’t even realize or takes time to realize that whatever troubles or misfortune has started in his own life, could be the backlash of the black magic.
  • It can directly affect the person with the same curse which was aimed for the victim.
  • It can eventually hamper the person’s business, health, family members or work.
  • People add bad karmas for themselves by doing this in their Karmic account.
  • A person can suffer from chronic health issues, mental problems, downfall in professional life, tragedy with family members, issues in married life, etc.
  • Lal Kitab (based on Palmistry, contains the knowledge of Astrology which provides quick & affordable remedies/upayas of planetary issues in our lives) gives 100% results whether in the form of a solution to our problem or the adverse effect of the wrong remedy. We have to make sure that we choose remedy/upaya from Lal Kitab as a solution of our specific problem wisely because it can either give expected results or can be harmful for us or for the family. If we anyway skip to choose the right remedy (solution) from Lal Kitab, it will certainly and instantly harm us.
  • People who use black magic, invite negative energies in their life, home or workplace and they stuck in the vicious circle of negativity. One can feel contradictory changes in his/her nature, behavior and daily routine.
  • For example, if a mother uses black magic on his son to detach him from his wife or a wife does it on his husband against her mother-in-law, the son/husband will definitely start facing health issues, might get mentally ill or face downfall in his business.
  • Another instance, wherein a person goes for a black magic to make another person fall in love with him/her, initially he can get success but there might be chances of the failure of their marriage later on.white black magic

Understanding White Magic

White magic or Good Magic is completely different from black magic, especially in goals or intentions. Unlike black magic, white magic is the use of positive energies, supernatural powers, mother earth, elements, angels, worshiping God and goddess, for selfless purpose or to fulfill our own desires but without harming or hurting others. The purpose of white magic is the transformation of our materialistic or spiritual world to a higher level of evolution. White magic aims are without malicious intent and no evil or negative thoughts or intentions are involved in it. As, Cosmic Energies and Divine is involved in it, so there is nothing to fear about. White magic is always performed with good intentions so we can say it’s a pure magic.

If we are sending out or involving positive energies, the outcome will be positive always. Moreover, we prevent ourselves from the adverse effects of black magic and also, the fear of backfire of anything is not there. White magic spells involve simple tools like candles, charged water, flowers, herbs, pen, and paper, etc. White magic techniques involve- reiki, healing and other touch therapies, Pranic healing, chanting switch words and mantras, meditation, visiting religious places, etc. White magic has the power to protect against any curse by people who misuse black magic. We can choose and work on many aspects like career, job, health, wealth, love life or any area of our life through white magic which needs improvement and we can bring out positive energies from us which can enlighten the whole world. We can help others as well through healing.divine energy effects

Reasons why people prefer White Magic

Its Kalyug and there is lack of patience, time and faith in people but still, some people choose white magic for several reasons-

  • People who are kind enough, who never think to harm others for their own selfish motive, choose and use white magic because they respect humanity.
  • Those who have compassion and love for others, always prefer white magic.
  • Those who believe in Sarbat Da Bhala (good for everyone) and have faith in Divine always perform white magic.
  • Those who are selfless and think to lift up other people around them, think for others’ growth and success, such people always go for white magic.
  • People want success in life but with kindness, love, and peace.
  • People do it to make Divine happy and it gives them inner satisfaction.
  • Those who do not want to attach with negative karma always do white magic.white energy

Side effects of White Magic

Though black magic is widely spreading nowadays like a contagious disease, still we can see the presence of white magic which balances the nature and God’s creation. Selfishness, evil or negative desires to harm others is increasing day by day but at the same time, Divine is still present in the heart of good people. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of its adverse effects. Let us check them here…

  • The most common outcomes are happiness and contentment to the one who intends.
  • As we all are aware of the law of the Universe, whatever we give, comes back. If we spread happiness, it comes automatically in our lives.
  • White magic certainly affects the personal life, health, business or family of the intended person eventually with favorable and positive results. There are chances of Divine Ascension as well while using it.
  • It can illuminate one’s future as well but most of the times, the person doesn’t even realize or takes time to recognize that whatever good luck or fortune has started in his/her life, could be the effect of white magic.
  • It can directly affect the person with the same joy, happiness, and blessing which was aimed for the other.
  • Sometimes, it takes times to get the expected results through white magic and we may feel disappointment initially while using it. But eventually, it unlocks the door of success in ones’ life with regard to the targeted section of his/ her life whether business, health, love life, etc.
  • People add good karmas in their Karmic account by following this.
  • People who use white magic, invite positive energies in their life, home or workplace and they automatically remove the vicious circle of negativity. One can feel good changes in his/her nature, behavior and daily routine.
  • When, in our troubles or problems, we involve Divine with the full faith and leave everything to Divine and simply perform our duties to help mankind and make others happy, then our positive deeds attract divine’s blessings in our lives forever.

I have just put my opinion in front of you. At the end, you have to decide whether you will choose the path of black magic in life which promises immediate benefits but gradually make your life curse or choose the right path of White magic wherein we receive the direct assistance of Almighty/Divine in our lives and connect with Divine which is the ultimate goal of a human being.


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    We are planning to shift from our existing house to a better Vaastu complaint house. The existing house has few vaastu dosh. The earlier house we stayed was a very nice and vaastu friendly house. We wish to go back there, but the tenants aren’t planning to leave. Any switch words to help me ?

    • No need to shift anywhere… I am coming with a perfect solution, which will give you a never-ending energy to resolve all kind of vaastu dosas..


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