What is VIBBES KADA VK and It’s Benefits

Helps quickly-Easily-Instant results-Cell level possibilities. 

Helps for anything like Helps in Slow Business-Helps in Illness-Helps in Stagnant Career-Remove Evil Eyes-Helps in Bitter Relationship-Helps in Geobiological and Work Stress. 

After holding VIBBES KADA for 10sec. your Aura can boost up to 500% and increase your Chakras up to 300%. 

You are continuously bombarded with positive and negative vibes from many sources:-The most powerful of this source of this continuous vibes is the cosmos itself which includes the Sun, the Moon, other planets and the stars, the Vaastu vibes of your place where you live or work at, the people around you, the electrical and electronic products.

The VIBBES KADA can transform the negative vibes and attract more positive vibes for you. You can become the master of your life and it can trigger your inner energy to attract more prosperity, health, and luck into your life. 

The VIBBES KADA’s strong positive energy field can influences your energy field positively and also continuously as long as it is with you. 

VIBBES KADA is the Master Key that can unlock the floodgates of this universal force to attract more power, health, and luck into your life. 

It is the combination of 11 cosmic energies which makes VIBBES KADA the Master Key that can transform the negative vibes from the cosmos, from the Vastu, from the people and harmful products. 

VIBBES KADA’s powerful energy field can make its user’s Aura super energized and align all the Chakras, thus balancing the Aura. 

Key Benefits of the VIBBES KADA
Key Benefits of the VIBBES KADA


Key Benefits of the VIBBES KADA

It can work on the cell level. 

It can increase your Aura and Chakras within 10sec. 

Say bye – bye to stress. 

It can trigger body’s own natural powers for optimum health.

It can deeply penetrate into the skin, muscles and underlying tissues. 

It helps to improve: – the autonomic functions of the nervous system, the elasticity of arterial walls, blood circulation, delivery of oxygen and nutrients in the blood cell.

It can reduce and ease the pain, muscle spasms, joint stiffness, sinus congestion, migraine pressures, chances of blood clots etc. 

It is a drug-free, nonaddictive and has no any side effects. It is easy to use. 

It can increase your prosperity magnetism; propel your career to new heights. 

It can solve your business problems. 

It can protect from an evil eye. 

It can harmonize your relationships. 

You can get the benefits of meditation even without meditating. 

Key Benefits of the VIBBES KADA
Key Benefits of the VIBBES KADA

It can save you from Geo-biological stress.

It can trigger your inner energy to get what you want. 

Reiki and other alternative therapies can become 10 times more effective and quick.

It can save you from depletion, tiredness and negative energies of your patients. 

It can save your time, energy and money. 

You can increase Divine blessing and Divine vitality into your food and water with VK.

It can also work on all nonliving things.

It can increase any vehicle’s mileage and improve the efficiency of the gas cylinder.

It can also work on plants and animals. 

It can promote regeneration and fast recovering.

It can help to remove accumulated toxic energies. 

It can dissolve imbalance collection of blocked energies.

It has the ability to make you joyful, playful and happy.

It can help you to enjoy like a child.

It can create your fundamental trust in life to be happy.

It can create your ability to love other people and things in a cheerful, trusting and interesting way.

The observation has frequently been made that using VIBBES KADA supports not only the development of the individual who wears them, but there are subsequently effects on other people also who are frequently together with a VK user.

It can inwardly prepare you growth and opportunities.

The VIBBES KADA can help harmonize your life.

Key Benefits of the VIBBES KADA
Key Benefits of the VIBBES KADA

How to use the VIBBES KADA?

You can have optimum benefits of cosmic energies with VIBBES KADA if you can charge your food items and water within just 15 to 20 seconds. There are wide varieties of energy combinations in the form of Serums to gain health, wealth and other benefits.

You can not only charge food items but you can also charge cosmetics like oil, cream, lotion, aftershave, shampoo, toothpaste etc. for beauty care.

You will be amazed to know that you can also charge your clothes with Cosmic Energies.

To amaze you more you must know that you can materialize desired affirmations and wishes very easily. For this write your affirmation on a paper. Now hold your VIBBES KADA in between both hands and say a silent prayer for 3 times like this: – O VIBBES KADA! Please materialize this affirmation for me/us. Now leave your VK on your affirmation chit and it will send Cosmic Energies to the affirmation for next 30 minutes. 

Know that your relatives and friends are not far to be helped.

Hold your VIBBES KADA in your right hand, now visualize a person or situation or your affirmation chit or anything you want to send energies to on your left palm, now focus your VK and make slow rotations with VIBBES KADA on the left palm for next 5 even watching T.V. or doing anything else. 

Place your VIBBES KADA at any body part it can help to ease your problem.

In a case of an emergency where you can not remove your VIBBES KADA for seeking help, you can also place one hand on the VIBBES KADA and request for help only 3 times. Then VIBBES KADA will send Cosmic Energies to the emergency situation for next 30 minutes. You can send Cosmic Energies for anything from any distance. 

You can also rotate VIBBES KADA on your palm to activate acupressure points.

There are 16 types of Cosmic Energies in the Universe. 11 types of Cosmic Energies are attuned in VK by me. These energies are channelized through VK to wherever these are needed either near or far, either in direct contact or distant.

After working in the field of holistic energy system, teachings, and experiences of safe and unsafe ways of energies, I felt the need of safest tool which could not only help in manifestation but also is the safest to use and I was blessed with the special powers by the Divine to attune VK with 11 Cosmic Energies that even a 2 years old child can use it. So after many experiments, I was able to launch VK in May 2009.

VK has spread throughout the world as a respected form of holistic energy system used by many people because in this system there is no backfire of negative energies {even a single negative atom}.

Here is few other information you must know and love to read about VKVital Organ Balancing A powerful technique for better health can also be possible thru VK. Must read how to take Shield of Seven Rays for Complete Protection using VK. These are few requests to Activate VK for you or for others. You can create your own Requests according to your need. VK is a Cosmic Energy Tool for all. Here are some Frequently Ask Questions and their answers about VK you need to know. How to Use VK with Simplicity and Ease? If you plan to have a VK then check here how to Measure Bangle Size for VK. Here you will find the scientific proof that VK works greatly. Never miss to read energy circle working with and without VKVK can automatically send energy for 30 minutes to any request. VK can mimic any energy modality. Why VK had invented and developedVK needs a fixed and clear intention. Plan your intention well as your intention has to be carried with the speed of rocket to the DIVINE. Why we are using and making VK since 2009. We ask you not to have blind faith on VK. Benefits of just wearing a VK. The good part is that nothing negative will ever come on the surface while using VK

VIBBES KADA is a Work of Human Effort and not Mechanical, Therefore No Wholesale Orders/Requests would be Entertained
Applications of VIBBES KADA are unlimited. It is your imagination and creativity to make it unlimited and more useful
You can request for VIBBES KADA here by mail

Our mail id is:- vkmagic59@gmail.com

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Sharat Sir is a Spiritual Scientist-Working in Energy Healing since 1997-His vision is to enable a common person to heal and cure himself and others without refuging to medicines-He conduct Meditation Sessions called Maun Saadhna (The Silence of Thoughts)-He is Master of almost 55 healing techniques like Switchwords, Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Karuna Reiki, EFT, Magnified Healing, Sujok etc- Astrologer, Tarot Reader-He is Inventor of Vibbes Kada (VK) Cosmic Codes Videos, Golden Sunrise, Golden Heart Blessing Meditation, Cosmic Shower Meditation, Energy Serums, Open Eye Meditation via Chat. (Outstanding Spiritual Scientist & Pioneer in Cosmic Healing-WOW Personality Awards, Mumbai, 2016). (ISHMA Global Golden Star Award Winner Mumbai, 2017).


  1. Hi i would like your advice I am about to start using my VK I am already meditating on the Sri Yantra and do a OM Kleem and an atttraction mantra. Do these compliment the VK or am I doing to many things, should I just stick with the VK ? Many thanks

  2. hi I have acne scars and wondered if the VK could heal them quickly or any other suggestions? as I am not very good at manifesting with law of attraction. many thanks


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