What are Affirmations & How to Prepare an Affirmation

Affirmations are statements which we continuously think and imagine in our mind. These statements come repeatedly in our mind. Our mind is in habit of thinking many statements and these statements can be either positive or negative.

These statements are kind of declaration for a purpose. When we focus and frequently think about our goal of life, we also start repeating some statements related to our goal.

These statements can be true and can take the shape of reality if we combine these statements with true feelings. If the feeling is good, full of belief and gratitude, then the outcome will be good and favorable. But if the feelings are negative, full of fear or doubts, the outcome will be accordingly.

What are affirmations?

When we think about our goal and any related statement in our mind then an image of the situation is formed in our mind. This image can be full of hope, faith, and possibilities and this image can be of fear, hopelessness, and doubt. The feeling related to the image decides the outcome of the goal. What are Affirmations

What are affirmations?

It is very easy to manifest any goal with affirmations. We can make an affirmation for a particular goal, repeat it as much as possible and then allow that affirmation to play the role of auto-suggestion to our mind for our goal. By auto-suggestion, we mean the repetition of that an affirmation frequently that whenever the image of your goal or a situation comes to your mind, the affirmation also comes to your mind automatically.

You don’t have to make a conscious effort again and again to remember the statement. You can prepare an affirmation in such a way that it gives you only positive feeling and picture of assurance so that the manifestation can be faster and free from doubts.

How to Prepare an Affirmations?

Before preparing the affirmation, clearly, know what you want.

For example…

If you are a student and you want to achieve good marks in the exams or be a good student. You are a student and your exams are appearing, what would you ASK from DIVINE to affirm?

  • Would you ASK for good marks?
  • Would you ASK for good marks every time you appear for exams?
  • Would you ASK to be more focus, confident & centralized to learn and appear for the exam?
  • Would you ask for the chapters to be learned by you very well so that you can perform well in the exams?
  • Would you ASK for the overall perfect result in every exam?
  • You just want good marks to show off to your parents and friends?
  • You don’t want to study but get good marks.

Prepare an Affirmation

There are many more different sentences like few mentioned above, which you should know and have clarity about what exactly you want. Before finalizing affirmations as a student just consider these above-mentioned points and even other points which you have in your mind so that your affirmation can be clear and definite and you can achieve your goal flawlessly.

Remember these 14 Points before Start Affirming 

1. The sentences should be positive.

For example, I can get high marks. I can study easily.

2. The sentences should be in the present tense.

For example, I am going to achieve my goal very easily.

3. The sentences should be believable.

“I set high goals for my exams and I achieve them”. Such sentence is good but setting high goals might put you in thinking again and again that if you are an average student, are you capable of setting such high standards for yourself? This type of sentence is good for an already good student but for a poor or an average student, the sentence should be true, manageable and achievable.

For example, I can get good marks. I can achieve my goal this time.  prepare for my exams very well.

4. The sentences should be in easy language.

(I am and being a student is all about.) this is a good affirmation but not in easy language. Rather use a sentence which is easy to affirm. Like “being a student is amazing”. “I am excited to be a student, it keeps me enthusiastic”.

5. The sentences should contain things which seem to be the best possible.

For example, if a student is 50% marks scorer then he should affirm for a maximum 60 % or a little more. scoring marks like 80% or more than that might look harder and soon the student/person finds it impossible to achieve this goal. And he might drop the idea of affirmation.

There are many affirmations available on the internet which might be good for your goal but sentences chosen as your affirmation should be according to our own understanding rather than copy it from somewhere else. Affirmations

6. The sentences should be direct from our heart instead of formal and pleasing ones.

7. The sentences should give you a feeling of happiness & positiveness.

For example, Wow!! This time I am going to get marks of my wish.

8. The sentences should give you the excitement of the accomplishment of your goal.

For example, Achieving better marks this time has raised my confidence to wish for higher marks.


9. The sentences should make you comfortable to chant.

10. The sentences should be near to reality.

11. The sentences should include your feeling of gratitude.

For example, I am thankful for better marks this time.

12. The sentences should be according to your wish and not what others suggest to you.

13. The sentences should make you have faith in DIVINE.

For example, Divine is with me and it will help me to achieve my goal.


14. The sentences should be prepared so well that it makes you feel the goal ACHIEVED.

The sentences prepared under above-mentioned points will take you to your goal for sure.


Affirmations are powerful tools for programming the mind. So, before finalizing any affirmation, you should keep in mind all the important points we have discussed above. There can be any positive phrases which you repeat to yourself which describes what you want to be in life.

Affirmations or positive statements, when started saying repeatedly, sink to your subconscious mind and you start believing it and eventually, it becomes your reality. So, as explained above, affirmations should be simple, clear, positive and powerful enough to convert thoughts into reality easily.

In affirmations, vocabulary is extremely important, for example, instead of saying “I am worthy”, you can say “I am remarkable”. Try to recite your affirmation twice a day – once in the morning immediately when you wake up and at night before going to bed. You should visualize your goal as well along with repeating your affirmations.

And don’t miss to read these 15 points you should know before start affirming, keep these constantly in mind. Also, have a look at 25 Money Affirmations. For more articles on affirmations click here.


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Affirmations are powerful tools for programming the mind

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