My Wedding Bells With VIBBES KADA and GOLDEN SUNRISE Project


One of my best experience with VIBBES KADA VK is… I found my life partner with GOLDEN SUNRISE MANIFESTATION.

I was so confused I didn’t have a perfect path and didn’t know what is the priority in my life. I was looking to buy a home, looking for a full-time job and also looking for a life partner. I was so desperate to buy a home as I felt like I wanted to settle down and then thought I need to have a full-time job to settle down in one particular city, here in the USA. So totally confused.

One day I messaged Rakhi and explained the situation.

The first thing she asked “what is your priority in your life” I said finding a right life partner is my priority.

She explained me the order of prioritizing things accordingly. I was impressed by the way she explained.

She told “if you find a partner you can go with him to his house in that way you both can look to find a home together but if you look for buying a home you are looking to go yourself to home” that made perfect sense to me with my intentions.

She asked me to write what I am thinking and how my partner should be like, how our relationship should be, how my relationship should be with my in-laws and etc.

I started writing “My perfect life partner project” and asked her to correct it accordingly. She suggested few corrections and I started reading daily at night before going to bed and energizing it with VK.

To my surprise, I got in touch with a person from a resource which matched exactly what I have written in my project!!!

From then I was updating what is happening to Rakhi. In every step, she suggested to request GOLDEN SUNRISE for our phone conversations, for our meetings and meetings with our parents etc. I have been in constant touch with Rakhi and Sharat Sir updating things.

Everything went magically and smoothly that I got engaged and married within 2 months. Though it was a short period of time preparations went smoothly and also I was able to successfully meet my deadlines and got leave approved for my wedding. It is all like dream come true.

I moved to my husband’s place where he was already living. I remembered the words Rakhi told, “If you find your partner you can move with him to a house”.

Now me and my husband are living happily and lovingly.

My parents are also very happy for me going into this family. I also wrote in my project saying that my in-laws will also treat me like their daughter and that I what I am experiencing which I feel I am lucky to find them.

Even when I am writing this remembering every moment get me happy tears. I feel it is just you intend and request VK it will happen.

I feel lucky to find right guidance like Rakhi didi who guided me in the right path and Sharat sir for your selfless effort giving VK to us.

Just INTEND and ACT, VK will help and show us the right path. THANK YOU VK.

THANK YOU Rakhi didi for your support and you are one of the person where I will and can share anything.

THANK YOU Sharat Sir for your selfless support and help for giving us VK.



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  1. GOLDEN SUNRISE @CK jana ji.
    Nothing surprising to me as i myself have lots of amazing experiences for me and my family. I can deeply feel your words and Feeling of happy tears.
    I am so already attached to Sharat sir and Rakhi didi even i feel their love & support more than my parents. VK and GOLDEN SUNRISE are the blessings of sir for all mankind and no words can justice Sharat Sir’s efforts.
    Lots of blessings to you both couple and your family. Be happy and loving now and forever.
    God bless you.

  2. Golden Sunrise,
    This is an Wow experience of project manifest, I have ever observed.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Golden Sunrise to All your efforts.

  3. @CK Jana


    So happy to see your feelings coming here in this article. Thank you for your thanks.
    I really appreciate your patience and determination to fulfil your dream following every guidance.


    Thanks a million to Sharat Sir for VK and this opportunity to me to be a part of a dream manifestation journey with VK!! Loved it


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