The Wanting Factor is a Big Hurdle for Quick Manifestation

Manifestation: Emotions of wanting something so badly makes you stressed and irritated. These wanting emotions are results of fears and at that time you are not aligned with yourself, with your desires and with the Universe. Instead, you are vibrating with fears, scarcity and the lack of the thing you want.

The more you desire the fewer you received because all your energies, attention, mindset, and emotions are focused on the reality that “It is not at present there”. And when you are not receiving, you become more stressed, upset, irritated and disappointed. To manifest, you must be in a peaceful, relaxed and calm state, “This is the KEY”.

Quick Manifestation

For successful manifestation you must have these 4 factors:- 
  1. Inner calm: – Your inner calm makes you happy and creates an alignment between you and the GIVER (Universe or God). This alignment sends a positive message to GIVER that you are the most eligible for HIS blessings.
  2. Full faith in the Universe (The God): – Your full faith activates your soul to enhance its power to attract what you want. Once your soul’s power has fully activated then no one can stop you to attain success. The power of the soul is a valuable tool in the field of manifestation because in our body God resides as a shape and energy of SOUL (our body is gifted to the soul).
  3. Knowing the facts of reality: – Your understanding of Universal Truth (reality) gives you a direct indication that in the Abundant Universe there is plenty of all of us. This indication also creates faith and option to choose your desire wealth, situation, relation, and other things. Your understanding also enhances your hope towards life and its cycle that Every Night Ends With A Great Sunrise.
  4. Changing your belief or mind training: – Changing your belief or mind training magnified a great receiver inside you. This greatness attracts limitless wealth for all areas in your life because this encodes your mind into a deeper state of already having. Once you achieved this having state, your mind creates what you want easily and effortlessly.


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