VIBBES KADA VK Testimonial Part 5

82. Gratitude to My Guardian Angel VK and Sharat Sir for the mass healings.

My Kudo who is a topper in class but so shy and introvert that I always taunted her for not participating in any competition. She used to say Teacher does not select her. I charge her water bottle daily with energies of enthusiasm and confidence. Now she is participating in Poem recitation, elocution, painting even if she is second or third I am happy that she has developed the confidence to go and participate. As a mommy my advice to her is enjoying school days, participate in all events. it is the joy when at this age that we feel when we remember our school days yes we don’t miss it since we enjoyed it to the fullest that feeling needs to be with us. Thank you VK for the care and confidence.

83. Traffic jam as most of you knows about the traffic jam in Delhi specially in peak hours. It is a very serious issue as we couldn’t reach on time at our destinations. I frequently travel to Gurgaon and Bhiwani and I used to face traffic jam as usual.

I started requesting my VK for safe, comfortable and smooth traffic on roads where I travel same procedure by holding the VK from left hand for 10 sec. while wearing on right hand just after starting my car.

I am surprised and You will be also surprised to know that it worked fantastically. I never got any traffic jam while traveling to Gurgaon or Bhiwani. VK is superb.

Thank you VK !!! Thank you VK !!! Thank you VK !!!

84. It’s a wonderful Idea Jyoti ji. Generally, I heal 2-3 persons every day and do not even mention as it has become a routine. But since it may inspire somebody to let me share a recent one. My aunt is around 75 yrs and for the last one month, she is not able to walk because of having pain in her knees. I was visiting her and asked her not to bother making tea etc. I saw her limping and groaning. So I asked her to sit and healed her with PCS directly. I could see her amazed when I asked her to walk again and she walked straight without any pain. It took only 10minutes. VK is great.

85. I got the VK on 12 June 2015 and I am very much thankful to Sharat Sir. As most of you know about the parking problem in Delhi specially in societies where no parking space is allotted. It is a very serious issue. So with me. I was daily facing the parking problem for a long time.

I started requesting my VK for safe, comfortable and easy parking by holding the VK from left hand for 10 sec. while wearing on right hand just 15-20 min. before entering my society.

I am surprised and you will be also surprised to know that it worked fantastically. I started getting very comfortable parking on a daily basis as I imagine in my mind before entering the society, where reaching at 6 PM or 12 night. VK really solved my major problem of parking. Thank you VK. Thank you VK. Thank you VK.

86. Today’s Experience – my friend has frozen right shoulder n he casually asked me if anything can be done. I charged water for him with PCS n within 5 min he says kya kiya tune n his pain reduced.

87. I would like to share a VK experience. Yesterday a bull from a group of cattle was hit by a bike and it started limping and sat down.  All the cattle moved on and the bull was left in the heavy rain. the bull was trying to stand up and it fell down. I was seeing this from my apartment. Send Golden sunrise and Maha mritunjaya mantra for the speedy recovery of the wound. It was raining heavily I repeatedly send it in an hours gap. By eight the bull got up limping but walked home. Today evening saw the same cattle group and the bull was walking straight. Felt very Happy. Thanks Sirji Thanks VK.

88. I would like to share a VK experience. Dhyan is the child’s name he was a troublesome kid in our apartment even my daughter was bullied by this boy who is younger than her when she went to ride her cycle or play. She used to always come home crying, then I had to go as a bodyguard for her to play. Due to this, there was an argument between the two families. Dhyan is now going in my girl’s school van and he started bullying all the kids and this has been a complaint about all kids and my daughter. But this time being a disciple of sirji and a VK user. I gave Dhyan Bach flower remedies within a week he has shown signs of calmness and my daughter has stopped complaining. I will continue these remedies, what I noticed was the change in me how I took the matter this time. Thanks Sirji for the calmness in me.

89. Today’s experiment with a friend- We were talking about many things n he told that he got jaundice n stone n had very less came to his shop. As he is a believer of Vastu I told him abt cosmic energies n assisted him that things can be changed. For an experiment, I asked him a glass of water n asked him to take 2-3 sips n remember the taste of it. I then charged it with PHS and then asked him to taste. He says it tastes different and drank the whole water n later in the evening I asked how was the experience. He says he feeling quite good n changed. Thanks VK, Thanks Sir.

90. Yesterday I had severe backache, I was not able to do anything on my own then I took pain care serum and got relief. Today I m fine. Thanks to Vk n Sharat Sir.

91. For one hour I had to itch on my nose, Earlier either I had to wash my face or turn on Ac or keep rubbing my nose badly but today charged water with Beauty Serum and itching slowed down in just one sip, lessened more as I kept sipping and almost gone in one hour now Thanku Sir Thanku Vk.

92.VK experience with practical knowledge: Today I have tested the ph level of my drinking water it was 6.5 in the ph meter I charged the same water with VK and make it alkaline… again after 30 minutes is checked ph level of the water, and guess what was the reading of the ph meter ????

Guess? The ph strip which was earlier orange turns to dark green. Guess for the reading value now? The ph value was 8 its amazing Anyone can test the ph value through the ph strips easily available in the market to measure the alkalinity of a liquid.

93. I am experiencing its magic on Sunday I was having stomach infection… So I charged my water bottle with Norflex tz and digee serum… it helped me a lot I got well on the same day.

94. Oh, just one more thing at the beginning of my journey I had shared that I used to terrible pain in the sole of my feet. That I could not keep my feet on the floor in the morning. And at times it used to be so terrible that it took more than an hour to ease the pain. Now if u could imagine I have totally recovered no pain now. None at all.

95. Sir, while doing ascension of a relative and his apartment, so many wolves it took 20mts to be over. Wolves were not willing to go, Hanuman Ji, personally came and with his weapon made them go.  It was a bit out of mind for me.

96. Sir, I did ascension for Mom.  Today twice I did it took an hour.  Hanumanji was holding a bowl of milk and many many black images were withdrawn from her head and it was going in this milk.  Many were there some were just sitting on her head.  All pulled out in between with the other hand Hanuman Ji was doing my ascension I don’t know three black images were drawn my head was cleaned my heart also. A nerve in my head opened up and the pain for the past years just went. I am happy.

Moms then again continued one or two were not willing to go. There was a girl of 14/17 age group not going at all. Then the last hanuman Ji put light on her stomach a grunting and angry man came out.  He WA she pulled out with force. Bhagwanji then drank that milk. He then cleaned her whole body, eyes, heart, hands, and throat. All full of hatred to me. After cleaning she cried a lot. I very put her in Hanuman Chalisa. The rest I leave it to u I don’t know if it has gone right. Thank u Sirji…

97. Sir if you remember, after our Agra visit, when you asked me to ascend the person and his residence there, the same thing happened. Their small doggy started howling as I started the process and thousands of black caterpillar-like insects started swarming out to be merged with the bright energy of Bajrangbali and as they merged and transformed, they started blessing me.

98. Sir, I have the experience to share, my cousin brother Nishant who joined it group they before yesterday ke family se linked hai. His Son is vomiting for 5 days before I met him. He has given Allopathy n Homeopathy n also shown him to doctor and are giving medicine n doctor says je don’t have any problem but was still vomiting. Even I haven’t told Nishant about VK n its working. I just asked him for a bottle of water n charged it with DIGEE SERUM N another bottle with PHS n after one dose of it hos vomit stopped. He was saying to me whether it would work or not but I said that I have to trust the process n he did n the miracle happened. Thank You Sir for this wonderful Invention n Thank You VK for coming to us.

99. Thank u soooo much. With this, I would like to thank u Sharat Sir and to all of you for making me progress in the journey of life with sharing your knowledge and experience. And my very special thanks to Sharat Sir and his invention VK to bring a major positive shift in my life. No area has been left with a major +tive impact let it be health, relationships you name it and you have it. My journey with VK started around 2 months back not a day has passed without growth. With VK help I have been able to counter n number of situations and heal my body and mind. To describe the experience

I can truly say a journey from darkness to the light of hope and positivity. And in this I want to thank angel for bringing VK into my life, gratitude dear. And upmost to Sharat Sir for being the best mentor and teacher. Guiding me in every step I have taken, every move which I wished to make in the realm of knowledge, patiently answering my endless train of questions (only his ears and throat are a witness). I never ever able to thank you enough Sir, gratitude Sir for sharing what is yours. And to Mam for always being so supportive, hospitable and encouraging.

100. Sir, I called Maa Bhagawathys help to finish this process for me and my girl. I can’t keep on depending others for my own livelihood.  Then Sir you just won’t believe Shirdi Sai Baba came along with Bajrang Bali. Bajrang Bali started ascension and in this process, Sai Baba started putting vibhuthi on my mother’s head slot of black spirits left to Bajrang Bali. Sai Baba continued this from head to toe and so soon many were just flowing off from my mom. She was covered in vibhuthi. Baba asked her to learn to bless your own children you brought into this world. Then divine light was covered. This is a very fast process. Same for me and my brother. Thank you Sir.

101. Hi, I experienced a new thing today with the help of VK and would like to share. I got urticaria on my body frequently in urticaria any fleshy part of your body gets swollen. So today in the morning my left hand got swollen badly I used to eat Allegra 180 mg to get rid of that. So in the morning I charged the water and take healing thru VK… I got relief in an hour With Allegra in took 3 to 4 hrs It’s really amazing.

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