VIBBES KADA Frequently Ask Questions {FAQ}


VIBBES KADA is a Cosmic Energy Tool for all. Here are some Frequently Ask Questions and their answers about VIBBES KADA you need to know.

Q1. How can we use VIBBES KADA or what is its potential?

A1. VIBBES KADA is a cosmic energy attuned tool invented by Sharat Sir. Sharat Sir has vast knowledge on the science of energy acquired by his single-minded dedication since 1997. In May 2009 with the grace of DIVINE, he invented the cosmic energy tool VIBBES KADA which is attuned with 11 cosmic energies. VIBBES KADA has its individual energy sending capacity which is presented by Sharat Sir for benefit of all:

  1. Vital Organ Balancing
  2. Relationship Energy Circle
  3. Metaphor
  4. Serums
  5. Shield of Seven Rays
  6. Golden Sunrise
  7. And Much More

In addition to the above individual energy methods it can mimic or execute energy request of various energy modalities like Reiki, Pranic healing, Color therapy, affirmation, etc. are just to name a few. To gather detailed information kindly refers to the Basics of VIBBES KADA in VK Forum.

Q2. Do we have to use the English Language to request VK?

A2. VIBBES KADA is not restricted to any language. VIBBES KADA user can use any language, for example, English, Russian, Spanish, Tamil, Marathi, etc. VIBBES KADA is an intention-based tool, when language had not been formed the communication in the universe happened through the exchange of energy, similarly, VIBBES KADA being energy-based medium so there are no language restrictions.

Q3. Does the energy attuned in VIBBES KADA reduce, discharge or deplete?

A3. Once a VIBBES KADA is attuned it is attuned forever. It doesn’t discharge, deplete or finish. It doesn’t need any recharge or reprocessing. The energy of the steel wristlet diminishes only when it put furnace to melt.

Q4. How does the VIBBES KADA work? Does it draw energy from the Human body?

A4. VIBBES KADA is cosmic energy attuned tool. This is one of the main benefits of VIBBES KADA that it does not draw energy from the Human body or AURA hence causes no ill effect to the human body energy field whereas in other modalities there is a possibility.

Q5. How frequently can I use the VIBBES KADA? Is there any limitation?

A5. A request given to VIBBES KADA is active for 30 minutes. You can use it 24*7.

Q6. What is time duration for an energy request given by VIBBES KADA to work?

A6. VIBBES KADA is programmed to execute the request for 30 minutes. But on a VK user’s CHOICE to terminate a request during the 30 min can do to execute a new request. The earlier request is written over.

Q7. Why is VIBBES KADA a wristlet and not a wand-shaped object?

A7. After long research and experiments it was confirmed that there must be a solid object to hold the cosmic energies, the attuned ornament or object has to be common in LOOKS, It should be something WEARABLE, it should make energy work CONVENIENT and EASY, it should be COMFORTABLE to be shown or carry, it had to be free from age and gender, so that all can work themselves, even a child.

And a steel KADA (wristlet) was found best to be worn by all. Neither a ring has enough mass than a KADA (WRISTLET) to be attuned, nor bulk quantity of rings are worth attuning, so a metal object like a steel KADA, which has solid mass, was considered perfect for attuning with cosmic energies. But locket of a solid mass or KADA of any other metal like gold or silver KADA of your own can be attuned on special request and as per the convenience.

Q8. Why is VIBBES KADA of steel and not of any other metal?

A8. Attuning VIBBES KADA of gold, silver or platinum would make it costly for an average person to buy and work, as it is for human benefit and which should reach to a maximum number of people. Brass, copper, iron leave colors, so it might get depleted or junked. Steel is only one metal which is permanent and will never diminish or destroy or deplete, would remain same till ages and cheap in price too.

For VK other than steel, it would be your responsibility to give the raw bangle and get it delivered to Sharat Sir and after Sir attunes it to make it VK, again it would be your responsibility to collect the attuned bangle from Sir.

The power working will be the same. Only the raw bangle material differs… steel VK is provided by Sharat Sir or other metals (raw bangle given by you and attuned to VK by Sir).

Q9. I am an energy practitioner how will it help me?

A9. VIBBES KADA is essentially beneficial for practicing energy practitioner:

  • Mimicking energies and requests the unique ability of VIBBES KADA to mimic the requests of other energy modalities gives the VK user to provide him to work on with his knowledge.
  • An energy practitioner having the knowledge of multiple energy modalities can use all of them via VIBBES KADA.
  • In various energy modalities, the energy of the practitioner is utilized to help, VIBBES KADA being a third party tool draws cosmic energy for helping hence works as a protector of the energy practitioner.
  • VIBBES KADA allows multiple persons, subject, object, etc to be helped in a single request. This is advantageous to the energy practitioner to handle multiple cases at a given point of time. Energy practitioner takes 4 to 5 VIBBES KADA to manage their extensive works.
  • The person can have the benefit of multiple energy modalities to recover from a situation.

A request given to VIBBES KADA works on Auto Mode means once a request is given to VK it works for 30 minutes.

Q10. How much time does it take to attune a VIBBES KADA?

A10. The procedure to attune a VIBBES KADA is a completely manual, it takes Sharat sir almost 10 hours.

Q11. Can I place bulk orders?

A11. Attuning the VIBBES KADA is a manual process hence we do not undertake bulk orders or sufficient time should be provided.

Q12. How to intend or make a request?

A12. When we talk or share our feelings with a person, when we spend most of our time with a person, they become our friend and listen to our hearts language. Same is with VIBBES KADA. Use it more and more, spend time with it, befriend with VK, and use the heart’s language to request.

Q13.  I do not wear any form of ornaments; can I keep it in my pocket or purse?

A13. Yes, you can keep anywhere closer with you to use, but wearing VIBBES KADA is suggested as it keeps boosting your aura and chakras.

Q14. Is VIBBES KADA person-specific?

A14. VIBBES KADA is not person-specific it can be worn and used by anyone.


Q15. Does VIBBES KADA have any religious boundary?

A15. No! VIBBES KADA doesn’t have any boundary. It is free from religion, custom, cast, rituals, age, gender, time, place, etc.


Q16. Are any religious superstitions a limitation for VIBBES KADA?

A16. VIBBES KADA is Free from any religious superstitions. It is a Divine graced creation with the intention of positive betterment of one and all.

Q17. Can VIBBES KADA be worn while engaging in activities in our daily life like bathroom, kitchen, washing clothes/utensils, during menstruation days, cremation ground, etc.

A17. Yes! You can WEAR VIBBES KADA anywhere and everywhere.

Q18. Is there any age limit for a person to wear VIBBES KADA?

A18. Anyone can wear VIBBES KADA from a 1-minute old baby to the last minute dying person.


Q19. Is there any time duration for energy work and manifestation?

A19. Time is an illusion. When we do the energy practitioner work or manifestation with VIBBES KADA we do it with the feeling of NOW.

Q20. Is there any side effect of VIBBES KADA?

A20. Yes! JOY, HAPPINESS, and CALMNESS are the few side effects of VIBBES KADA.

Q21. Are there any rituals to be done on first receiving the VK?

A21. There is no ritual attached, just WEAR it the moment you receive it.

Q22. Do we need to wash VK after healing a sick person?

A22. No! VIBBES KADA being a cosmic energy TOOL doesn’t require any cleaning or purification process.

Q23. What does the VIBBES KADA usually do?

A23. Generally, the VIBBES KADA has been attuned to instantly boost energy levels, Aura, Chakras & increase mental fitness. Many other benefits of the VIBBES KADA include increasing stamina, protection from harmful electromagnetic radiation, improving a sense of total balance, and increasing toughness to stress.

Q24. Can we ease any aches and pains easily?

A24. You can rub or rotate VIBBES KADA directly over the painful or ill area.

Q25. How does it work?

A25. VIBBES KADA is attuned with 11 cosmic energies which themselves decide their own how many of them need to mimic or help a person, situation, etc. Once they decide they reach to the aim e.g. sometimes 2 out of 11 or 3.5 out of 11 or any other combination reach to the aim. It’s happening within a second.

Q26. Will it ever run out?

A26. No, it will last a lifetime. VIBBES KADA conserves their 11 cosmic energies through their highly permeable and synergetic properties, they will retain their effect for 1000+ years so you don’t have to worry about it not working one day. It also does not require any maintenance or recharge.

Q27. I am feeling uncomfortable the first days after putting on the VIBBES KADA.

A27. It happens with some people. VIBBES KADA is working very fast. You might give your body the time to adapt itself. It is characterized by a temporary increase in symptoms or heat in the body which usually vanish within 2 to 3 days.

Q28. Unlike my friends who felt great after using the VIBBES KADA, I felt a little dizzy when I first started wearing it. Is this normal?

A28. Yes! While most people feel great, some individuals may experience some initial discomfort like head heaviness, light dizziness, etc. If this happens, remove the VIBBES KADA and try wearing it for only a few minutes a day, then gradually extend wear time over a couple of days. Alternatively, try placing the VIBBES KADA in your pocket. After a few days, you can try wearing the VIBBES KADA again.

Q29. Should I stop using the VIBBES KADA once my health has improved?

A29. That’s your own free choice, of course. However, you are advised to continue wearing the VIBBES KADA. You will experience progressive and more significant improvement with continuous usage of the VIBBES KADA. It ensures continuous protection against electromagnetic frequencies so it can help you to maintain good health and prevent many problems. Health is just one area where VIBBES KADA helps, other areas are unlimited (read testimonies).

Q30. Is the VIBBES KADA magnetic?

A30. NO! It is non-magnetic.

Q31. Can crystal be charged with VK?

A31. Crystals can be charged with VIBBES KADA but the energy potential will vary according to the property of the crystal.

Q32. How can I use VIBBES KADA to achieve maximum benefit from it? VK help use of imagination?

A32. You can derive benefit from VIBBES KADA as far as your imagination can go. Our life, our body, our desires are endless. Life is like a CANVAS the 11 cosmic energies are the colors on the canvas. VIBBES KADA is the Brush with which any desire any picture can be painted which comes to our mind. VIBBES KADA is a DIVINE TOOL which assists in the manifestation of only positivity in man and material life.

Q33. Why water is best for charging?
A33. Putting water on tongue means it will go and touch the cells of the body instant and direct healing can happen. That is why it is easy and better to charge water and drink for healing.


Q34. At times while working with VK my arm wrist and shoulder aches, why is it so?

A34. Make yourself most comfortable while performing any energy practice or meditation with VIBBES KADA and enjoy the benefit of energy with comfort.



Q35. Who all can be benefited around a VIBBES KADA user? Does this help only me, the wearer of the Kada?

A35. The moment we wear VIBBES KADA our aura and chakras start boosting, though it can help anyone and everybody in the family but a baby can benefit the most who is the maximum time in the aura of the mother if she is wearing VK.

Q36. Can I give a request to VIBBES KADA and close it in a drawer?
A36. Yes, it is possible to request VIBBES KADA and leave it where you find comfortable to do so.


Q37. How many VIBBES KADA a person can have or wear?
A37. There is no limit for a person to wear any number of VIBBES KADA.

Q38. Does VIBBES KADA works only wearing or we also have to focus the energy?

A38. VK starts boosting our chakras and aura the moment we wear it, but we HAVE to focus the energy on any goal, wish or intention of ours.



Q39. Is VIBBES KADA only an energy tool? Does it help in spiritual growth?
A39. Yes! It helps us spiritually too. Firstly, when we sit for meditation we can request VIBBES KADA to take us into “deepest possible meditative trance” and that too at the deepest level we have ever gone into and even beyond.

Secondly, when we use the special serums of VIBBES KADA and reduce our pain when we use the combination of GOLDEN SUNRISE and BACH REMEDIES and help in our emotions and hurts and live a happy and a joy-full life. When our karma cycle starts moving with more of happiness and bliss, we automatically grow spiritually.


Q40. How VIBBES KADA help at the soul level?

A40.  Soul of a person is never bad or evil; it thinks negative or feels bad because of certain attractions of the person’s mind. Like the SUN, which has its own shine and it also sends its light to Earth, SOUL has its own infinity and sends light to the human mind. Just like when clouds cover the Earth and it cannot see the SUN, it doesn’t mean that the SUN is gone or absent. It is just hidden, the same way when a negative pattern of thinking of mind covers the light of the soul, a person becomes bad, BUT not the soul.  Bach flower remedies work on human’s thinking patterns and feelings, making that person good and positive. When used with VIBBES KADA, the combination of Bach Flower remedies and GOLDEN SUNRISE works wonder for a soul. VIBBES KADA can help a soul to enlighten; it increases the power of the soul. Also helps in ascension, elevation, and betterment of the soul. It can also help it reach its destination of MOKSHA.


Q41. Can VIBBES KADA mimic Bach flower remedies too?

A41. Yes, VK can mimic Bach flower remedies too.


Q42. How is it possible to use the entire Bach flower Remedies needed for one person together?
A42. Energies of all Bach Flower Remedies needed for one person can be used together in ENERGY CIRCLE.


Q43. Can we prepare water with Bach flower remedies?

A43. Yes, we can prepare all-Bach remedies in water also. But in water, the energies have to be invoked one by one, back to back.


Q44. How many rotations does a water bottle of normal size needs?

A44. A water bottle of normal size can be charged in 15….20 slow rotations.

Q45. How many rotations does a person, ENERGY CIRCLE, event, situation, and emotion need to be charged?

A45. VIBBES KADA is attuned in a special way. Once requested, the energy flows for the next 30 minutes. So it is best to charge/heal the other things than water for 30 minutes.

Q46. A bottle is charged in 15…..20 rotations and what about a big tank or room or home or anything of a bigger mass? How many rotations do we do to energize a bigger space?
A46. A bigger bottle, a water tank or home or workplace, such big things can be energized with approximately 100 rotations.

Q47. How come water needs only 10 to 15 rotations and situations need more energy time of 30 min?

A47. Water is less in quantity and has loose atoms; it is easy for water to absorb physical and non-physical energies in it. And situations have many more people/emotions, feelings, to deal with. So it takes a little more time to deal.

Q48. Why should the VIBBES KADA be rotated slowly during an energy process I prefer it fast?
A48. While performing any energy practice, meditation or chanting we sit calm and peaceful to feel the BLISS. Same is with the VIBBES KADA, slow rotations or still hand, both help in the same way. And help in getting connected to your inner self and guidance from the Universe and feel the BLISS.


Q49.  Do we take the proper names of the serums or short forms are enough?
A49. Proper names are suggested than using short forms of the serums.

Q50. How many serums can be charged in one bottle?
A50. Any number of serums can be charged in one bottle regarding the same issue.

Q51. Do we need to know the details of the serums while charging or just request works?

A51. Just the knowledge and information about serums use should be known. Like which serum to be used in the given situation/ matter/ illness. Rest just the intention matters.


Q52. How many serums can one person take in a day?
A52. Any number of serums can be consumed in a day, with a proper time gap of 30 minutes.

Q53. How many serums or energy can a single bottle of water or substance be charged with?
A53. Any number of energies or serums a bottle of water can hold for one single issue. Like if a person is suffering from a cough and cold, we can charge one water bottle with ENT serum, the energy of LCZ, orange color energy, zapper healing, or any other medicine which you consume otherwise. Be creative in energy work.

Q54. If the energy of any Mantra is invoked instead of PAIN CARE serum for help in a pain, will it work?

A54. It will work, whatever and wherever it is needed, but we should invoke the RIGHT energy to get relief in pain.

Q55. What is the best way to help addictive people with VIBBES KADA?
A55. The best way to help in addiction is to charge the addictive stuff with ANTI ADDICTION SERUM of VIBBES KADA, like alcohol itself for an alcoholic, cigarette, etc. itself can be charged, which will help the addictive person to leave these bad stuff even while consuming those.

Q56. Should we charge rose water for healthy eyes with EYE CARE SERUM?

A56. We can charge rose water to put directly in our eyes for healthy eyes.

Q57. Can we charge water bottles with different serums without any GAP?
A57. Yes, you can.

Q58. If I want to charge different water bottles for me and my family with TOTAL WEALTH and PERFECT HEALTH SERUM one by one then that too needs a gap of 30 minutes?

A58. No, water bottles can be charged one by one, back to back with any energy in 15 to 20 rotations.

Q59. Will VIBBES KADA work for finding a loving and rich partner?

A59. Yes, it helps. You can also take BRAVO serum before proposing your partner.

Q60. Does ONE SOUL SERUM work for finding a better person, a soul mate or just patch up between the people?

A60. Just patch up between the people.

Q61. My son lacks interest in studies, neither has he remembered his tasks nor he has the confidence of appearing in exams. How can VK help?

A61. STUDY SERUM covers all the aspects which can help a student. Take care to give SS to a student till he/she studies.

Q62. How can VK help my little baby of a few months?

A62. BABY CARE SERUM given to a baby can help a baby in all issues and keep him safe from evil eyes also.


Q63. Can we write address in ENERGY CIRCLE?

A63. YES, if you want to send particular energy to a particular building then you have to write the name and address of that home/workplace or any other building in the EC.

NO, if only a person needs particular energy, then you just write the name of the person and not the address where he/she lives as the energy will travel all the aspects related to all the recipients of the house in the EC and manifestation stretches long.

Q64. Can the energy circle be moved?

A64. Moving ENERGY CIRCLE halts the energy, hence it should be fixed on a wall.

Q65. Can it be kept in a book?

A65. Keeping an energy circle in a book is of no use as moving EC doesn’t work. It needs a fixed and stable back or tabletop and enough space in front and top for the energy to flow.

Q66. Will energy work if ENERGY CIRCLE is placed under clothes or hidden behind a closet?

A66. Energy needs enough space of 12 to 18 inches in front and top of it to move and reach the receiver and let the manifestation happen.


Q67. Though it is not possible to write serums in ENERGY CIRCLE, what do we do when serums are required to help?

A67. You can send direct energy to the person or you can also keep VIBBES KADA on an image of the person, or simply write the name of the person and request VK to send the energy of the serum needed.

Q68. I want to make ENERGY CIRCLE, but neither I have space, nor I can show it to anybody, I am scared to let anyone know my intentions. Will VK help?

A68. You can make an energy circle and place EC at a hidden place and then request VK to activate your energy circle, this will also work.

Q69. Instead of writing are there any other ways of putting intentions in an EC?

A69. Yes, we can draw objects or simply make intention strokes in an EC. We can also put number the ENERGY CIRCLE on the wall and write the information of the numbered EC in a notepad or a journal.

Q70. Will writing intentions in an ENERGY CIRCLE work or drawing images?

A70. INTENTION in an EC matter… whether we draw or write.

Q71. What should be the time gap between charging water and ENERGY CIRCLE and all the related combinations of both?

A71. Water can be charged with any number of energies for ONE issue, just invoke energies one by one, back to back. ENERGY CIRCLE should be given a time of 30 minutes to be charged in one go so that maximum energy should reach the required place/person/situation etc.

So immediately after charging water completely for the issue, one can switch to charge ENERGY CIRCLE. But wait for the situation/person/place to have enough energy of 30 minutes through EC and then you can charge the water too.

Q72.  Can ENERGY CIRCLE charge distantly?

A72. Yes, it can. Distance doesn’t matter for VK to charge.

Q73. How many ENERGY CIRCLE can be made and activated at one time?

A73. Any number of energy circles can be made and activated at one time with just a simple request to VIBBES KADA to activate ALL the EC.

Q74. Can serums be written in an EC?

A74. Serums in ENERGY CIRCLE cannot be written. As they are sets of some compositions prepared specially to help a person/situation, place to help in ALL possible way in one go, which cannot be bound in a circle.

Q75. When we write affirmations in ENERGY CIRCLE do we activate EC or affirmation?

A75. We activate the ENERGY CIRCLE.

Q76.  Is keeping VIBBES KADA on EC is enough or we have to rotate it too?

A76. No need for rotation and just keep VIBBES KADA on EC or request VK to activate your EC even from distance help in faster manifestation.

Q77. Just request is for ENERGY CIRCLE is enough or I have to sit and meditate?

A77. A request is enough if you have less or no time but we suggest sitting and energizing your wish once in a day with VIBBES KADA. That helps in getting connected to the inner guidance and DIVINE will. And you can move further fast.

Q78. How can I activate all my ENERGY CIRCLES in one go if they are placed in different places?

A78. Just requesting VIBBES KADA to activate all your EC shall activate all your EC despite any distance, place and time.

Q79. Is it necessary to rotate VIBBES KADA pointing towards ENERGY CIRCLE or can we just hold it in our palm and request VK to activate our EC?

A79. Both ways are fine, whichever is used.

Q80. What is the best way of charging healing?

A80. You can either charge any edible thing like water, or any food items like food, sugar, flour, vegetables, fruits, candies, chocolates or a non-edible thing like ENERGY CIRCLE, crystals, incense stick, clothes, chairs, tables, shoes, etc. Just be creative, VIBBES KADA is there for you in any and all forms.

Q81. How can we help in more issues, peoples, and situations in one go?

A81. Charge water, make EC, chant mantras, activate SWITCH WORDS…any and all ways help, and just be creative.


Q82. How many times should I chant a switch word?

A82. With VIBBES KADA we don’t need to chant switch words anymore. VK does it all. Know an amazing fact that you can ask for an energy of 100 chanting of any switch word if you want to be precise.

Q83. What do we say? The energy of COUNT SWITCHWORD or COUNT?

A83. We can say anything.

Q84. When we give the energy of the Switchword GOLDEN SUNRISE or any other energy to full family or a big number of people, energy divides or goes fully to each person?

A84. Anything we share, we get divided amount, and either it is food or energy. It divides according to the receiver, some might need it more and some might need it less.

Q85. How should we use switchword energy in ENERGY CIRCLE?

A85. It is very easy to use switchwords in ENERGY CIRCLE. We just have to write the Switchword and the name of the receiver. The Switchword should be in capital letters, like GOLDEN SUNRISE. Whereas the name of the receiver should be written normally. Like Vinay, where only the initial letter is in the capital and the rest of the name is written normally.


Q86. How can VIBBES KADA help us fight back the evil eye, black magic or psychic people?

A86. If you find such a person or negativity in your aura you can take SHIELD OF SEVEN RAYS. A VIBBES KADA special.


Q87. I always catch negative vibration or you can say an evil eye. I am unable to progress, will VIBBES KADA help me?

A87. Yes, VIBBES KADA will help for sure. Though just WEARING it boosts your chakras and auras, it will also help you attract good and positive people and events, but you can also take SHIELD OF SEVEN RAYS to protect yourself.

Q88. How do I know that I am under any evil eye, black magic or any negative energy?

A88. When we charge water with a HINDU mantra HANUMAN CHALISA, and drink it, its taste can help us know about any evil eye or negative attack. A bitter taste of this MANTRA charged water means you are under evil eye or negative impact or black magic.

Q89. How can I clean myself up with bad, negative energies or impact of black magic?

A89. Charging water with this same mantra, HANUMAN CHALISA is the help too. It will help you come out of the negative energy or impact of black magic. You can also take ALL CLEAR serum.

Q90. I don’t know HANUMAN CHALISA. How will I help myself?

A90. VIBBES KADA has a special feature of mimicking any and all energies, it is also person and language-free, so we need not know the mantra to help, we just need to know that THIS mantra can help to clean negative patterns or effects of black magic. Just requesting VK to do so will be enough. Whether we are an elder or a child, Indian or American, (or any other nationality), Hindu or Christian, VK helps all.


Q91. I am a feng shui and Vastu expert how does this help me?

A91. VIBBES KADA can help any and all energy practitioners and masters in many ways. For feng shui charge your gadgets, remedial items like wall hangings, bracelets, perfumes, salts, aroma oils, and many other items. And for Vastu, you can use ALL CLEAR serum or mantras energies to clean the negative energies of homes or workplaces. Charge it all with VIBBES KADA for extra power.

Q92. Do we need attunement for using Reiki or any other energy modalities?

A92. NEVER with VIBBES KADA, no spending of money anymore, you can do any energy practice with the help of powerful VIBBES KADA now.


Q93. How many issues can be covered in one day?

A93. Any number of issues can be covered in one day.

Q94. What to do if a person has too many wishes to manifest?

A94. VIBBES KADA has immense power and speed of a rocket to manifest as many aspects as you want. Make a priority list and simply start working.

Q95. Can electronics be charged?

A95. Yes, electronics can be charged.

Q96. What if replacing a gadget is needed in electronics? How can VIBBES KADA help?

A96. Try ALL CLEAR serum or GOLDEN SUNRISE, but if needed, we will have to replace the destroyed part.

Q97. What if we have given the wrong energy?

A97. As we know that VIBBES KADA emits only positive energy, even if wrong energy is invoked it will give no harm but just bypass.

Q98. Can we do energy work with VIBBES KADA in a moving vehicle?

A98. Yes, we can.

Q99. Can we help animals with VIBBES KADA?

A99. Yes, we can help all animals, plants, living and non-living things.

Q100. Can pictures/ images be charged with VIBBES KADA?

A100. Yes, these can be charged.


Q101. What if the energy of masters/ mantras/ jaaps are so pure when invoked with VIBBES KADA, we don’t practice the actual ritual?

A101. Any oldest ritual is not older than 3000 to 5000 years, energy practice was possible at that time also, energies were present at that time also, and even before those rituals. VIBBES KADA helps us to be free from rituals and old practices if we want to. It can help us speedy ways and save us so much time. VIBBES KADA can mimic any ritual and it is a revolution in a person’s life.

Q102. If I have to give energy to two people with the same name, how will the energy go to the right person?

A102. When we request VIBBES KADA to send energy to a particular person, we hold an image of that person and VK follows our mind. For example…. we have a friend whose name is Amitabh, and we have Mr. Bachchan too, the famous BOLLYWOOD personality in our knowledge. But at the time of need, we know that our FRIEND Amitabh require energy and not the famous Bollywood personality. So the energy travels to the right person.

Q103. What all can we charge with VIBBES KADA?

A103. We can charge any person, place, clothes, food, water, medicine, situation, emotions, feelings and much more.

Q104. Can we charge our workplace with VIBBES KADA?

A104. Yes, we can charge any building with VK, home, workplace, school, classroom, meeting room, conference room, etc.


Q105. How can I gain a more working knowledge of VIBBES KADA?

A105. The more we USE and WORK with VIBBES KADA, more RESULTS we see. The more we use our CREATIVITY in any situations and emotions, the more things we can manifest. The more we BEFRIEND with VIBBES KADA, more achievements we can have. So keep using, working, connecting, achieving with VIBBES KADA and increase your confidence and knowledge.

Q106. How can we have maximum benefits of energies related to one person having multiple issues? 

A106. Be creative with all the knowledge and wisdom of VIBBES KADA. Charge cosmetics with BEAUTY SERUM to get more energy along with drinking charged water.

Along with FLAB DOWN SERUM make new exercise charts as VIBBES KADA can give you the energy of even a small set of crunches or a yoga aasan or 1-hour aerobics and much more to loose weight.

Charge incense sticks with ALL CLEAR SERUM or mantras for protecting and clearing negative energies and burn in the home.

It will also work for each and every person living in it. Charge your shoes while traveling to avoid stress. Charge clothes for stronger immunity and many more things.



Q107.  I am surprised that this simple Kada can mimic other methodologies, mantras, mudras, yogic postures, and many more things, how is this possible?

A107. In the whole the Universe, everything is energy, like what we eat, drink, wear, think, feel, say, hear, do. All these are combinations of 11 cosmic energies. So it is very easy for VIBBES KADA which also holds those 11 cosmic energies to MIMIC and makes this possible.

Q108. Do I need to be a Reiki channel to invoke the energy of it?

A108. No, you don’t need to be a Reiki channel or any other master, VIBBES KADA has a special feature of MIMICKING any other energy either it is an energy of Reiki or any other modality. It can mimic any kind of energy like ascended masters, mantras, medicines, and many more things.

Q109. Can we get rid of the fungus, bacteria?

A109. Yes, we can get rid of any bacteria, fungus, a virus with VIBBES KADA with its feature of mimicking, it can mimic zapper energy technique which is an actual machine to kill the bacteria with an electric current. 

Q110. Can we mimic the energy of any chapter or a book?

A110. Yes, we can copy the energy of any chapter or book.


Q111.  Is the dosage of an elder or a kid is same or a kid needs less energy?

A111. VIBBES KADA has its own wisdom to know how much energy a person, place, feeling, emotion or situation need, therefore, it is safe to use VK for everyone.

Q112. What should be the dosage of charged water to consume to get the best results?

A112. In any chronic case, four times a sip of charged water will help it. But if it gets acute for some reasons then increase the dose to 1 sip after every 5 minutes. Like in the case of chronic asthma 4 sips (dose) in a day are enough. BUT in the change of weather or pollution or due to any other reason the case becomes acute then increasing the dosage from sip to sip after every 5 minutes will be helpful. You can also apply charged water on the chest of a person to get fast relief.

Q113. Can I drink the whole charged bottle of water in one go for the faster result?

A113. One sip consumed is considered as one dose, either you take a sip or consume the whole charged water so drink sip to sip at regular interval.

Q114. Once a bottle is charged, is it the bottle or the water is charged? Do we charge again? 

A114. It is only water which gets charged and not the bottle. Once consumed, fill new water and charge again. 


Q115. Is remote/proxy energy sending possible with VIBBES KADA?

A115. Yes, it is possible at any distance.

Q116. What is the possibility of remote/ proxy energy work with VIBBES KADA 

A116. With VIBBES KADA you can send any energy to anyone, anywhere and anytime. It is free from any formalities of age, place or time. 

Q117. Is distant VITAL ORGAN BALANCING possible?

A117. Yes, VITAL ORGAN BALANCING is possible in distance and in proxy style too. Picture or image of a person can be given VO Balancing.


Q118. What if my goal is time-bound?

A118. VIBBES KADA will work on NOW, we do not know what DIVINE has decided for us but we can request for the best.

Q119. Can we request VIBBES KADA to send energy to any particular issue at a particular time?

A119. Time is an illusion, we might get the result earlier than we think.

Q120. What does energy sending for 30 minutes means? Does the ENERGY work only for 30 minutes or do WE keep sending energy for 30 min?

A120. As we go to energy practitioner and he gives an energy session like in Reiki, Pranic healing or even acupressure sessions and the energy works with you further, same does VIBBES KADA, which works as an energy practitioners, rather much better, it has no mind and thought of its own, and is free to follow your one request whichever you do first.


Q121. Are there any Do’s and Don’t s about VIBBES KADA?

A121. Yes! Do’s are limitless, be creative with your thoughts, manifest and work in a new way. But Don’ts are just ONE, never request for negative works as it is attuned such a way that it doesn’t follow those requests which might harm someone.  

Q122. Can I use other materials than a bottle of plastic to charge water like a clay pot ( matka) or glass?

A122. Yes!, you can charge water in anything. Either it is a clay pot or glass vessel or anything else.

Q123. I requested VIBBES KADA to help, the pain vanished in a spec of time but came back again WHY?

A123. When we make a request for any energy, know that we want the results in NOW. Adding the feeling of NOW FOREVER with your request will let the pain go forever. Keeping in mind the next goal to which energy is to be given helps us manage our thought and feeling to the completion of the first goal (relief in pain).

Q124. When can I see the effective results after I start using VIBBES KADA?

A124. Energy starts working right away when a request is made to VIBBES KADA, some can manifest in a day, some in a while. It depends upon quite a many factors like the intensity of the case, person’s desire, people connected (if any), belief system, blockages of a person by negative thinking and many such factors. The more creative you are, the more it creates your confidence, and faster you can see the results.

Q125. I give Gayatri Mantra to my knee pain but it gave no or fewer results, why?

A125. Gayatri mantra works for mind and soul, until an illness connected with mind and soul, this mantra cannot help. Likewise, MAHA MRITYUNJAY MANTRA cannot help mind, it can help in survival if needed and DIVINE wishes.

Q126. How many people can use one VIBBES KADA? Whose request will it consider?

A126. VIBBES KADA is not person bound, any number of people one can use one VK. VK is like Genie of the person who touched /requested it last.

Q127. What kind of evidence is there to show that the VIBBES KADA can be worked well with us?

A127. Often, the most convincing evidence can be the testimonials (See “Testimonials” for further details) of those whose lives have been changed by using the VIBBES KADA. We also provide help from VK Forum.

You can contact here for VIBBES KADA