VIBBES KADA® – VK Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ Part-1)


VIBBES KADA® (VK) is a healing tool that is attuned with 11 Cosmic Energies. These cosmic energies in VK help everyone in all situations. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and their answers about VIBBES KADA® – VK which you need to know.

1Why did Sharat Sir work so hard to invent VK?

Since 1997 being in the energy field and practicing more than 55 energy modalities, Sharat sir found that these practices are not safe, requires time in cleaning and sending energy, needs good focus, passes negative energy of the receiver, imbalances the aura and chakras of the sender, karmas of the sender get also affected and there were many more setbacks.

He didn’t want to practice this way of energy transmission anymore. He wanted to have a 100% safe energy modality, which could be easy to use, save time, energy & human too.

He wanted something which could send non stop energy on its own with no rituals, re-attunement, or recharging. So, his deep desire, pure intention, strong determination, concern for humanity, and scientific attitude led to a unique blessing called VIBBES KADA.

As he received the blessing, he conducted countless experiments to make it what it is and launched in 2009. Just a few words above cannot define his work. To know deep and details about his hardship, read here:


2What are Cosmic Energies?

Cosmic energies are the natural and the highest form of energies. These energies are present in the cosmos and everything on Earth is made up of these energies. Read here to know more about Cosmic Energies:

Cosmic Energy and its Uses Benefits and Powers

3How to use VK? Can anyone teach me how to use VK?

It is very easy to use VK. You can learn to use VK through our online learning platform VK Forum. In the VK forum, you can read about VK basics/procedures and watch VK tutorials videos. Everything is listed and present in links as well.

You can discuss and ask questions related to VK, get more ideas to use VK by reading VK success stories, use VK more creatively in your daily life by reading VK tips. Not only this but you can also inspire others by posting your own success stories and some special VK Tips from your own experience and motivate others.

4In which areas can VK work and what is it’s potential?

VK has its individual energy sending capacity which is presented by Sharat Sir for benefit of all:

  1. Vital Organ Balancing
  2. Energy Circle
  3. Metaphor
  4. Cosmic Serums
  5. Shield of Seven Rays
  6. Golden Sunrise
  7. And Much More

In addition to the above individual energy methods it can mimic or execute energy requests of various energy modalities like Reiki, Pranic healing, Color therapy, affirmation, etc. are just to name a few. To gather detailed information kindly refers to the Basics of VIBBES KADA in VK Forum.

5Can VK help for my health improvement? Can VK help to manifest a healthy life?

  • Yes, VK can help you manifest a healthy life.
  • VK can help you to improve your health.
  • You can energize your organs with VK and helps to improve organ function.
  • VK can help you to cope up with stress and pain while you are unhealthy.
  • VK can help you to improve your stamina and fitness.
  • Five Elements, chakras, aura, cells, DNA everything can be energized with VK.
  • You can send energy to your own health or for a healthy life of your family, friends, colleagues even if they stay in different cities or countries.
  • VK along with Cosmic serums can help people in all age groups.
  • We have so many health serums that help to maintain good health. You can find them in the serum section.

6Can VK help in money matters? Can VK bring prosperity in my life?

  • Yes. With VK, money matters become easy.
  • Relationship with money improves.
  • VK also helps to recover stuck money.
  • You can get good discounts and good deals.
  • With the regular use of VK, you can be a winner.
  • VK users have experienced job satisfaction, promotions, and new deserving job opportunities.
  • Many VK users are creating abundant, fulfilling prosperous life with VK and efforts.
  • VK can be used for the success of events, competitions, presentations.
  • VK protects your projects from evil eyes.
  • VK protects your career against jealousy from others.
  • VK helps you to prioritize and organize your work.
  • Motivates you to take action to fulfill your wealth desires.
  • With VK you can send energy to others for their career, jobs, prosperity, stuck money.
  • With VK, you can use Total Wealth Serum to improve your money matters.

7Can VK help in improving relationship with my boss, my spouse, my siblings, my children, and my friends?

  • Yes. VK helps to improve the mindset of people.
  • Dissolves anger, ego, jealousy and mends relationship.
  • Removes negative thoughts of sadness, anxiety, depression.
  • VK can bring harmony to the family.
  • VK increases love between married couples.
  • VK instills calmness in people.
  • It improves, protects, builds, and creates a healthy relation.
  • VK helps to cause behavioral changes leading to peaceful actions.
  • A pessimist person starts to accept positive thoughts.
  • It helps to get rid of unwanted and destructive Addictions coming in way of relationships.
  • Resolves family disputes.
  • You can send energy with VK to people, families, couples, colleagues, teams at work for peaceful happy lives,
  • You can protect your family from black magic using VK.
  • With VK, you can use One Soul Serum and Love Serum to improve the relationship.

8I am a working woman, how can VK help me?

  • Yes. Female friendly VK takes care of females as a mother, daughter, sister, and all other roles.
  • Finds a soul mate.
  • Career-oriented women & homemakers, all are taken care of.
  • VK itself is a baby and takes good baby care as well.
  • Crying baby to cranky baby all smiles when VK is there. They benefit from their parent’s VK and can use their own VK too.
  • VK helps to beautify your skin, hair, and overall personality.
  • VK helps to balance home and work schedules.
  • With VK, you can use Total Wealth Serum to improve your money matters.

9I am a homemaker, I want to start earning. Can VK help me?

  • Yes. There are infinite possibilities with VK.
  • VK users who had a break in career, started with a new career using VK.
  • VK can help to attract new opportunities.
  • VK can remove mental blocks, build confidence, and improve personality.
  • You can send energy to all women friends who are looking to become independent or increase their family income with their contributions.
  • As a homemaker you do so many works in a daily routine, here, VK can help it easy to give you enough time to think and work to earn.

10Can VK help me in my mood swings?

  • Yes. VK works on the mind, body, and soul.
  • VK brings joy and peace.
  • VK releases negative feelings like fear, hatred, jealousy, aggression, sadness, depression, and unwanted thoughts.
  • Brings new hope, new determination.
  • VK makes you courageous.
  • VK brings you to the present moment and motivates you to move towards a bright future.
  • You can send energy to people who are sad and feel hopeless in life.
  • You can bring a positive change and light to many lives with VK.
  • We have so many mind related serums that help to make anyone a good and happy person. You can find them in the serum section.

11Does VK help students in exams, careers, and sports?

  • VK is a student-friendly tool.
  • You can give energy to exams, results, stationary, question papers, guides about the future, intensifies career, and interviews.
  • Children can excel in Sports career too with VK.
  • VK makes children strong, healthy, determined, joyful, and passionate.
  • Children can follow their passion for music and other fields with the use of VK.
  • VK helps children to choose the best career with clarity in mind.
  • You can send energy to children for their successful events, competitions, performance.
  • Teenagers are using VK passionately to excel in exams and choose their careers.
  • For a student, you can use Study Serum, Bravo Serum, and Total Wealth Serum.

12Does VK help to improve meditation and inner consciousness?

  • With VK, now your meditation can become easy.
  • VK works on body, mind, and soul.
  • VK takes you to deeper possible meditative trance.
  • VK invokes ONENESS with Divine.
  • Creates inner joy and peace

13How can VK help a mother?

  • VK can help a mom to ease many issues related to a baby: settle her baby crying, adjust sleep patterns, stomach issues, safety from an evil eye, and baby’s healthy growth and development too.
  • The newborns will have all energies from VK moms being the closest ones.
  • VK can help a toddler’s mom to take care of the kid’s dental growth, tooth care, eating habits, toilet training, etc. VK helps a kid to learn many things with ease. VK brings a smile on little faces.
  • VK can help moms of teenage kids in studies, guidance, protection, career choices, mood swings, etc.
  • VK can help a mom to be her child’s teacher, guide, mentor, savior, protector, and friend.
  • A VK mom can use serums, energies, bach remedies, etc. to help her children
  • Irrespective of the age of her children, a VK mom can help her children for any area or field from any distance just with her intentions to VK.

14How can VK help a father?

  • Fathers are never less than mothers in parenting, VK can follow any request given by a mother or a father.
  • Fathers can take care of their children’s health, studies, sports, and a career with VK.
  • VK fathers are wonderfully using Gym Serum and Perfect health serum for a healthy active life of their babies right from when the babies were a fetus in their mother’s womb.

15How can I use VK for my family?

  • VK can make the bonds strong and find a solution to problems.
  • VK users are using VK to charge bulk foods in their kitchen like rice, wheat, drinking water in big tanks, edible oils, sugar, pulses, candles, incense sticks, cooked foods. In this way, the whole family gets benefitted in one go.
  • VK users are sending energy to their siblings for their career, exams, to find a life partner too.
  • VK sons and daughters are helping their parents to cope up with age-related health issues.
  • VK sons are using VK to bring peace and love between their spouse and mother.
  • VK can help a family to have a peaceful, supportive, caring, and loving atmosphere.
  • VK can resolve fights and increase respect and communication in the family.
  • Make your family healthy, wealthy, prosperous, and safe with regular use of VK.

16Can VK help me in bigger events?

  • Yes, VK users are successfully using VK to organize bigger events like weddings, shows, presentations, meetings, exhibitions, and displays, etc.
  • Beauty Serum though VK can help to beautify Presentations and designs.
  • VK parents have used GOLDEN SUNRISE with VK to make their children’s wedding a grand happy event.
  • An endless number of work and management skills can be well managed now with VK.
  • VK users are using VK to achieve their Long and short term goals with ease.
  • With VK, you can manage things better and have more time for yourself.

17Can VK help me to be a better person?

  • Yes, VK helps you to be more responsible, caring, supportive, polite, and loving.
  • VK users are now less egoistic and they are also handling their mood swings well.
  • You can have more focused.
  • It is easy to let go of anger, frustration, and other unwanted emotions.
  • Release your physical and emotional stress with daily use of VK.
  • Regular use of VK can make you more confident, self-aware, self-esteemed, happy, compassionate, and forgiving.

18What role does VK play in my life?

  • For many VK users, VK becomes the Best friend.
  • VK listens to your all positive request without any judgment.
  • VK can guide you on what is best for you.
  • VK supports you in every positive wish.
  • VK will be a teacher, mentor, savior, protector, and guru as and whatever you need VK to be in the hour of need.
  • VK users see VK as their Krishna giving them messages for their life.
  • Surrender to VK and see how it leads you in your life journey.

19Can VK help me in my married life?

  • Yes. VK users are using LOVE SERUM for a stronger bond with the spouse.
  • You can use VK to increase love, respect, care, and compassion between you and your spouse.
  • VK can be a better communicator to your partner along with you.
  • Must use VK to create a loving atmosphere and to have more intimacy with your spouse.
  • Use VK to make the act of making love more pleasurable.
  • One Soul Serum with VK helps to resolve fights and increase peace.
  • VK wives have used VK and Anti Addiction Serum to De-addict their husbands from unwanted addictions for peaceful family life.
  • Many Daughters-in-law are using VK to strengthen their relationships with their in-laws.
  • VK can help you to sort out family matters with ease.

20How can VK help me to conceive a baby or have a second child?

  • VK can help both males and females to have a child.
  • VK can energize your reproductive organs and prepare your bodies to bear a child.
  • VK couples have used VK for easy conception naturally and even through IVF procedures.
  • VK can make pregnancies, deliveries, and feeding easy.
  • VK would-be-moms have used VK to reduce nausea, acidity, uneasiness, and mood swings.
  • VK can help a baby to grow well in the womb of the mother too. Click here to know how to Cherish Your Pregnancy Using Divine VK:

Cherish Your Pregnancy Using Divine VK by Rakhi

21I am in business, can VK help me?

  • Yes VK can help you to increase your business with regular use of Total wealth serum.
  • VK users are managing their staff, employees, workers, and subordinates as well.
  • You can use VK to get new deals.
  • VK users are taking business decisions boldly in terms of investments with the use of Bravo Serum.
  • You can attract new investors with an enhanced personality using Alpha male Serum or Alpha woman serum.
  • VK can manage your money energy high.
  • You can enhance your management and business skills with VK and Beauty Serum.
  • All clear serum with VK can help you to clear your invoices and debts.
  • Growth, opportunities, expansions are more possible with regular use of VK.
  • Shield of Seven Rays with VK helps to protect your business deals and goods.
  • Whether it’s a big or a small business, enterprise, entrepreneur, VK can help in many ways.
  • Must use these energies with VK for your successful and prosperous business Total Wealth Serum, Alpha Male Serum, Alpha Woman SerumAll Clear Serum, Beauty Serum, Bravo Serum, Shield of Seven Rays, Golden Sunrise Mantra, Shreem Mantra, and Money Magnet Program.

22Can you tell me in which areas I can use VK?

  • VK works on the mind, body, and soul.
  • It works in all situations, events, presentations, management, organization, display, etc.
  • It makes us happy and joyful.
  • Releases negative feelings like fear, hatred, jealousy, aggression, sadness, depression, and unwanted thoughts.
  • Improves, protects, builds, and creates a healthy relation.
  • Money matters become easy, relationship with money improves, helps to recover stuck money. Gets us discounts and good deals.
  • Job satisfaction, promotions, and new deserving job opportunities.
  • Creates abundant, fulfilling energy making us prosperous.
  • VK helps to cause behavioral changes leading to peaceful actions.
  • A pessimist person starts to accept positive thoughts.
  • It helps to get rid of unwanted and destructive Addictions.
  • It gives us Protection in many ways.
  • It works on humans, plants, animals, other living beings
  • It works on nonliving things like machinery, gadgets, and electronics.
  • Five Elements, chakras, aura, cells, DNA everything can be energized.
  • VK is a Student friendly tool, gives energy to exams, results, stationary, question papers, guides about future, intensifies career, interviews, and so much more.
  • VK is Male friendly as it takes care of all men related needs, illnesses, reproduction, money, job, partner, married life, sex life, and much more…
  • Female friendly VK takes care of females as a mother, daughter, sister, and all other roles. Finds a soul mate. Career-oriented women & homemakers, all are taken care of.
  • VK itself is a baby and takes good Baby care as well. Crying baby to cranky baby all smiles when VK is there. They benefit from their parent’s VK and can use their own as well…
  • VK takes care of a friend’s Neighbour as well. Distance doesn’t matter for VK, it’s loving and friendly to each and every one…

VK can work in every area of your life wherever you can think of. For listing a few areas: VK works in all areas of human life, Spiritual as well as material. From illness, relationship, money, love, protection, health, fitness, emotions, feelings, mental issues, disputes, projects, studies, jobs, business, child care, prosperity, abundance, beauty, addictions, Shield, safety, fate, astrology, other energy modalities, harmony, reproduction, childbirth, etc… to… the list is long and endless.

Above is a little list of VK’s working area, there are infinite possibilities awaiting for you.

23I am an energy Practioner? Can VK help me in my practice? Is it possible to enhance my practice with VK?

Yes, you can follow your energy practice along with VK. You can also use VK to enhance the positive effects of your practice. Many energy practitioners are already using VK to enhance their practices to name a few:

24Can I talk to VK? 

Yes, you can talk to VK 24×7. You can keep talking to VK as if you are talking to your best friend. You can also talk to VK as your Divine friend. You can talk your heart to VK anytime. You can share your dreams with VK. You can pray to VK in your own words to help you, to protect you, to guide you. As you pray and connect to your deities, you can also pray and connect to VK.

25Does VK work on intention?

Yes, VK is an intentional tool. Everything on Earth happens with intention. It may be good or bad both. Good can be by choice but bad may be out of some circumstances. The results of the outcome show the intention. Here the best part of VK is that it follows ONLY the positive intentions of the person who uses it.

Check Here: Why & How VK is an Intentional Tool:

Why & How Vibbes Kada® is an Intentional Tool as Created by Sharat Sir

26In which language should I talk to VK?

There is no restriction or language barrier with VK. You can talk or request to VK in any language that you know. VK is not restricted to any language. VK users can be from any part of the world. A user can use any language, for example, English, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Mexican, Japanese, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, etc.

VK is an intention-based tool. When a language had not been formed the communication in the Universe happened through the exchange of energy, similarly, VK being an energy-based medium has no language restrictions.

27Does VK require re-attunement, if I am using it every day?

Once a VK is attuned, it is attuned forever. The energy in it doesn’t discharge, deplete, or finish. It doesn’t need any more re-charge, re-attunement, or re-processing.

The energy of the steel wristlet VK diminishes only if and when it is put on a furnace to melt it. Because if VK goes into a furnace and the steel bangle melts, the attuned Cosmic energies will automatically dissipate back into the Universe.

28When I use VK will it suck energy from me?

No, VK does not suck energy from its user. On the other hand, VK keeps replenishing its user with positive vibes.

You can read about the benefits of just wearing VK here:


29In normal energy practicing, I get so many side effects, Does it happens with VK also?

When you place a request to VK, it starts emitting energy. You are not sending any energy. Only VK is the energy sender here. VK itself is attuned with Cosmic energies. When a request is placed to VK, it starts drawing energy from the Universe and starts manifesting. Here, the medium of energy is VK.

In other energy practices, a human is the energy sender. Therefore he/she may experience ill effects from the receiver. Their energy fields may get disturbed and they may feel their energy is drained completely after sending energy.

But when you use VK this does not happen as VK is the energy sender.

Please click here to know more about the side effects of Reiki and like modalities:

Reiki Side Effects Specially for Reiki Healers

30How frequently can I use VK? Is there any limitation?

You can use VK 24×7. There are no limitations of time to use VK. When a request is placed to VK, the energy starts emitting from VK which works for 30 minutes on that particular request. Read here: the concept of 30 minutes auto energy movement with VK:

A Concept of 30 Minutes Auto Energy Movement With Vibbes Kada – VK

31I have given one request to VK, when can I place the next request?

VK is auto programmed to execute one request for 30 minutes. So, once a request is placed, the receiver will get energy for 30 minutes. But on a VK user’s CHOICE to terminate a request during the 30 minutes, another request can be placed as well. The earlier request would be written over. Though there is no need to do so it can be done under the need for urgent circumstances. Read some examples here.

32Why is VK a wristlet/ bangle and not a wand or ring?

After long research and experiments, Sharat Sir concluded that there must be a solid object to hold the cosmic energies.

  • The attuned ornament or object should be common in LOOKS.
  • It should be something which can be worn anywhere and everywhere.
  • It should be CONVENIENT and EASY to use.
  • It should be COMFORTABLE to wear or carry.
  • It should be free from age and gender so that anyone can wear it and anyone can work with VK on their own, even a child or an oldie.
  • It can not be destroyed easily.
  • It should be simple looking and not as trendy as people tend to change ornaments with changing trends.

A steel KADA (bangle) was found best to be worn by all. A ring does not have enough mass to hold 11 cosmic energies. A wand is too long and heavy for use or carry. Sharat Sir concluded a solid steel bangle/Kada is perfect for attuning with cosmic energies.

33Why is VK a steel Bangle and not of any other metal?

  • Steel has a longer life span and does not get easily destroyed.
  • Steel does not rust and looks the same throughout its use. Brass, copper, and iron degrade or loses its colors. It may get rusted and also lose its shape and size.
  • Steel is a robust metal and can carry cosmic energies easily. As it is for human benefit, it should reach a maximum number of people.
  • Attuning a bangle of gold, silver, or platinum would make it costly for an average person to buy and work

If anyone wants to get attuned their personal gold or silver solid bangle to make it a VK, then it is possible. But it would be your responsibility to get the raw gold/silver bangle delivered to Sharat Sir, and after Sir attunes it to make it VK, again it would be your responsibility to collect the attuned bangle from Sir.

Note: the working power of the attuned bangle will be the same.

34Does the size of VK define its power?

VK is available in many sizes for the convenience of its users. Mostly the size ranges from 5.5 cm to 7.8 cm in diameter to suit a small child to a hefty male.

The smallest size VK (chotu VK) is around 3 cm to 4 cm, this can be worn as a pendant around the neck. All bangles attuned as VK are equally powerful irrespective of its size. All VKs have all 11 Cosmic energies.

35Are there any other outlets to buy VK?

VK is available only with Sharat Sir. If anyone else claims VK, please be careful. Beware of cheaters who sell fake bangles as VK. If you want to request for a VK, directly write to Team VK on this email id We do not have any other email id.

36How much time does it take to attune one bangle to make it VK?

The procedure to attune a bangle is completely manual. It takes Sharat Sir almost 10 hours to convert a bangle into a VK.

37Can I place bulk orders of VK?

As you know, the attuning of VK is a manual process, hence we do not take bulk orders. If you want it in bulk, we need sufficient time to provide it.

38Can I order an extra VK for me or for my family?

Yes, you can. You can have any number of VK. With more number of VKs, you can send more energy to people. This is beneficial if you want to use the boost method of VK.

Must read: Innovative Ways to Boost Your Manifestation With Multiple VKs:

Innovative Ways to Boost Your Manifestation With Multiple VKs

39I do not wear any form of ornaments, can I keep VK in my pocket, purse or bag?

Yes, you can keep VK anywhere closer to you. But we suggest you to keep wearing VK as it keeps boosting your aura and chakras. When we keep VK in our pockets, it is quite close. If you put it in a purse or a bag, it is actually getting away from you. You may experience less aura and chakra boosting. Best is to wear VK on your body. If you have many VKs, you can keep them in your bag or purse to make a request.

40Is VK a person-specific modality?

VK is not person-specific. It can be worn and used by anyone. A person of any age, any kid, any gender, any caste, and any religion can wear and use VK.

41Is VK attuned for a specific person?

No, VK is not attuned for a specific person. Unlike, other modalities, VK can be used by anyone. One who touches VK last can use it.

42Are there any religious restrictions with VK

No! VK doesn’t have any religious restrictions. It is free from religion, religious customs, and rituals. It is free from every other restriction which religion might imply. It has nothing to do with the cast, rituals, age, gender, time, place, etc.

Must check: Some Tips Before Wearing & Using VK:

Some Tips for You Before Wearing & Using VIBBES KADA (VK)

43Can I wear VK with my daily life activities?

Yes! You can WEAR VK anywhere and everywhere. You can do activities in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, washing clothes, utensils, cleaning, mopping, brooming, during menstruation days, cremation ground, having sex, etc.

In fact, while working in all these areas you can request VK for any enhancement required. There are a hundred of VK Tips to be used in these areas, to know more please visit the Tips section in the VK forum.

44Is there any AGE limit for a person to wear VK?

Anyone can wear VIBBES KADA from a 1-minute old newborn baby to a 120-year-old person. We recommend you to make the elder people in your house to wear VK. Even if they do not use VK, their aura and chakras will be boosted, they can be in their best possible health with only wearing VK.

Babies when near to a VK mom, will get energy from their VK moms.

Must check some benefits of just wearing VK:


45Should I follow any rituals when I first receive VK?

There is no ritual attached, just WEAR VK, the moment you receive it. All you have to do is befriend with VK.

Must check Some Tips Before Wearing & Using VK:

Some Tips for You Before Wearing & Using VIBBES KADA (VK)

46Do I need to wash VK after sending energy to a sick person? Or, do I need to wash my hands after using VK?

No, VK being a cosmic energy TOOL doesn’t require any cleaning or purification process.

  1. In normal situations like charging EC, water, direct request, written request, etc, you don’t need to wash your hands before or after using VK as VK is the energy sender and not you.
  2. We suggest you wash your hands and VK for hygiene purposes. There are some issues that may be contagious, like eczema, tuberculosis, virus, etc which can be spread through coming into physical contact with an affected person. In such a case, follow the normal hygiene protocol.
  3. If you gave your VK to the affected person then also follow the same hygiene protocol.
  4. It is known that crystals and gemstone need cleaning after sending the energy because they absorb the negative energies of the affected person. Unlike, crystals and gemstones which need cleaning, VK does not need such cleaning because it does not absorb negative energies.

47Do I have to follow any superstitious limitation while using VK?

No. VK is free from every superstition. It is a Divine graced creation with the intention of positive betterment of one and all.

Must check: Some Tips Before Wearing & Using VK:

Some Tips for You Before Wearing & Using VIBBES KADA (VK)

48Can I tie the red thread and hang VK on my neck so that it touches my heart chakra?

VK can be worn in any hand. It can be hanged around the neck with any thread of any color and thickness. If you want to wear it around the neck, you must choose a solid thread so that you don’t lose your VK so that it does not fall and lost. You can also use solid metal like gold, silver, and artificial chains too. You can also use a mala/rosary like a Rudraksha, Crystal, Moti, Chandan, etc.

VK activates ALL the chakras as soon as you wear it. Some VK users love to wear VK close to their heart chakra. They say that it energizes heart and heart chakra. They feel peaceful and strong.

49When I wear VK, what will happen to my aura and chakras?

As soon as you come in physical contact with VK or you wear it, it starts boosting your Aura and Chakras. VK boosts your Aura and Chakras around 300% within around 30 seconds.

50I felt very high vibration while using VK, but my other family members could not feel anything. Why is it so?

Maybe your energy level has been low for long and so you could feel VK’s high power and energy more. As you know VK boosts your Aura and chakras around 300% as you wear it, so you must have felt the boost of energy in those chakras, aura, and body too. And your other family members may not be as low in energy as you were before wearing VK.

Another reason could be that you are more sensitive to energy than other people around. So you felt it high. For example, the flow of breeze is felt differently by different people based upon their own sensitivity.

51Why am I feeling uncomfortable, uneasy, slight dizziness, the headache after I wore VK for the first time?

Yes, it does happen, though it is very rare. One in a hundred VK users may experience this. Do not worry about it. If this happens, remove VK and try wearing it for only a few minutes a day. Then, gradually increase the wearing time of VK for more hours each day.

Alternatively, try placing VK in your pocket. After a few days, you can wear VK for a whole day or for a longer time. This gives time to your body to adapt itself to the flow of energy from VK.

52I am wearing VK continuously but not making a specific request to VK? Will it still work for my benefit?

When you wear VK, cosmic energies in VK work to boost your energy levels, Aura, Chakras & increase mental fitness. And there are other benefits too which include increasing stamina, protection from harmful electromagnetic radiations, improving a sense of balance, and increase mental toughness.

Must read benefits of just wearing VK:


53Can I use VK on any body part?

Yes!! You can use VK for any body part. VK will neither lose its grace or divinity if touched at any body part. VK has highly powerful cosmic energies, you can still touch VK to your feet, private parts, back, and any other part of the body. All body parts are also made from cosmic energies only. So do not worry about losing VK’s grace or divinity while touching it to any of the body parts.

54When I use VK, will all the 11 cosmic energies in VK start working together at the same time?

A VK is attuned with 11 cosmic energies and these energies have their own intelligence on how to work, what to work, which area of the situation to work. These energies decide on their own that how many and which of the 11 energies are needed to help a person or situation. Once these energies decide their course of action, they reach to the aim.

Sometimes only 2 out of 11 energies work or sometimes only 3.5 energies out of 11 work. It can be any number of energy combinations to reach the aim. This decision of energies by VK happens within a second.

Must know that all energies are not required to work on the issue. When some energies are working on the issue, other energies get engaged in your safety. This is a very special feature of VK which you may never find in any other modality.

55Will the energies in VK ever run out?

No, the energies in VK will last for a lifetime. VK conserves it’s 11 cosmic energies through their highly permeable and synergetic properties. The energies will retain their effect for 1000+ years. So, you don’t have to worry even if you are not working with VK for one day. It also does not require any maintenance or recharge.

56I have many issues and I work on altogether, can I?

With multiple aspects of your life, you can plan your requests to VK according to priorities. There are many ways to distribute energy work with VK. For example, you can have some energies in water, some as VOB, some as direct requests, charging useful products, and some on energy circles.

In every person’s life, there are actually a few priorities that can be focused first. So, even for this, you can request VK, “GOLDEN SUNRISE GUIDE ME MY PRIORITIES and PLACE THEM IN FRONT OF ME.”

57As I have so many priorities, can I write all of them as affirmations and do VOB on that?

VK keeps filling the user’s aura and chakras even when not in use. Rotation with VK is done to focus on particular energy. VOB is for the human body for balancing its organs. Rotation of VK can be done on other parts of the body than Vital Organs too.

The rotation of VK over situations, events, presentations, water, affirmation, or written intention is not considered as VOB but this is the way to charge them through rotation of VK. This way is considering as simply using VK.

58When I talk to VK, how do I get answers?

There is a procedure to get the answer to your questions/ talk to VK. To learn the procedure please go through this article Get A Sign From VK to Live a Happy Life:

Get A Sign From VK to Live a Happy Life (A Unique Way To Use VK)

59Can I help an unknown or passing by needy human or animal with VK?

Yes, you can help an unknown needy with VK. Send the energy of GOLDEN SUNRISE JOY to them, this energy can fetch them the need of the hour.

You may not know what that person needs, so you can always send them the energy of joy, good health, wealth, and peace of mind.

60What is Mental Touch Method?

A mental touch method means you can connect to VK mentally in your mind without touching it physically. The mental touch method is equally effective as physical touch. But to make it work you must have touched it last. VK will listen to you if you were the last one to touch it.

If someone else has touched VK in your absence then VK will not follow your “mental request”. In this way, you can send energy to anyone anywhere for any purpose without physical touch to VK.

To use VK in the mental touch method, touch your VK and leave it a place where no one can touch it. Now, wherever you go, VK will follow your “mental touch” and will send energy to any required situation.

If you have more than one VK, you can number them in counting if 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, so on… now connect to VK 1 and place your request. Connect to VK 2 and place another or the same request. The same way connect with VK 3, 4, 5 as well.

In this method, you can place individual requests as well as use VKs like in the “boost method” also. Place a request to VK1 and ask VK2 to boost the energy of VK1.

This way, you can keep all your VK at home and travel (if needed) with one VK in the wrist. This way you can take benefit of all the VKs you have even while not wearing them.

61I do not want to wear a VK. Can I still use it?

As you know VK listens to the person who touches it. You can keep VK in your locker or any other place where no one else will touch it. Even when you move around the world, you can keep requesting to VK with your intention. The only condition is that your touch must be the last touch to VK.

62While charging or doing VOB, can I use two VKs together but with different requests?

Yes, you can do that. For example, GOLDEN SUNRISE with VK1 and Perfect Health Serum with VK2. In that way, you can send double energy to the receiver for better and quick results.

63Who will use my VK after me?

VK has infinite energy, its energy doesn’t deplete, nor gets destroyed, nor diminishes. Anyone can use VK anytime. VK is beyond time and space. It works through generations. You can pass your VK to anyone, anytime. In the future, your VK can be used by your upcoming family members too.

64Should I stop using VK once my health has improved? Once I have reached a solution to my situation should I stop using it?

That’s your own free choice, of course. However, you are advised to continue wearing VK. You will experience progressive and more significant improvement with continuous usage of VK. It ensures continuous protection against electromagnetic frequencies and also so it can help you to maintain that good health and prevent many other problems. Health is just one area where VK helps, other areas are unlimited (read testimonies and explore.)

65Is VK magnetic?

No! It is non-magnetic. VK is a steel bangle that is manually attuned by Sharat Sir and attuned with 11 cosmic energies, these energies work at different areas in different ways. Whereas magnet creates a fixed field and works only on the fixed area. For example, a magnet can work on some physical issues but VK has infinite possibilities and works in the area of body, mind, soul, relationship, emotions, and even much more.

66Can I charge crystals with VK?

Yes, anything can be charged with VK for example, water, food, medicines, nonliving things like pillow, bed, and even crystals.

67Someone has suggested me a gemstone of the same price as that of VK? What should I buy?

A gemstone that you are suggested or are available in the market may be less, costly, or equal to VK, they all have fixed energy. Every gemstone has specific energy for a specific issue. Now think is this gemstone energy enough for you throughout your life.

With VK you can anytime mimick energy of any gemstone just with a simple request to VK. VK will give you benefits beyond this gemstone energy also as VK works on multiple levels and multiple situations. It’s not about the price of VK as VK has infinite possibilities which is priceless.

One gemstone that you buy, only you will wear it. One VK with you helps you to send energies to all your family members and dear ones. Now the choice is yours.

68Can I charge any yantra to enhance its power with VK?

Yes, you can charge any yantras, Shree yantra, or other different types of metal, crystal, yantras with the help of VK. You will have to charge these yantras depending upon the need. The yantras will only act as reservoirs of energy. Just set your intention with VK and charge the yantra.

69I want to charge my Yantra using VK. Can you suggest which energy to use?

If you know the correct mantra of that yantra, it is good to use it on yantra but if you do not know the correct mantra then Sharat Sir advise you to simply use Golden Sunrise Mantra.

70Can I use VK for someone else with energy exchange?

Sharat sir never say no to have energy exchange if you use VK for others. You can take energy exchange if your conscious allows.

Some people do not value free work. Here, if your conscious doesn’t allow to keep that money in exchange for help with VK, donate it to someone in need or in the temple or to team litairian. If you donate it to us, we will use that money to improve our websites, forums, or other creative works.

Also, keep in mind your own priorities and value of your own time. You can also recommend VK to them too. This is a wonderful help you can do for anyone. They may bless you for opening new channels of infinite possibilities.

71How can I learn “metaphor healing” with VK?

All that you are learning about VK till now through the Litairian website, thought the VK forum, through the Facebook group, through VK learning videos are the basics level of VK or 1st level of VK.

“Metaphor with VK” is the 2nd level of VK. To learn the second level of VK, there are four criteria:

  1. You are at least a 6-month-old VK user.
  2. You must have 2 VKs.
  3. You need to share 3 unique VK tips on the VK forum which not published earlier.
  4. You need to have a minimum of 10 unique success stories on the VK forum. Post each experience as a new different post on the VK forum. In each post, describe what was the situation, how did you use VK for that situation, what was the outcome, and how did you feel the experience.

Once you satisfy all of these above criteria, you can write an email to requesting that you want to learn the Metaphor level. Share your user name on VK forum, month, and year of purchasing the 2 VKs from Sharat Sir. If you are eligible you will get a reply from Team VK.

72I am a lazy person, and I do not want to give any request to VK, but I still want to change my life, what to do now?

The only thing you need to do and that is, make a request to VK for “being smart, quick, and enthusiastic about changing your life.” Not everyone is blessed to have VK. With this request to VK, VK will guide you further and see what happens next. You can keep on giving this request as much as you can. You can also give a request to become a self-motivated person.

73If I make a slight change in request/ intention will it be considered as a new request?

A slight change in words, grammar, language, the framing of a sentence doesn’t matter if you are placing the request again or the same desired outcome. But if you place an entirely different request then the outcome obviously will be different.

Please note: The energy created with the past requests would stay in the Universe till you want it again or work again on that matter.

74I see reiki energy, but I am not able to see cosmic energies in VK, why it is so?

Everything on Earth is made up of cosmic energies with which VK is attuned. Even reiki energy is the smallest part of these cosmic energies. If you see reiki energy then it may be because you are used to seeing only that energy. Maybe you are much familiar with reiki energy.

If your psychic vision is broad you will be able to see the cosmic energies come out of VK. Also know, that not only reiki energy but all other energy modalities are made up of these cosmic energies. Examples are mantras, yantras, magnetic healing, magnified healing, Switchwords, affirmations, words, and everything else.

You must also know there are 3 basic colors out of which the other 1000s colors are made. The same way as reiki energy is made out of these cosmic energies. These cosmic energies made the whole world.

75A medical test is going on, what should I do with VK so that test result comes negative?

This is a negative request, which VK will not listen to. VK will not misguide you in such a case. VK is not designed to do so.

A medical test is done to know if there is any illness or any imbalance in body function. If a medical test is prescribed, do not worry. The results of the test will help the ill person. The best way is to send GOLDEN SUNRISE energy with VK to the testing procedures and the reports. If all test results are good, it is good news. If the test results show an indication of the root cause of illness, then also it is good as you will now know what should be done to recover from illness. Knowing the cause is better than suffering in an unknown illness for a longer time.

When you are using VK, allow VK to use its wisdom. Allow GOLDEN SUNRISE energy to bring out what is to be noticed. Just keep the intention of recovery of the ill person with ease.

Asking for a negative report is not going to terminate the illness when it is already. It only put the ill person in danger too. As requesting for the negative report might hide the real cause and underlying treatment which can save a life.

How would you feel if you ask for a negative result and the person is still suffering and you are again blank what to do?

It is suggested to request VK for an accurate report, best treatment, top doctors, less expensive treatment, less pain in the body (if any), quick recovery, fewer medicines, etc. This would be appropriate and safe as well.

Also do not use any other modality to get a negative medical report, always wish for an accurate report. You should continue sending energies to the person so that you can get the right report instead of negative.

76I feel sleepy every time I place a request to VK, what is wrong?

There are a few reasons to feel sleepy after placing a request:

  1. Your own energy is depleted and you need more energy for yourself. Please take more energy.
  2. You are not choosing the right combination of energies. Please check the energy combination.
  3. You are not taking sufficient rest. Rest more to recharge naturally.
  4. You are affected by some black magic. Check this article to get rid of black magic.
  5. If you are a non VK energy practitioner, you may be in a habit of using your old energy modality. In this case, your own energy gets depleted. Use only VK to send energy.
  6. Using mind powers (hypnosis, NLP, visualization, etc.) to send energy will also deplete your own energy and you may feel sucked. So, allow VK to work. Just place the request and keep VK aside. It is a special feature of VK to sends energy from its own and not from its user.
  7. If you are a depression patient, even then, you can feel sleepy because depression leads a person to feel more sleepy. You can add Mood Up Serum to get rid of this situation.
  8. There may be some side effects of medicines which can make you feel sleepy. Take the All Clear Serum to resolve this issue.

77Can I use imagination to achieve maximum benefit from VK?

Yes!! You can derive benefits from VK as far as your imagination can go. Our life, our bodies, our desires are endless. Life is like a CANVAS, the 11 cosmic energies in VK are the colors, and VK is the brush. Now paint your life with VK. With VK, any desire and any picture can be painted which comes to your mind. VK is a DIVINE TOOL which assists in the manifestation of only positive desires.

78Why water is considered the best medium for energy charging while using VK?

When we put water on our tongue it goes directly inside our body and touches the cells in the body within a second. The energies can instantly start their work and one can see the changes happen soon. Water is available everywhere and easy to carry as well.

As water is the basic need of the body, one has to drink water as a compulsion for the whole day. That is why it is easy and better to charge water and drink for our betterment.

As we put medicine in our mouth, it starts working. Same way as we put energized water in our mouth, it starts working for our betterment. One can apply charge water on the affected body parts too. Read more benefits of charging water here.

79Sometimes while working with VK, my wrist, arm, or shoulder pains, why is it so?

Make yourself most comfortable while performing any energy practice or meditation with VK and enjoy the benefit of energy with comfort. While charging do not hold VK tightly. Hold it with a relaxing mind and body.

Sometimes attachment with the outcome/ result might give you some stress on the arm, wrist, shoulder, or forehead too.

80I am using and wearing VK. Can my VK help others who are in physical contact with me?

The moment we wear VK our aura and chakras start boosting. Though it can help anyone and everybody in the family but a baby can benefit the most who is in the aura of the mother for the maximum time if she is wearing VK.

As a VK user, when you touch others, they all get benefits from your high energy system, e.g. your friends, your spouse, your children, your parents.

You can give your VK to your family members and friends to use it. When they use it, they will also get VK’s benefits.

81Can I give a request to VK and keep it in a drawer?

Yes, it is possible to request VK and leave it in an enclosed place, in a drawer, in almirahs, in cupboards, or anywhere else where you find comfortable to do so.

82I already have one VK, can I take more VKs from Sharat Sir?

There is no limit for a person to have VK. You can have one, two, or any number of VK with you. You can use all VKs for the “boost method” as well.

Some Reiki practitioners have 10-15 VKs. They use all VKs to give energies to their clients. They just simply request VK for the energy and VK follow their request. In that way, they get enough time to talk with their clients.

83If I have more than one VK, can I wear it in the same hand?

No. It is suggested to wear each VK in different hands. If you have 3 VKs, you can wear 2 VK in two different hands and the 3rd one can be a Chotu VK which you can wear in a neck chain.

Please note if you want all these VK to work on separate requests, they should not touch each other. If you want to know the scientific reason for this, read on this link.

84I have many VKs and I can’t wear all, how can I still use them?

If you have many VKs you can wear one in each hand if you wish. You can keep the other VKs in the drawer, almirahs, or any place where it is safe. You can leave other VK on your written intentions.

Best is to use your multiple VKs to multiply energy using the BOOST method.

Innovative Ways to Boost Your Manifestation With Multiple VKs

85Does VK work only by wearing it or I also have to focus the energy for our health or other manifestations?

VK starts boosting your chakras and aura right from the moment you wear it. In case, you have specific desires, you can focus the energy from VK on that specific goal, wish, or other intentions. You will love to read the easy ways of sending specific energy from VK here VK Basics in the VK forum.

86Does VK help in spiritual growth and meditation?

Yes! It does help us grow spiritually too. When we Meditate, it is considered to be our spiritual growth. When we sit for meditation we can request VK to take us into “deeper possible meditative trance.” This is the level which we must have never experienced before. You must explore this way of using VK and share your experiences with us.

With the regular use of Cosmic Serums, you can reduce your physical and mental issues. A healthy body and mind will easily lead you to spirituality. You can also use the combination of GOLDEN SUNRISE and BACH FLOWER REMEDIES, to grow emotionally, and erase your past hurts.

Live a happy and joy-full life with VK through its infinite possibilities. Must read this article how our karma cycle starts moving with more happiness and bliss:


87Can VK help at the soul level?

Yes, the soul of a person is never bad or evil. It just feels bad for our ill body, negative mind, thoughts, and emotions. Soul also feels bad when you hurt someone. A soul feels bad when you torture someone.

The soul is like the SUN, which has its own shine and it also sends its light to other planets. Soul has its own infinity and sends light to the human.

Just like when clouds cover the Earth and SUN become invisible, it doesn’t mean that the SUN is gone or absent. It is just hidden. Same way, when the negative thoughts, emotions, actions, karmas, etc. covers the light of the soul, a person becomes bad, but not the soul.

VK has the ability to works on the mind, thought, emotion, action, and helps to make a person good and positive. VK and GOLDEN SUNRISE work wonders for a soul. The above combination can help a soul to enlighten. It increases the power of the soul. It also helps in ascension, elevation, and betterment of the soul. It can also help the soul to reach its destination of MOKSHA.

88Can I mimic Bach flower remedies with VK?

Yes, you can mimic Bach flower remedies with VK. Read about the Bach remedies here:

What Are Bach Flower Remedies and How to Use Them With VIBBES KADA

89Can I charge water with Bach flower remedies using VK?

Yes, you can mimic Bach flower remedies in water also. Do you want to know how? then click on these 2 videos in the link below:

How to Charge Water or Anything Using VIBBES KADA

Simple & Easy Ways to Charge Drinking Water Using VK

90How many rotations needed to charge a particular thing using VK?

The number of rotation with VK depends upon the quantity of the thing to be charged. Up to 2 ltr of liquid or 2 kg of solid can be charge with simply 15 to 20 slow rotations. If the quantity is more than 2 ltr or 2 kg increase the rotation according to quantity.

This Water Charging method with examples will give you more insight about rotation.

You can learn in this video how to charge different quantities of water or things by VK rotations:

Simple & Easy Ways to Charge Drinking Water Using VK


91Why should VK be rotated slowly during an energy process, I prefer it fast?

While performing any energy practice, meditation, or chanting we sit calm and peaceful to feel the BLISS. The same is with VK, slow rotations, or still hands, both help in the same way. This also helps in getting connected to your inner self and guidance from the Universe and you can feel the BLISS.

With slow rotation, you may even feel the energies passing by VK towards the receiver. Sometimes the receiver gets charged before time. If you do rotation slowly, you can feel that fullness in the form of repulsion from the receiver e.g. sometimes we do just 5-6 rotations on water and get the immediate repulsion as a sign of complete charging.

92What do you mean by Repulsion when it is mentioned with VK?

To understand what is Repulsion, let us understand what happens with a Magnet: a magnet is an object which is capable of producing a magnetic field. A magnet works by attracting the opposite poles but it repels the same poles. The pressure which you feel while trying to connect the same poles of a magnet is called repulsion.

When you send energy through VK to a receiver, first the receiver will receive energy as per need then there comes a point when there is no need for energy anymore.

When this state comes then you might feel repulsion from the receiver as a hint to stop sending energy any more. If you are sensitive to energy, you may feel this repulsion. You may not feel this repulsion sometimes if you are not so sensitive to sense the energies.

With the regular practice of VK, many VK users have felt this repulsion. Even if you do not feel this repulsion, it is ok. VK is always working on your intentions.

93Is there any feeling of pull or attraction while sending energy through VK like repulsion?

Yes, there may be a feeling of pull or attraction also like repulsion towards the receiver when you send energy through VK. This will happen when there is more need for energy than usual.

94Can we send two different energies/ sets of energies to two different people without any time gap?

Yes, you can give two different people two different sets of energies back to back without any time gap.

95What do you mean by sets of energies?

When more than one energy is used, it is called a set of energy. In this set, there can be two or more energies.

96What are the different energies which can be added in one set of energy?

Energies of Cosmic Serums, mantras, Switchwords, words, codes, affirmations, gemstones, Bach flower remedy, angles, etc can be added in a set of energies.

97Somewhere It is mentioned to “charge” but somewhere it is said “send energy”, and somewhere it is written, “to energize”. Are these different terms? Do they have a different impact on goals?

No, every word or sentence used has the same meaning and same impact on the goal. These are just different ways of saying or placing a request to VK but results are the same. VK follows the intention.

98Can VK work for finding a loving and rich partner?

Yes, it can help you in finding whomever you need. VK follows your intention. Make sure that YOU are clear about it. The only thing to remember is that the VK will not force an unwilling person to come to you. You can also take Bravo Serum, Beauty Serum, and Alpha Woman Serum or Alpha Male Serum before proposing a partner.

99How does VK work at mind, body, and soul level?

  • The Divine Cosmic energies can help mankind, animals, plants, and other all living & non-living things, at all levels including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relationship, financial, and all other levels in all walks of life.
  • Physically it can reduce/ eradicate pain, illness, heal wounds, dimmer the scars, manages weight issues, vanishes cramps, can provide strength to the body, essential nutrients, etc. not only upper layers but VK works on deep down at cell level of a human body.
  • VK can work on emotional issues like sadness, depression, mood swings, aggression, fear, laziness, dullness, etc which our mind is making us slave of.
  • VK can help you in being smart, humble, compassionate, passionate, kind, sweet, nice, joyous, happy, and what all positive you can think of.
  • When you want to make your soul happy, you follow your passion, hobbies, do what you like.
  • Maybe for some reason, you haven’t lived those soulful deeds yet. VK can fetch you peace and joy of the soul, make your soul happy to the core, can help you to live any soulful act like pursuing your hobbies which you always want to live, meditative depth, etc.

Eventually, if you notice, if your body and mind are happy and healthy, your soul is happy AUTOMATICALLY.

100I am an astrologer, how can VK help me?

VK can help you in astrology as well. You can place an appropriate request to VK to fetch customers, to guide them with the best results, to make their future better, to save their money from being used in unwanted and silly rituals.

Golden sunrise is one energy that can help you in enhancing your client’s future and their predictions. Guide them new ways of making life better with GOLDEN SUNRISE. Read about GOLDEN SUNRISE here:

What is GOLDEN SUNRISE ® Switchword & How its Help to Create Magic

101Can VK release emotions?

Yes, VK can release emotions. Be clear about what you want to do, place a request, VK will follow. You may release negative emotions but do it only when they are troubling too much. So, take care, not to do it much as it is equal to digging past.

There is no need to dig past as it will bring only pain and other bad feelings. Instead, focus on new, create new scenes, live a new life, and manifest new chances. You can read and practice this meditation of releasing negative emotions:

Self Reading Meditation – Release Negative Emotions Thru LOVE

102I sent so much energy with VK but nothing happened. Why?

You sent so much energy, did you take appropriate action as well? Yes!! Action is also required along requesting for energy. For example: if you want to get married and you are sending energy from VK to find you your soulmate, your action will be…

Hunting for the person on the internet and social network. Apply on matrimonial sites, looking for an appropriate mate. Talking or meeting new people you come across. The person can be around you or can come up through any of the above-mentioned ways. So, take action as well, find, hunt, look, wait, and finally propose if you meet the right person.

Read more about taking action here:

What is The Best Way to Work with VIBBES KADA (ACTION)

103What are the benefits of taking action along with the request of energy with VK?

There are so many benefits of taking action along with the energy request, and those are:

  • When you take action along with the energy request to VK, you become sure of your plan for your wish.
  • You can be clear about what action is taken and does it match the energy requested.
  • You can be fearless as you will know that YOU have taken action as well.
  • You will be free from doubt of receiving the result of your wish as you are taking ACTION for the same.
  • You will have great confidence in you and your wish and DIVINE as you are taking action on your own.
  • You will be excited to receive your wish as you are taking ACTION on your own and not under any force of any type.
  • You will be joyous and glad to have the result as you took action and didn’t wait for the same to happen on its own.
  • You will be proud of your ACTION made by your own self.
  • Just let the divine send you the best results. God has the ultimate power and wisdom to give us the best deserving results of our wish.

104Does VK invade the will of a person?

VK invades the will of a person only if it is for his/ her benefit:

  • Only if the sender of the energy wants the best of the receiver.
  • Only if the sender wants better of the recipient than he himself.
  • Only if the outcome is positive.
  • Only if the request made to VK is for his/ her highest best.
  • The age of both sender and receiver doesn’t matter but intention does.
  • If it’s for the highest good of one and all, anyone can think any good for anyone.

105Do we need to take permission from the person to send energy?

No, we do not need the permission of any person to send energy. A sick person is in physical or emotional pain only wants relief, so you can take that decision to send energy without permission. Please follow these step:

  • When a person is mentally disturbed, under depression, in negative emotion, aggressive, and crying. You need not wait for any permission from anyone.
  • When a person is in the mood of cheating, betraying, backstabbing, back bitching, fraudulent, and hurting you. You should not wait for any kind of permission for your safety.
  • When it’s a child feeling lazy to study, crying, cranky, stubborn, fearful, scared, or sad. You need not wait for any permission, even if they are not your relative.
  • A person in a coma will not get up or wake up to his senses to give you permission, so please do not even wait.
  • A newborn child can not give you permission.
  • An addictive will never allow you to help him in his addiction cure or he needs to be much strong to leave the addiction on his own. If he is not strong enough then even you don’t need any permission.
  • You need not be a relative, friend, near and dear one to send any good, positive, happy vibe to anyone. We are one and you can think good for anyone.
  • Sometimes the mind and body are not ready to receive energy, due to certain habits, stubbornness, belief system, superstition, and negative attachments, thus they may not give you permission but our soul always wants best for us. At that time, for the highest good of the soul, you can send energy to the receiver.

106What do you mean by distance or remote energy practice?

Distant or remote energy practice means that you can send energy to a person or situation from any distance. A person needs to intend that his energy is reaching to the receiver, it will go. For example, you can send energy to your friend in the USA from India.

Distance energy sending is not a new practice. This is practiced for many years. So energies can send at distance even through VK. With VK, the speed of the request is much faster than without VK. Any kind of energy can be sent at any distance with VK.

Not only you can send energy at distance but you can also attune a person with any modality through VK. Distance energy sending or remote energy sending is one and the same thing. Must check this article:

How to do Reiki and Other Healing Attunements Using VIBBES KADA

107What are the benefits of distant/ remote energy practice?

Sending energy at distance makes energy practice easy. You can help people who are far from you. You can send energy to things where you cannot reach easily, for example, your water tank which is located at your rooftop.

You can send them energy right from where you are. You need not wait to reach them and help them in need. There are no formalities or rituals or symbols to send distance energy with VK.

108What are the ways of sending distance/ remote energy with VK?

There are many ways to send energy with VK:

  • Write the name of the person (s), place, situation, or event you want to send energy to, on a paper, and rotate VK on it.
  • You can charge a bottle of water at any distance with VK. Intend and place a request to VK.
  • You can charge the name of the person, place, building, water bottle, EC, Switchwords, or any other thing which can be at any distance, even with a picture on mobile.
  • If you do not have a pen and paper to write your request, You can use your fingers to write the receiver’s name on any surface and send energy through VK.
  • If you do not want to write with a pen or even with your fingers, even then it’s possible to send energy to VK, just touch VK and directly say your request.
  • You can use your palm as well. Think or write the name of the person or your intention on your either palm and hold VK in prayer form and place request as you pray. Energy will travel any distance.

109Can I do VOB at distant? If yes, how?

Yes, You can also do VOB at distance.

To send energy with the VOB method of VK at a distance, you can use a pillow and consider it as the person’s organ. Now rotate VK on it.

One can also use a doll to do VOB of a person who is at distance. Use dolls eye(s) to do VOB of eyes of the person at distance, use the stomach of the doll to do VOB for the stomach of the person at distance and so on.

If you need to send energy to a full building, you can use your kid’s toy. For example, you can use your kid’s house-shaped toy, car toy or any other toy. This way huge buildings can be given energy.

You can send distant energies to events, natural calamities, national or international games, school events, office presentations, etc.

110What are the key features of VK which makes it different from other modalities?

There are so many different, unique, and special features of VK. To list them as they are:

  1. Faith: to use VK, you do not need to have faith in VK but in your inner self. Faith and doubts go hand in hand but don’t affect the working of VK. Read more about FAITH and DOUBT.
  2. Intention: VK is an intentional tool. It will follow only your GOOD intention, just know and say. Read more about VK as an INTENTIONAL tool.
  3. Safe: VK is the safest energy modality as it sets a human free from being a medium of energy. Even kids can use VK. Read more about safety by VK.
  4. Speed: VK is designed in a special way to speed up your desire much faster than you can think of. Read more about the SPEED of VK.
  5. Mimicking: Mimicking means to copy, VK can copy anything and the list is long. It is so perfect that a person who requests to mimic through VK might get amazed to have purest results. It’s a huge topic, so here, learn about MIMICKING.
  6. Infinity: Can any human or modality keep working non stop? No, every human or everything needs rest. But not VK, VK works 24*7, nonstop for years and ages. Well, read more about INFINITY as a feature of VK.
  7. No recharge: VK is attuned with Cosmic Energies and it is designed in such a way that it doesn’t need to get recharge or re attuned.
  8. Lock: VK comes with a special lock. None other modality has any type of lock. The 1st lock is: no one can unlock or de-attune its energies and attunement. And 2nd lock is: it does not accept and follow any negative request. It only does the best for humanity.
  9. Generations can use: VK has infinite energies so all your upcoming generations can use VK.
  10. Best object as VK: VK is a steel bangle that can be worn by anyone, looks good, affordable in cost, solid object to possess powerful energies, easy to carry, and gender-free. So many experiments allowed Sharat sir to use steel bangle as VK. Read more here.
  11. Touch: Simply touch VK, make a request, and things manifest? Wow, have a clear intention, touch VK and VK will manifest your desires.
  12. Simple to use: VK has no formalities, no rituals and no particular way to be used. Just say what you want and things will happen.
  13. Language: VK listens to your heart and not your language. Be free to talk in your own language and befriend with VK. Energy Modality can be a friend? Wow!!!
  14. Formalities: Age free, gender-free, religion-free, ritual free, superstition free, language-free, time free, activity free, helps in easy meditation, food free, damage free, and possession free. It is a non-rusting, long-lasting, comfortable, easy to wear, remove and use, unisex, multi-usage, simple looking bangle with no side effects.
  15. Saves time and money: VK saves so much time and money that no other modality can do. Feature of speed and mimicking are two main facts that help VK to do so.
  16. Automatic: VK is designed like machinery which works on its own once it is ignited. It sends non stop energy on your request for the next 30 minutes. Read this AUTOMATIC process here.
  17. Release Negative emotions: VK can RELEASE NEGATIVE EMOTIONS and increase happiness.
  18. Spiritual Growth: A simple looking bangle can take you in the deepest possible meditative trance. It is simply spiritual.
  19. Material wishes: As it is VK, it is for making material gains as well. Not only spiritual levels but the material world is also accessible. Wish for one and all desires you want now. Read here Eleven Rules of Golden Manifestation With VK.
  20. Best friend: VK is a friend. It will listen to you without judgment, guide you best, stay with you, support you, be a mentor, a true guide, just be ready to have this friend for life.
  21. Imagination: VK doesn’t require working with your imagination at the Basic level. So it sets you free from imagining what you want.
  22. Steel: Lots of experiments reached the conclusion that steel is the best holder of Cosmic powerful energies. It’s looks and durability added points to it.
  23. Many wishes: VK is powerful enough to fulfill all your desires. Be ready with your list.
  24. Wisdom: VK has its own wisdom to guide you, save you, do things for you, protect you, and be with you even when you don’t know.
  25. VK is simply a blessing in your life. Be like a child with VK, just say what you want and it will follow you. VK is intelligent and wise too.

111Only rotation with VK works?

Rotation with VK is suggested to be more focused while sending energy. But if you will rub VK on any affected or painful body part, VK will send energy. You can even tie VK at any body part if you do not have the possibility of sitting and rotating VK.

If you do not have time to sit and rotate VK in case of charging situations, EC, events, releasing emotions, etc then there are many other ways.

  • For some situations and events, you can once make a request, leave VK for 30 minutes, and go. Come back after 30 minutes and again place a request. This way you can easily keep sending energy while at work.
  • This can be done even while you are wearing VK in your hand or in your neck. Keep touching and requesting VK even in your busy schedule.
  • Thirdly, in some cases, you can prepare water with the required energy and keep drinking the whole day.

Rotation of VK is just a way of doing energy work not to keep you busy. Be free when you have VK.

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