Vertigo Dizziness Giddiness Cure And Treatment

It is a state when a person feels that his surroundings are moving or he himself is doing so. It is a state where the vision of a person turns witty or rotating. It is due to neurological disturbance. It is also associated with nausea and vomit feeling. It feels as if a person will lose its balance and fall. Some feel weakness and do faint also. It can be serious or just an irrational feeling. But diagnose must be correct so that it is not confused with a serious medical neurological issue if any.

It is divided into some parts like vertigo, disequilibrium, light-headedness presyncope.

This dizziness can be associated with some serious issues too like epilepsy, strokes, bleeding in the brain, meningitis, concussions, encephalitis, Meniere’s disease etc. Some can even result in mental disorder.

Some medical conditions in which a person can feel dizzy can be
  • *Brain tumor
  • *Motion sickness
  • *Migraines
  • *Multiple sclerosis
  • *Pregnancy
  • *Hypotension
  • *Heart attack
  • *Anaemia
  • *Hormonal changes
  • *Panic
  • *Depression
  • *Anxiety
  • *Hyperventilation
  • *Vestibular neuritis
  • *Acoustic neuroma
  • *Otitis media
  • *Meniere’s disease
 These situations can occur due to any reason like
  • *Inefficient blood supply to the brain.
  • *Some problem in ears.
  • *Heart problems like a blocked artery.
  • *Suddenly low pressure of blood pressure.
  • *Some side effect of the medicine.
Please take care
  • *Do not drive if you are feeling dizzy or lightheaded.
  • *Take immediate support to stand or sit if you are not in your comfort zone.
  • *Slowly reach to a comfortable place.
  • *Try eating something so that if bp is low or you are anemic, food will help.
  • *Take rest and check out with the doctor if a situation is not under control as soon as possible.
  • *Do share your situation with someone so that they can help you out of your depressed state.
  • *Avoid alcohol or any medicine or caffeine.
  • *Lie down for a while, get up slowly and keep sitting for a while, before you feel perfectly good.
  • *Lie down with a little-raised head instead of flat back.
  • *Stop all physical activity in this giddy feeling, they might hurt you.
  • *Avoid being dehydrated; drink as much fluid as you can.
  • *But do take care of drinking fluid; avoid sweet fluid or salty if you have any issue already related to heart or kidney.
Ways you can cure are
  • *Take rest
  • *Call doctor
  • *Improve diet
  • *Take proper treatment
  • *Watch this powerful and simple to use cosmic code video

Vertigo Dizziness Giddiness Cure and Treatment video

How to use this Vertigo Dizziness Giddiness Cure and Treatment video?

You just need to watch this video twice a day with a good headphone. After watching, your mind, each cell of your body and your DNA will totally fine-tune, so your Vertigo Dizziness Giddiness get healed and cured. You can also watch on behalf of another person.

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