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Vaastu as is a very creative and collective observation of experiences based on original facts. It is an ongoing process and something to go about exploring. A science of Vaastu needs to believe as a science because it has these characteristics.

Vaastu has a rational approach. It’s based on cause and effect. It is a study of the geological impact of the Sun on Earth with five elements.

Most of the houses which are projected towards East, North, and North-East lead very happy prosperous life. Whereas most of the houses which are projected more towards South-East, South-West, and North-West are generally not good.

Practical Vaastu

It is very practical to make houses as per Vaastu principle to live a wonderful life.

Permanent Vaastu

Since Vaastu is more dominated by Earth, it is a permanent concept. The Earth’s rotation and magnetic field have a great impact on our living space.

Normative Vaastu

Vaastu is very much prescribed by certain conditions by our great ancestors e.g. deep in northeast and elevation in the south and southwest.

Benefits of Vaastu

Vaastu is always aiming at providing ease and comfort to all humans on Earth.

Universal concept of Vaastu

Vaastu perfection guarantees happiness and peace to the human if it is applied accurately, it is the science existing between sun and earth which does not change its nature. Many other things may or may not work but the science of Vaastu always works.

Note: Please note that all information provided here is as per the science of Vaastu only. Keeping in observation challenges faced by people all these defects are brought into a highlight. Always take expert opinion before making changes in Vaastu

Now let me share with you many defects in 10 directions of Vaastu

Please read these points very carefully. Many modern architectures and so-called preachers and pundits ignore these facts in Vaastu.

  1. Pits and wells in Southeast, South, and Southwest directions are full of problems.
  2. If there is well or underground water storage in the Southeast, it is not good for women in the house.
  3. If the well or underground water is in South it is extremely harmful to female.
  4. Well, or underground water in the Southwest also gives you all unexpected problems.
  5. Well, or underground water in the West makes the earning member live in complete misery.
  6. Underground water in Northwest brings in litigation and tension.
  7. Underground water in the Southeast is the cause of many illness.
  8. Water Sump underground in Northwest will spoil the relationship with people.

Let’s talk about more Open spaces in different directions and its effects

  1. More open spaces in the West compared to the East will take away the talent and skills of a male in the house.
  2. If the South is more vacant than North it is an invitation to many problems together.
  3. Congestion in the Northeast has created congestion in the chest of all living in the house.
  4. When the South is extended it will hamper the protection of everyone in that space.
  5. When the Southwest is extended it surely means sacrificing all happiness.
  6. When West is extended it surely adds to health issues.
  7. Extended Northwest takes away peace and rest.

Underground Rooms or Basement

  1. Basement in South affects the lifespan of people living there.
  2. Basement in the West is inviting more struggles in life.

Main Door is the most important part of any structure

  1. South or Southwest door is directly connected with women and not good at all.
  2. West or Southwest door is directly impacting the earning member.

What about Exit Door? Let’s look into it

  1. If the exit to the Southeast room is in the east it is not auspicious as per Vaastu.
  2. South exit in a Southwest room again is not correct as per Vaastu.
  3. West exit in a Southwest room affects the health of either of a spouse.
  4. North exit in Northwest room disturbs the peace of women.

Let me tell you something interesting about Slanting or depression and Elevation

  1. Slanting in East brings wealth and fame but elevation brings loss of progeny.
  2. Southeast slanting if lower compared to Southwest it is really good but if it is lowered than Northwest leads to various problems.
  3. If Southeast higher than Southwest, it attracts negative energies.
  4. South slanting brings financial and health issues.
  5. South elevation brings wealth and health.
  6. Southwest slanting invites major illness.
  7. Southwest slanting also creates problems in children and attracts defame.
  8. West slanting takes way money and fame.
  9. Northwest slanting more compared to Northeast brings enemies, court cases, and disease.
  10. If Northwest lower than South it is better.
  11. Northeast elevation compared to Northwest take away all the success and wealth.
  12. Northwest higher than Southeast is also not auspicious.
  13. North elevation always brings many troubles.
  14. The Northeast elevation is door shut down to good luck, good health and wealth.
  15. Northeast elevation also brings the person to a level of the struggler.

Very common thing but not taken care of Beds and bedrooms

  1. Spouse sleeping in Northeast which can invite chronic disease.
  2. Sleeping with head in the West is calling Mr. Insomnia to stay with you.
  3. Head towards North, is enjoying the lifetime membership with some well-known diseases.

We all earn to eat, but what about the person cooking it and where and how? Let’s check how many people eat good blessed food.

  1. Cooking facing South which means platform in the South is good enough to steal good health and eat unhealthy food.
  2. Cooking facing North or cooking in North room is challenging you to fall and rise above.
  3. Gas in Northeast or kitchen in Northeast is itself a challenge for everyone.

Some other rule you must know about Vaastu

  1. Storeroom with all unwanted things in North no place for any peace.
  2. Major issues come up when a toilet is in North, East, and northeast.

Staircase in these areas and condition brings so many problems according to Vaastu

  1. Staircase in Northeast.
  2. Staircase going down just outside the door.
  3. Broken staircase coming to the main door.
  4. Very steep staircase.
  5. Very narrow staircases.
  6. No light in the staircases.

Overhead Tank Vaastu defects

  1. In the East, it will drain off the energy of male.
  2. In the North, it will drain all wealth.
  3. In the Northeast, it will bring Down person to the lowest level

Ceiling of the house

  1. Many people spoil the interior by making the fall ceiling and bringing the ceiling to very low levels.

Floor and Earth

It is the foundation where the house stands for years. Defects in the foundation will take it to the top level even if it is 200 floors

Earth (Bhoomi) should carry very positive vibration to support overall growth and wellbeing of everyone. Similarly, the house also should be balanced as per five elements and invoked with purest vibrations. Proper Vaastu allows the vibration to remain in the house forever. Both compliment each overt very well.

In the modern world with the constraints in the available space, it is not possible to make the house structure as per Vaastu. But it is very much possible to balance the 5 elements in the available space. Do authentic result oriented remedies in accordance with the ancient science of cosmic energy.

Also, it is very much possible to apply the ancient science of Vaastu Shastra plus cosmic energy remedies at the time of construction itself to make the structure 100 percent Vaastu compliant.

Note: If we are responsible to play with nature we are equally responsible to bring everything in balance so that future generations also remain aligned with nature and the universe.

Above is the little introduction about Vaastu faults. Must remember that if you are living in a home with most faults then you are suffering a lot. Must do Proper Solutions to eliminate all the Vaastu faults and live a happy and prosper life. Sharat Sir has invented Unique Solution for all the mentioned and other non-mentioned faults according to Modern and Ancient Vaastu. For more articles on Vaastu Click Here.