Urinary Tract Infection UTI Cure And Treatment

When there is infection in the urinary tract of the human body then it is called urinary tract infection – UTI. It is also called cystitis or bladder infection or kidney infection. The infection can be in lower or upper urinary tract.

The function of kidneys is very important in the body. They remove waist and extra water from the body and eliminate it from body. It is also responsible for sugar levels and blood pressure. The tubes known as ureters which are 10 inches long drain the urine out of bladder. The bladder collects and store urine. When the urine is collected in some ample amount in the bladder, we experience a sensation to pass the urine out. The process of expelling the urine happens when all the functions work well accordingly. But if any part gets affected and infected the organs further gets infected and it becomes little serious.

Urinary Tract Infection UTI Cure And Treatment
Male anatomy of human organs in x-ray view


Who is affected with Urinary Tract Infection – UTI More

The Urinary Tract Infection – UTI is more common in adults than in children. It is most common in girls and women than in men. Pregnant women have high risk of Urinary Tract Infection and they need regular check-ups.

Urinary Tract Infection UTI Cure And Treatment


Associated Symptoms of Urinary Tract Infection – UTI

*There can be an inflammation or irritation in bladder.

*There can be a burning sensation while passing the urine.

*There can be sensation of passing frequent urine.

*The urine can be smelly, blood in urine or misty.

*Pelvic pressure or lower abdominal pain can be noticed.

*Mild fever or feeling of being unwell.

*If prolonged symptoms are left unattended then High fever, nausea, vomiting too can happen.

*New born babies might show with sign of jaundice.

Urinary Tract Infection UTI Cure And Treatment

Diagnose of Urinary Tract Infection – UTI
  1. It depends upon the history of the individual person, their lifestyle, hygiene, medical back ground, medication if any, habits, surgical history.
  2. A urine sample in the lab test for routine test.
  3. If the sensitivity is high then sample goes for urine culture test.
  4. Results are fast in routine test but takes time of a day in urine culture test.
  5. Blood tests if major issues come up like kidney faliour.
  6. Catheterization is done if for any reason the sample collection is not simply possible.
  7. Pelvic examination can be done for a sexually active female if needed.
  8. Rectal examination is done for men so that prostate can be checked.
  9. Ultrasounds too are possible to evaluate kidney and bladder problems.
  10. Intravenous pyelogram is a special X-rays done to identify special abnormalities.
  11. Cystoscopy involves if any abnormalities to be detected in bladder.
  12. CT scan is done if urinary tract is needed for detailed diagnose. 
Prevention form Urinary Tract Infection – UTI

*Taking care of hygiene after bowel moments… (Washing front to back after it)

*Emptying the bladder after sexual participations

*Consuming enough fluids

Medication for Urinary Tract Infection – UTI

Antibiotics according to the need and watching this cosmic code video can help you in relief from Urinary Tract Infection – UTI.

Urinary Tract Infection – UTI Cure Video

How to use this Urinary Tract Infection – UTI Cure video?

You just need to watch this video twice a day with a good headphone. After watching, your mind, each cell of your body and your DNA will totally fine-tune, so your Urinary Tract Infection – UTI gets healed and cured. You can also watch on behalf of other person.

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