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The tumor is also known as a neoplasm. A tumor is an abnormal mass of tissue which may be solid or filled with liquid. Every tumor is not cancerous. Tumors can be classified into three types mainly:–

Benign, which is not cancerous; 

Pre-malignant which is pre-cancerous;

Malignant which is cancerous.

Tumors are named after mostly their shape and the kind of tissue they grow in. It is basically a lump or a swelling, not a health threat. When doctors refer to the tumor they talk about it generically and not about the size of the lesion. A mass is a lump which is at least 20mm in diameter & a nodule is a lump which is less than 20mm in diameter.

The types of tumors are:-

1) Benign tumors:– Benign means that is not progressive. It remains as it is. Benign tumors cannot metastasize ie. Cannot spread. They are not harmful to human health. Though they are not cancerous they may grow in certain parts and cause pain. They even might press again some nerves or blood vessels and also cause other negative effects. Like the tumors in endocrine tissues can result in excessive production of some hormones.

Some examples of Benign Tumors are:-

Adenomas (lumps on the epithelial tissue);

Fibroids (lumps on fibrous or connective tissue);

Hemangiomas(collection of too many blood cells);

Lipomas (adipose tissue).

2) Premalignant Tumors:– It’s a precancerous tumor which is not malignant as yet but will become so. There is a risk of cancer. 

Some examples of Pre-malignant Tumors are:-

Actinic keratosis (scaly, thick patches grown in fair skin due to sunlight);

Dyplasia (cells in the cervix of the uterus change);

Metaplasia of the lung (bronchi tubes that carry air);

Leukoplakia (white patches in the gums, bottom of mouth, cheeks and tongue).

Tumor Treatment And Cure Video


3) Malignant Tumors:– These are the cancerous tissues which get worse and can even lead to death. These tumors are ambitious unlike the other two and spread fast to gather more territory.  The abnormal cells multiply at a faster rate. 

They metastasize. Metastasis is the process when malignant tumors break and affect nearby cells. They spread to other parts of the body through the bloodstream and lymphatic vessels to form new malignant tumors. 

Some examples of Malignant Tumors are:-

Carcinoma (skin or tissues that line body organs get affected;

Sarcoma (connective tissue such as cartilage, bones, fats, nerves);

Lymphoma/leukemia (infects blood carrying cells that originate from the marrow);

Germ cell tumor (tumors arive from a germ cell);

Blastoma (embryonic tissue is attacked). 

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Caution:- There is no dividing line between the three types of tumors. A tumor can start from benign and develop to become premalignant and then malignant.


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Watching this video twice a day or more can lead you to tumor-free life. This video has special cosmic codes which can help in all kinds of a tumor and also fear related to the tumor. This video also helps to clear all side effects of tumor-related medical treatments.

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