Switchwords Money Wealth Success {SHREEM 528}

Switchwords For Money Wealth And Success: A Very Intense Switchwords Video to Magically Magnetize Money Success Wealth into Your Life. This Video is very intense and created for Money Wealth Success. You just need to watch this video to change your emotions twice a day or as much as possible to magically attract Money Wealth Success.

How Switchwords Money Wealth Success Video Helps You?

Switchwords used in this video are very powerful and help you to attract more money, wealth, and success into your life quickly. These Switchwords are commanding, affecting and hook up straight to the subconscious mind, giving it a path for drawing the essence of the switchword to you. The more you watch this video, the more it affects your inner and outer energy and the world. The more it affects your energy and world, the more you draw money, wealth, and success into your life.

Why Switch Words work better and quick as and in videos?

Our mind collects information via 5 senses. It is scientifically proven fact that mind collects 80% info via SIGHT, 10% via HEAR, and remaining 10% via TOUCH, SMELL, and TASTE.

Exp: when you think of an Apple, 1st thing in your mind come Apple’s Shape and Color because your visual responses are very quick. Other things about apple like taste, smell, touch and quality slowly come into your mind after that. That’s why I prefer watching SW videos for quick result instead of chanting and other things. I often chant SW whenever it is impossible for me to watch a video. I also use EC. I create some experiments and found, watching a 3 mins video is equal to the chanting of around 24 mins of Switch Words. Therefore I am creating videos of SW for all of my dear friends.

How do this Switch words video work?

The subconscious mind records everything going on around you on every level, for future reference. As it study alike incidents, situations and reactions linked with a word or action over and over again, the subconscious mind begins to foresee and even attract these incidents, situations, and reactions. These acts or words become Switchwords, switches for bringing about the specific incidents, situations, and reactions associated with the words or actions. Switch words bypass the conscious mind and activate switches in the subconscious mind.

Watch Switchwords Money Wealth And Success

I use these Switchwords in this Switchwords Money video:-





You must know that 25 Best Money Affirmations and Count Switchword can also help you to earn more. With these, you can choose a Lakshmi Mantra out of best and top 10 Top Powerful Lakshmi Mantras to earn great. Must read What are Switchwords and How to Use Them? to increase your knowledge and also read Benefits of Watching switchword VideosYou can also #click Here to watch all Switchword VideosPlease feel free to share your success stories with us into the comment box below to encourage others to use switchwords more and more. We love to read your words and if you liked this post, would you consider sharing it or forwarding it?

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Sharat Sir is a Spiritual Scientist, working in the field of Spiritual Science and Energy Healing since 1997. His vision is to enable the whole mankind, whether rich or common middle-class person, to heal and cure himself and others as well in a very easy way, without refuging to medicines / approaching expensive methodologies available in the market to tackle problems using the alternative system. He conducts Meditation Sessions called “Maun Saadhna” (The Inner Silence) for the public for their spiritual enlightenment & growth. He is the master of almost 55 healing techniques like Switchwords, Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Karuna Reiki, EFT, Magnified Healing, Sujok etc. He is an Astrologer & Tarot Reader as well. He is the Inventor of VIBBES KADA (VK), VIBBES SEEDER (VS), Cosmic Codes Videos, Golden Sunrise, Golden Heart Blessing Meditation, Cosmic Shower Meditation, Cosmic Serums, Self Reading Meditation and Open Eye Meditation via chat. He works selflessly, only for the betterment of the mankind. He won Outstanding Spiritual Scientist & Pioneer in Cosmic Healing WOW Personality Awards, Mumbai in 2016 and ISHMA Global Golden Star Award Winner Mumbai, 2017 added another feather in his cap.


  1. Hi. Saw your money video for the first time. Shall see thrice daily as per your suggestion. Surely will let you know the results…

  2. Sir mein apne husband ke liye Janna chahti hu. Unhone govt job ke liye bhara hai. 2 months se upar ho gaya uska koi result hi nhi hai. Nd aur bhi post nikalna tha wo bhi nhi nikal rahe. Main unke liye kn sa switch word chant koru.

  3. Hi, I read the experiences shared by the people & how they have really been successful by chanting switchwords. I need your help for:

    1) I want my mom’s health to be better.

    2) I want a very good increment this year.

    3) I need everything in my life to go smoothly, the way I want it to be.

    Pls help me with the switchwords to gain all of the above.


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