Switchwords Magic Begin Now For Manifestation By Sharat Sir

Everyone wants a magical life. Everyone wants to do magic. Everyone wants to see the magic. But Magic does not happen just with burning incense sticks, lighting few candles, and then waiting for your desires to simply fall into your lap. Witchcraft system of magic is not only annoying but also distinct from spiritualism. People often get together with witches to burn incense sticks, light candles, chant few mantras, do some rituals (they called them as holy or spiritual or religious rituals/ practices) and make magic. That might result but not only well.

What is Magic?

Magic is a way to manipulate the energy system through your mind to craft and manifest change in the present situation to reach your future desires. Working with rituals, ceremony and spells is definitely one way to do this, but here I present another way to work with energies. The way in which one can create magic for both the individual self and in their world around them. This way of performing the magic in your lives will assist you in creating the life you wish for, the life which was beyond your reach but is now possible. This new way is “Watching Magic Begin Now Videos”. Here you will find a few magical videos to manifest what you want. Watch and enjoy your life with more Divine Bliss. Watching these videos is another magical way to craft your desires.

How to Use Magic Begin Now Videos?

  1. First, choose which Divine form is your beloved. Everyone has at least one favorite Divine figure in his/her mind. If you don’t have any, then you take a look below and choose one Divine form which appeals you.
  2. Now watch this video as many times as you can to manifest your desire. Be sure that Divine always helps those who have positive wishes. Remember your wishes should be good for all.
  3. Never watch many videos for one same wish. Stick with one video for one wish until you get desired results. Shifting your videos with the same wish might not help you, in fact watching many videos for your one wish might take your wishes farther from you.
  4. Some wishes take more time to manifest and some manifest instantly. Don’t be disappointed but hold yourself and trust the Divine as IT has its own ways of working and fulfilling your desire.
  5. Many boys and girl will watch these videos to get back their ex-partners, but here I suggest them, please watch to attract true love into your life instead of a past love.
  6. You can watch different videos for different wishes. Like Two videos for two wishes or more if you want.
  7. Before moving ahead please click here and read once what are switchwords


Magic Begin Now Videos are:-


Divine is the first name of the highest source. Divine is the best name for the highest forces. The name Divine is easily acceptable to a human mind, and it is one pure word around the world. The name Divine can easily connect with each and every religion or cast. It is the most easily available name for all. You can watch DIVINE MAGIC BEGIN NOW video and manifest your wishes.


Lord Krishna is the Lord of Love in Hindu culture. Lord Krishna is also well-known for his Karma Theory. He is a divine hero, prankster and a loved model too. Billions of Hindus and people of other religions from all over the world worship Lord Krishna. In the KRISHNA MAGIC BEGIN NOW video you can find the magic of Lord Krishna. Watch KRISHNA MAGIC BEGIN NOW video and manifest your desires.


Shiva is another Hindu Lord. Shiva is the Lord of Death and Power. The devotee of Lord Shiva believes that he grants wishes quite easily. He is the prime GOD of Indians. Now it is your time to pray to this omnipresent deity and Watch SHIVA MAGIC BEGIN NOW video and get the blessings of Lord Shiva.


Goddess Durga is the most powerful Goddess in Hindu culture. She has many forms but her 9 famous forms are religiously worshiped for 9 days twice a year in India. Her other 10 forms mostly worship by tantric and called Das Mahavidhyas. She blesses her devotees with all their wishes. Watch DURGA MAGIC BEGIN NOW video and get the blessings of Goddess Durga.


The meaning of Sai is who cares for everyone. Sai is the most popular Indian Saint. Sai is also the most miraculous Saint of India. He glorified the Indian Divine Saint culture. Sai is kind and merciful. Watch SAI MAGIC BEGIN NOW video and let Sai grant your wishes.


All Hindu rituals start with the prayer of Lord Ganesha because he removes all hurdles. Lord Ganesha is the youngest son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga. Lord Ganesha is most popular for his obstacle removing blessing. In the whole World, Lord Ganesha is popular with the name Elephant Lord. Watch GANESHA MAGIC BEGIN NOW video and manifest your desires.


People around the world believe in the animal spirit. Animal spirits can also fulfill desires and wishes. Wolf is a most clever animal and it is believed that when some work needs the most clever energy to be done then people call Wolf for the assistance. You can also call a wolf to do magic for you. For this, you just need to watch this WOLF MAGIC BEGIN NOW video.


Angels are powerful Divine forces that are assigned to help mankind and the world. Angels are very helpful to grant wishes. ANGELS are loving. ANGELS are always around to help. Watch ANGELS MAGIC BEGIN NOW video and manifest your dreams into reality.


His name is enough to create magic. He is the Son of Divine. He is blessed with amazing miracles and he can manifest anything. Watch JESUS MAGIC BEGIN NOW and let manifestation automatically happen in your life with this Saviour and Messiah.


Their charm, their beauty, their dances always fascinate human. They are real or not but they mesmerize all of us. Their little charismatic bodies are enough to fulfill your wishes. Watch FAIRIES MAGIC BEGIN NOW to manifest your desires. 


Rainbow has all seven colors. How can a single wish left behind without manifestation when all seven colors are ready to help you. Watch RAINBOW MAGIC BEGIN NOW and ready to be delighted.


Buddha is peace. Buddha is serenity. Buddha is calm. Buddha teaches us to always stay calm and peaceful. But Buddha can also grant us wishes. Watch BUDDHA MAGIC BEGIN NOW and ready for miracles.


Nothing is impossible for Bajrang Bali. No evil can stand before Bajrang Bali. He is beyond the limits. He can give beyond the limits. But he always grants genuine wishes. Watch BAJRANG MAGIC BEGIN NOW video for a more magical life.


Mother Kwan Yin is the ultimate amity. Mother Kwan Yin grants harmony. Mother Kwan Yin herself is magic. Mother Kwan Yin herself is a power. Watch KWAN YIN MAGIC BEGIN NOW and let’s pray her to grant us a most amazing life.


Mahavir is pure. Mahavir is selfless. In Jainism, Mahavir is the most Powerful Divine being. Feel the bliss of MAHAVIR the 24th Tirthankara of Jains, a preacher of five vows. Watch MAHAVIR MAGIC BEGIN NOW video to attract pure manifestations.

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Sharat Sir
Born in 27th July 1974, and the spiritual journey of this birth started since 1995. For two continuous years, Sharat Sir worked on awakening and practicing Kundalini Yoga. He used to practice this under the guidance of a respectful, and a secret Himalayan Monk. May 23, 1997, started learning Reiki level 1 and till today he has mastered and attuned with 55 different energy modalities. In the year 1999, he stepped into holistic and spiritual teachings, taught all the therapies he knows to the innumerable people, and he is teaching to many more till now. The day, SHARAT SIR stepped into the world of wellness, he has been learning and teaching both. He has learned 55 energy modalities. Not only he can attune himself to any energy modality but he can attune any person with the energy modality much more efficiently than an actual master can. He is blessed by DIVINE himself to have such a vision where he can see energies and access them for the benefit of the mankind. He can see the aura of a person and know which word, mantra or energy can help the person in his/her desire. He has that special power to access the Cosmic Energies for the benefit of mankind. He started teaching in 1999 and he has been teaching since then with much perfection. He has worked day and night to access the Cosmic Energies for the benefit of mankind. He has provided so much of free information regarding wellness of a human including *Cosmic Code Videos, *Affirmations, *Switchwords, *Vision Board Videos, *Mantras, *Energy Circles, *Free Meditations, *Law of Attraction, *Money Manifestations, *Golden Sunrise Mantra, *Reiki, *Kundalini Reiki, *Karuna Reiki, *EFT, *Magnified Healing, *Sujok etc.*Many hidden information regarding energy modalities, and its side effect where others hide the truth that this might cause negativity to the practitioner himself and many other info. People call him a Spiritual Scientist. His vision is to enable the whole mankind, whether rich or common middle-class person, to heal and cure himself and others as well in a very easy way, without refuging to medicines / approaching expensive methodologies available in the market to tackle problems using the alternative system. He conducts Meditation Sessions called “Maun Saadhna” (The Inner Silence) for the public for their spiritual enlightenment & growth. He is an Astrologer & Tarot Reader as well. He is the Inventor of VIBBES KADA (VK), VIBBES SEEDER (VS), Cosmic Codes Videos, Golden Sunrise, Golden Heart Blessing Meditation, Cosmic Shower Meditation, Cosmic Serums, Self Reading Meditation and Open Eye Meditation via chat. He works selflessly, only for the betterment of the mankind. He won Outstanding Spiritual Scientist & Pioneer in Cosmic Healing WOW Personality Awards, Mumbai in 2016 and ISHMA Global Golden Star Award Winner Mumbai, 2017 added another feather in his cap.


  1. Sir I remain in Gratitude. Sir recently I got my daughter married for which I had to take loan from several persons. I need to repay the loans at the earliest. What should I do ?

  2. I retired from job a year before. I want to restore my earning ability without getting job like environment. Will “KRISHNA MAGIC BEGIN NOW” be appropriate.

  3. Can we chant say “MAHASARASWATI MAJIC BEGIN NOW” for academic success and “DHANVANTARI MAGIC BEGIN NOW ” for curing health issues.

  4. I was a very good student till 10 but after that my narcissistic relationship ruined everything n I am feeling directionless in life. I don’t know what I should do in my life that would make me happy. I don’t know which career should I choose that would make me happy n give me success too. Please Can u suggest some switch words to help in that?

  5. sir my nephew stays in hostel can I draw EC on his pillow for good studies instead of keeping under mattress.thanks in advance

  6. Dear Sharat

    I have three primary issues. One, my business which was going great has now closed due to losses. I have not being earning for quite some time now. I am anxious to get my regular earning back. Secound, my son is adopted some bad habits. He is nit focusing on his carrer. Third, my house which i am trying to sell since three years is not selling out. Please suggest switchwords for the three issues mentioned. Thanks in anticipation.

  7. Sir you said me to watch success vision board video before my govt exam to pass.
    But result Will declare a month after.
    Should I keep watching video after exam ????

  8. Thanks and Gratitude for all the wonderful learning and sharing….its a blessing in disguise!
    I have been following up and reading and thank u I have learnt a lot from Sharat Sir’s sharing’s I happen to go through – esp with GOLDEN SUNRISE 🙂
    I just wanted to understand different people have different issues with different intensities then how does VK help here or them? How does it help in removing the previous clutter/blocks/bad karmas and help one open up and be receptive to new ides/opportunities which can take on forward in life.
    How will this help people who feel stagnated in life in various aspects to be healed with VK?

  9. Thank you iliked your your sites & perfect all is possible great sir, i want improve my financial income fast , which will be the best give me gudiance, vijY from India Bangalore, thank you.

  10. Gratitude’s to the surprises each day unfolds for you. Have you noticed?. You need to count the surprises how you got up fresh, had an happy morning with no tension, kids are just cool, new healing points you get in group and you are surprised wow how is this , like someone unknown has read my heart???.

    It’s this MAGIC you need to feel inside , always keep the spirit that a MAGIC is going to happen now to you.

    Wow there goes you in happiness and glory to your work and feel the spirit of something great. Each day you are moving more and more into alignment to Cosmic its a “JADHOO”. You can’t stop it from happening unless and until you have a solid heart and none of you have it.

    VIBBES KADA has been attuned to the 11 Cosmic Energies by Sharat Sir which mimics all healing modalities , medicines, mantras and shlokas and gives you immense healing on all aspects of your life.

    GOLDENSUNRISE is that super power filled word or mantra which can help you to turn your life into a beautiful one and create magic and more magic with each passing day.

    All the pain, sorrow that you had to go through was cause you were too good at heart, so when someone said something that hurt you , you kept it inside and you just went out of alignment with your purpose of life.

    Now no more , VIBBES KADA has made you stand strong, healthy, courageous ready to take the reins of your own life and to go on.

    You know the word MAGIC has so much depth, kids use it more in their sentences when they say to you , any incident for them its new fresh and a joy so they use the word MAGIC.

    You use it in many of the switchwords too , you must have read it then now you are going to believe in it with full faith and innocence. Let Cosmic Energies through VIBBES KADA helps you create MAGIC, your mind should be free and let go , no need to be a slave to routine thinking. Think different, learn new new and you can clear all areas of your life. Let the MAGIC BEGIN.

    Thank you


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