Abdominal cure

Switchwords for Stomach, Digestion & Digestive Issues video is very good for any kind of digestive disturbances, gas, acidity, nausea, vomiting, intestinal spasms, loss of appetite, craving for foods that are not well tolerated, cramps, gall bladder colic, bitter taste in the mouth, burning, bloating, flatulence, diarrhea, heartburn, constipation, piles, hemorrhoids, fissures, anal prolapses, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), indigestion, sour eructation, water brash, bilious vomiting, swelling of stomach, hardening of liver, enteritis and other digestive problems.

This Switchwords video for Stomach, Digestion & Digestive Issues is also very good for liver and spleen. This Switchwords video can help to increases the flow of bile and stimulates protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism.  

Watch Switchwords for Stomach, Digestion & Digestive Issues Video


I use these Switchwords Phrases in my Video


This Video is very intense and created to Complete Abdominal Cure. You just need to watch this video to change your mindset twice a day or as much as possible to Complete Abdominal Cure.

Watching a 3 min video is = 25 min of SW chanting…if your requirement is fulfilled watching once that is enough and if not watch twice or more….sometimes in acute cases you need to watch quickly back to back as many times as possible….and chronic cases just watch twice a day or as you wish…no one judge and understand your or anyone’s need…it is up to the user what’s his/her situation want and need….decide your own and use according to them…and no rule applies during chanting….

Shifting of SW so rapidly in my videos create fast and instant energy as they bypass your conscious mind and directly interact with your subconscious mind to create magical results. Even I personally attune each of my videos with cosmic energy to optimize its result. 

Must read What are Switchwords and How to Use Them? to increase your knowledge and also read Benefits of Watching switchword VideosYou can also #click Here to watch all Switchword VideosPlease feel free to share your success stories with us into the comment box below to encourage others to use switchwords more and more.

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  1. I have some symtoms of colitis not sure,please suggest switchword for it and how many times I should watch a video?

  2. Hi sir
    Sir recently I have started seeing your videos it’s wonderful but in my case I am seeing the video of abdominal cure for the last 3 days actually I was having problem low appetite constipation and diabetes but it working well for constipation but no result for low appetite and sugar level is going up I don’t know what to do please advice me

  3. is there any video through which i can help my brother who is suffering from addiction of corex and now using other things also

  4. Hello sir can switch words any side effects in few people. I have been watching these abdominal cure videos for last 2 days and the problem has seemed to have agravated. I have watched 2 times a days and have been suffering from this condition now for 75 days.

  5. Hello sir. I have been following ur videos.. Its giving positive results.. Sir any video fr conceiving. Healthy pregnancy!!? It would be helpful if u create.


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