Shield of Seven Rays for Complete Protection

I am a man of my own will. I work harder with the maximum positive attitude. I have tried to keep peace and harmony if I dislike behavior or a situation I have stayed neutral as I can never harm anyone. But nevertheless I am being targeted by everybody; I don’t understand why people have become my enemy? At times I feel even God is also watching the punishment I am being given. I feel like a total loser… I feel so hopeless.

Above words are very common for an honest person. Honest persons work with love and gratitude; they wish others who will work with them. They are merciful and extend a helping hand to the needy and very famous in their own field. Their fame attracts good people around them and also bad or evil people who hold negative emotions towards them.

I know a person who is very famous for his work and has a very positive attitude for life but his fame disturbed his life, his workplace, and his health too. He works as a freelancer to help the needy by giving them high-quality medical products but few people who sell their inferior products to them are regularly putting their effort to disturb him instead of improving their own work quality. Maybe you are also facing a similar problem as my friend. Maybe you also have some disturbing people around you.

Shield of Seven Rays for Complete Protection

Last week my friend came to meet me and discussed in detail his whole story. It gave me additionally an extra edge allowing me to see the AURA and judge the problem. I saw his aura and found that his aura is strong enough to encounter disturbing people but his own conscious will is not ready to do that. He asked me to recommend a solution. I told him to come back again after a week. I meanwhile worked on the Shield of Seven Rays for Complete Protection for a week.

Now a powerful solution is ready to be given to him but I thought why not share this Powerful Shield of Seven Rays for Complete Protection with all VK users!!! Because this Shield of Seven Rays for Complete Protection can only be work with the VK users. So here I am to share with you this Shield of Seven rays for Complete Protection which will only work for the VIBBES KADA users with an ultimate intention to grace your lives with positivity and growth in chosen areas of life. Here I share this with you in all humbleness.

It has taken me a week time to attune the powerful Shield of Seven Rays for Complete Protection in the Universe. Those who have VK can use the shield with great power and ease without even meditating on the shield. Click #here to know what is VIBBES KADA (VK)?

“Remember all-powerful shields can be created with deep meditation but what happens when you can’t meditate deeply? It means you cannot be benefited by the protection. You cannot rescue yourself.”

The perfect solution is here for us to utilize when you command to your VIBBES KADA (VK) to give you Shield of Seven Rays, your VIBBES KADA (VK) will automatically start doing so. It’s an automatic function of VIBBES KADA (VK) to follow your every positive command.

How Shield of Seven Rays for Complete Protection Works?

Shield of Seven Rays for Complete Protection is a shield of seven layers of seven cosmic rays. This shield is created just outside of our whole aura. Our aura also has seven layers which start from our body to expand up to 12 to 15 feet in egg/oval shape. When we request our VIBBES KADA (VK) for Shield of Seven Rays for you, VK starts creating a most powerful shield, just after your aura’s outer layer. You can give a request for others also and VK will do the same.

Shield of Seven Rays for Complete Protection

Each layer of Shield of Seven Rays has its own work and unique ability. Let’s find their abilities below:-

Layer 1 of the shield: –Layer one helps to shield and protect your all material world, workplace, your all income sources, your own energy, vitality, and your journey. Layer one also protects your money, your bank account, your wealth, your office/shop/factory and your possession too.

Layer 2 of the shield: –Layer two helps to shield and protect your love relationship, your individuality, your unique work, your own nature, and your home.

Layer 3 of the shield: –Layer three helps to shield and protect your educations, your study, your wisdom, and your knowledge.

Layer 4 of the shield: –Layer four helps to shield and protect all your relationships (business, love, friends, relatives, etc.) your inner child, your mercy, your joy, true compassion, and happiness.

Layer 5 of the shield: –Layer five helps to shield and protect your thoughts, your commanding power, your communication skills, your courage, your inner strength and value of your words.

Layer 6 of the shield: –Layer six helps to shield and protect your key decision, your future plans, and your conscious mind.

Layer 7 of the shield: –Layer seven helps to shield and protect your luck, your karmas (deeds), divine guidance which provides you time to time by divinity, your subconscious mind, your soul, your chakras (energy centers), your spirituality and your divine journey.

Special Note: – Shield of Seven Rays for Complete Protection also protects all your other areas which are not mentioned in this article. Remember it is a complete shield. It also shields your whole body. Also, protect you from evil eye and black magic.

The Time Duration of Shield of Seven Rays for Complete Protection

This Shield of Seven Rays sustains with your complete self as long as possible. You daily expose to several negative people and areas, so it is good to create Shield of Seven Rays for Complete Protection daily at least once. It takes only 10 sec to request VK to create a Powerful Shield of Seven Rays. If you feel immense negativity around you, you can request many times a day to create a Powerful Shield of Seven Rays. This shield will remain to sustain with you till you expose to the negativity. Maybe for a day or a week or a month.

Special Note: – Shield of Seven Rays for Complete Protection also protects your all other areas which are not mentioned in this article. Remember it is a complete shield. Shield of Seven Rays also protects your whole body, mind, soul and all the belongings.

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Sharat Sir
Born in 27th July 1974, and the spiritual journey of this birth started since 1995. For two continuous years, Sharat Sir worked on awakening and practicing Kundalini Yoga. He used to practice this under the guidance of a respectful, and a secret Himalayan Monk. May 23, 1997, started learning Reiki level 1 and till today he has mastered and attuned with 55 different energy modalities. In the year 1999, he stepped into holistic and spiritual teachings, taught all the therapies he knows to the innumerable people, and he is teaching to many more till now. The day, SHARAT SIR stepped into the world of wellness, he has been learning and teaching both. He has learned 55 energy modalities. Not only he can attune himself to any energy modality but he can attune any person with the energy modality much more efficiently than an actual master can. He is blessed by DIVINE himself to have such a vision where he can see energies and access them for the benefit of the mankind. He can see the aura of a person and know which word, mantra or energy can help the person in his/her desire. He has that special power to access the Cosmic Energies for the benefit of mankind. He started teaching in 1999 and he has been teaching since then with much perfection. He has worked day and night to access the Cosmic Energies for the benefit of mankind. He has provided so much of free information regarding wellness of a human including *Cosmic Code Videos, *Affirmations, *Switchwords, *Vision Board Videos, *Mantras, *Energy Circles, *Free Meditations, *Law of Attraction, *Money Manifestations, *Golden Sunrise Mantra, *Reiki, *Kundalini Reiki, *Karuna Reiki, *EFT, *Magnified Healing, *Sujok etc.*Many hidden information regarding energy modalities, and its side effect where others hide the truth that this might cause negativity to the practitioner himself and many other info. People call him a Spiritual Scientist. His vision is to enable the whole mankind, whether rich or common middle-class person, to heal and cure himself and others as well in a very easy way, without refuging to medicines / approaching expensive methodologies available in the market to tackle problems using the alternative system. He conducts Meditation Sessions called “Maun Saadhna” (The Inner Silence) for the public for their spiritual enlightenment & growth. He is an Astrologer & Tarot Reader as well. He is the Inventor of VIBBES KADA (VK), VIBBES SEEDER (VS), Cosmic Codes Videos, Golden Sunrise, Golden Heart Blessing Meditation, Cosmic Shower Meditation, Cosmic Serums, Self Reading Meditation and Open Eye Meditation via chat. He works selflessly, only for the betterment of the mankind. He won Outstanding Spiritual Scientist & Pioneer in Cosmic Healing WOW Personality Awards, Mumbai in 2016 and ISHMA Global Golden Star Award Winner Mumbai, 2017 added another feather in his cap.


  1. Thanks sir. I read the whole article and it felt like the same story happening with me at my workplace. I am taking shield and it is protecting me. I am not winning but atleast I am not losing also. I am positive and hoping to see things getting better soon. #ThanksSharatsir#thanksvk.

  2. Dear sharat sir
    I am jobless since last 11 months and in huge debt. Kindly help my situatipn is really ver bad . I need help sir .i will be obliged if you can help me come out of my situation

  3. Sharath Sir,
    I am going to my children study serum and eye serum In a water bottle, can I give So7r in same bottle ?
    And also as a father i want to take right decision for future studies and there career. Pls help me .

  4. Sharat sir , all your work is wonderful ,very helpful
    Thankyou very much i am learning lots of things in here
    tell me how i get this VK

  5. Intesting arctile….but I am not familiar with VK….I see your vedios regularly….and get lots of positive vibes. Divine thanks….and looking forward for more.

    • Golden Sunrise,
      VK is my invention. MAY 2009 I invented VK, it is a tool of cosmic energy which can heal all your issues like physical, mental, emotional, financial, relationships, and many others…you can give order me for VK…

  6. Sir I felt this is my own story narrated. I bow to you with great honour and regards. Thank you so much. It is a blessing to get connected to you I feel. It seems as getting a jackpot.


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