Ask someone in the world, he will reply philosophically that he is in search of God or Almighty. But in fact, forget about God our soul always go after the materialistic gains or worldly desires. If you note carefully you will find that most of the people pray for their desires and comforts in the place of worship. They forget about their main aim of searching and finding God. Actually, the desire of finding God is only a topic of discussion when you have some spare time. It is not even a priority of the people to be grateful to God for the fulfillment of their desires.

desire of finding God

Nevertheless, the same people don’t forget to blame God in case they don’t get what they have asked for. In fact, we don’t have any faith in God and why we do it? We have never seen Him. And finally, the existence of GOD becomes a million dollar questions. This is a difficult situation where we have to ask for to someone who we never know.

I am no different, Right now as I am writing the whole stuff about God but have I found Him? Who is capable of finding that Almighty and creator of the whole universe? But it’s surprising that I am not in search of HIM and no claim that I had searched HIM but believe me that I have some knowledge about him. It all started some years back. It didn’t happen all of a sudden while in meditation in the temple.

meditation in the temple

This, however, was a result of my love towards GOD. I was appointed as a manager in a  temple’s museum. Since being in the temple, apart from my routine job used to participate in daily prayers and rituals. Curiosity increased and so increased the love and finally started feeling Him. I felt that this situation was the result of my love. I had left asking for worldly desires while doing my daily prayers. I thought it useless to repeat asking daily for a thing. Love started grooming and I found HIM closer to me. It further increased and He started becoming a part of me.

love towards GOD

I had left going temple. When someone is within you, why to go outside for him? Although I had visited other holy places like mosque and gurdwara along with the church. But my visit is only meant to see Him there not to search Him. And believe me, HE was omnipresent with the same appearance and same energy. Unbelievable to me, how can He be omnipresent? This only curiosity showed me the way to my Guide and mentor. Although I was in contact with Sharat ji for the purpose of learning Reiki but finally guidance and teachings leave its impact. With very simple language he taught me. I was guided from outside world towards inside of me to have a glimpse of the whole Universe there. Everything got clear once I started knowing myself. And this is actually the Meditation- means knowing self.

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Sanjay Roy
An amazing person with the beautiful insight of spirituality. ISHMA Global Golden Star Award Winner (Mumbai 2017). Cosmic Energy (VK) Healer. A Certified VK Teacher. A senior member in core committee of Litairian. Adds great value to thoughts and knowledge. A person not only to be followed as a mentor but a unique teacher too. An inspiring guide. Always suggests and follow to be positive even in the face of adversity. A self-less follower (and friend) of Sharat Sir. An author at Litairian.


  1. Wonderful You are a Mumuskhu It looks GOD Searching GOD. Excellent expression I am feeling you live in my front ” In Telugu we have one saying ” WHere is God you don’t need to have doubt – he is there where ever you search here there inside outside ….. ” Just love him
    Very great wonderful reading made my day Sir

  2. Moko kahan dhoondhe re bande
    Main to tere paas mein
    Na teerath mein na moorat mein
    Na kanth niwas mein
    Kehat Kabir suno bhai saadho
    Main to hoon vishvas mein

    Thanks for this article Sanjay Sir…


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