Ruby the King of Nine Gems Most Amazing Benefits

Ruby is a form of Aluminium Oxide (Red Corundum). It is made up of Corundum (Al2O3), and Chromium impurities (Cr3+), which are accountable for its wonderful red coloration. Ruby is the most expensive gem in the Corundum family. The name for this particular type of Corundum is taken from the Latin word “Ruber”, meaning “Red”. The Ruby is in fact very closely linked to the sapphire, both being part of the corundum family.

Availability and Sources of Ruby

This premier class gemstone, the most apparent with the finest color, usually come from Mogok region in Burma and in fact as valuable as Diamond, or even more. Many beautiful Rubies also come from Thailand, the main source for Rubies. Thai Ruby tend to be a little darker in shade; with a red so deep they are almost violet. The island of Shri Lanka, which is the “island of gems”, has also been long famous for its Rubies, which are of a lighter shade. Marco Polo once said that no other place had Ruby as beautiful as those from Shri Lanka. Rubies also come from India, Tanzania, Madagascar, Russia, Cambodia, Kenya, Mexico, Afghanistan, U.S.A (North Carolina) and Pakistan.

Ruby the King of Nine Gems Most Amazing Benefits

Treatment on Ruby Gemstone

Treatments are conceded out on gemstone to lessen or darken the color or to get better its lucidity, clearness, and class, in order to obtain a better price for the stone in the market. More than 90 percent of the Rubies found in the market today are treated to enhance their quality.

Benefits of Ruby

  1. Since the past, it has been famous as the King of Gemstones and has been considered to be a shielding stone providing the wearer with benefits such as immunity and sealed health.
  2. It motivates inspiration, knowledge, and love, as well as enhancing self-sufficiency, confidence, and increasing holiness.
  3. Ruby wore by men for signified maturity and decency.
  4. In women, it raises zeal and supremacy.
  5. It can improve blood circulation is one of the major perceived medical benefits of Ruby. (Not recommended for High BP patient, please avoid).
  6. This gemstone increase success in politics and those who are in higher offices or high positions.
  7. Trustees in public trusts, diplomats, spiritualists, people who are related to new creations and need more reputation and achievement in their lives can benefit from wearing of this gemstone.
  8. Engineers and those who are connected with electricity, newspaper, foundry, any business involving electricity and fire, computers, chemistry, printing, publishing, research, mathematics etc. and those who are concerned with medicines, physiology, medical research, and surgery will be benefited from wearing the Ruby stone.
  9. People concerned with agriculture, astronomy, military, space research, astrology, sports, metallurgists, writers, doctors, and engineers will find Ruby beneficial.
  10. It is the stone of Lord Sun and the Sun signifies father, bravery, supremacy and ability, boldness, objective, authoritative power, bigheartedness, pride and kind bigheartedness.
  11. A person having good effects of the Sun on him will be cheerful and majestic in his/her thoughts. Such a person will have good status and triumph in life.
  12. This stone is very good for success in higher competitive exams.
  13. It will help to cure rheumatism, gout, boils, itch, low BP, infections, cholesterol, clots, and insomnia. Ruby detoxify blood (alcohol, caffeine), and release sexual blocks.
  14. It is very helpful in creating wealth, joy, love, sexual energy and Power.
  15. It provides warms, energizes after exhaustion and strengthens physical body.
  16. It is helpful in emotional heart, love, courage, confidence, vitality, stamina, strength, leadership and success over challenges.
  17. Ruby intensifies all emotions (passion, jealousy, impatience, loves) and used for reproductive and Root Chakra (Basic Chakra).

Ruby the King of Nine Gems Most Amazing Benefits

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