Your Question is Your Answer While Using VIBBES KADA - VK

We have many wishes but we don’t know the answer to our questions. We don’t know what to ask. We keep rotating in the situation round and round. But when you use VK, your question becomes your answer. You may be wondering HOW is it possible. But with VK it is possible. Because VK is the simplest healing tool ever developed. Here, I am going to write a few examples where questions became the answers when VK was used.

There were three friends. They were into friendship since childhood. They spent their lives together with each other, they studied together, they worked together, they got married and even their wives were comfortable with each other. This friendship grew stronger and stronger day by day and they came closer to each other that even money couldn’t come in between their friendship. They all were very happy with each other. One friend was in need of money and the other friend gave him the money required.

Time passed and now it was time to return the money. Though he could return the money back, one friend out of the three was not doing so. He was capable of returning the money but was not giving the money back for no reason. The second friend approached the third friend and told him his problem. They both wanted that the money should come back but without any problem to the friendship. They both wanted their friendship to be safe even in the matter of money. One of the friend asked us “how can VK help me in this case where both my friends remain with me for a lifetime and this money issue too is solved with perfect ease?”

To which I replied,” your question is your answer.” you have to request VK, “solve the money issue with perfect ease and my friends live with me for a lifetime.” A simple request, just said for three times, again and again, can bring this situation to your life.

Another example is of a mother who wanted her son to study well in his exams. Her son was less willing to study as he was fearful that he might not be able to learn the lengthy chapters, as he felt that those chapters have many points to learn. He also used to think that there are many topics which need to be more interesting for children to learn.

He wanted to have easy learning and experimental ways of learning lessons. His mother didn’t know the solution to this problem but she wanted her son to study well. She asked, “how can my son study well, willingly with perfect ease?” Wow, again the question is her answer with VK “my son studies well, willingly and with perfect ease.”

There are many situations in life and each and every single situation has its own solution. A person had bought land and built a house on it 20 years back. Since the house was made they had many problems in their home. After some investigation, they came to know that there was a worship place in that land and needs to be reinstalled. The person and his family made many rituals and spent a lot of money on rituals. They also made a temporary temple with rituals as its history was related to some religious matters.

The family was trying to do all the possible rituals but there have been many hindrances in the construction and the work was not getting finished. He had no idea about why things were not in his favor and why things were so stuck up. He came up with the question “what can I do to resolve my situation with VK. How can I smooth my life? How can I remove hindrances of my life?” Again a simple request to VK “remove my hindrances and smooth my life” is a simple answer. VK is a divine tool and the energies in it has its own way to guide a person. The only thing to be done is to keep asking VK again and again in this simple language when you have no solution with you on your own. Check here what is VK?

Now before asking us about a solution to your problem, please recheck your question again, maybe you can find your solution there. Please write down into the comment box below, if you ever found your answer for your problem. We and other VK users get some benefits from your question.

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Sharat Sir
Born in 27th July 1974, and the spiritual journey of this birth started since 1995. For two continuous years, Sharat Sir worked on awakening and practicing Kundalini Yoga. He used to practice this under the guidance of a respectful, and a secret Himalayan Monk. May 23, 1997, started learning Reiki level 1 and till today he has mastered and attuned with 55 different energy modalities. In the year 1999, he stepped into holistic and spiritual teachings, taught all the therapies he knows to the innumerable people, and he is teaching to many more till now. The day, SHARAT SIR stepped into the world of wellness, he has been learning and teaching both. He has learned 55 energy modalities. Not only he can attune himself to any energy modality but he can attune any person with the energy modality much more efficiently than an actual master can. He is blessed by DIVINE himself to have such a vision where he can see energies and access them for the benefit of the mankind. He can see the aura of a person and know which word, mantra or energy can help the person in his/her desire. He has that special power to access the Cosmic Energies for the benefit of mankind. He started teaching in 1999 and he has been teaching since then with much perfection. He has worked day and night to access the Cosmic Energies for the benefit of mankind. He has provided so much of free information regarding wellness of a human including *Cosmic Code Videos, *Affirmations, *Switchwords, *Vision Board Videos, *Mantras, *Energy Circles, *Free Meditations, *Law of Attraction, *Money Manifestations, *Golden Sunrise Mantra, *Reiki, *Kundalini Reiki, *Karuna Reiki, *EFT, *Magnified Healing, *Sujok etc.*Many hidden information regarding energy modalities, and its side effect where others hide the truth that this might cause negativity to the practitioner himself and many other info. People call him a Spiritual Scientist. His vision is to enable the whole mankind, whether rich or common middle-class person, to heal and cure himself and others as well in a very easy way, without refuging to medicines / approaching expensive methodologies available in the market to tackle problems using the alternative system. He conducts Meditation Sessions called “Maun Saadhna” (The Inner Silence) for the public for their spiritual enlightenment & growth. He is an Astrologer & Tarot Reader as well. He is the Inventor of VIBBES KADA (VK), VIBBES SEEDER (VS), Cosmic Codes Videos, Golden Sunrise, Golden Heart Blessing Meditation, Cosmic Shower Meditation, Cosmic Serums, Self Reading Meditation and Open Eye Meditation via chat. He works selflessly, only for the betterment of the mankind. He won Outstanding Spiritual Scientist & Pioneer in Cosmic Healing WOW Personality Awards, Mumbai in 2016 and ISHMA Global Golden Star Award Winner Mumbai, 2017 added another feather in his cap.


  1. We are waiting for our PRADHAN MANTRI AWAS YOJANA subsidy, its been more than 7 months, no result we got.

    How to make request with VK?

    • It is my suggestion that don’t wait for it because PM himself just announced the project but all the responsible govt officers are not much interested for to fulfill this.

  2. My experience with VK has brought me results. I received VK about 15 days ago. And i started working with it right away. There are many issues to be solved in my life. But i do see progress coming through. It is a divine tool as it has given amazing results when i did healing for a few people.
    And in my family as well. While energizing the serums onto the bottle of water… i gazed and saw orbs of energy to my surprise.. it has made me more confident in my life.
    I am grateful to Sharat sir and his team for introducing VK. It is indeed a boon. It’ a blessing and i will always live with my VK.


    Many answers found with VK. Many times i have even asked questions to VK and VK makes it happen. My questions have been my request to VK through my mind.

    Thank you for VK blessing Sir.

  4. My comment is:

    you are happy as you receive the VK and then you step into the manual. Beside the manual there is – happy VK-Users – Rakhi , there was in my first days Payal and I was and still am glad to have this guidance.

    You are going through the manual which itself is full of very interesting and totally useful processes of “how tu use VK”

    and even if you are structured and organized you will at a certain point lose the leasureness to simply change the question or your wishes and turn them into a command.

    I absolutly agree that the discussion and presentation in the groups is extremly helpful for all of us “users” if new or here over a longer distance already.

    I am very grateful for the support I got from the wonderful team of Sharat Sir and their patience and of course also their precious time sharing with and for the benefit of our use of the VK and us.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you


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