Learn How To Create Powerful Energy Circle For Different Issues Part-1

Learn To Create Powerful Energy Circle For Different Issues

As many of you know about Powerful Energy Circle (EC)  or other healing modalities but a few know how to make these and use Energy Circle (EC) or any other healing modalities to make a manifestation, cure and heal POWERFULLY. Before moving ahead please click here and read what are switchwords

There are some simple tips and techniques which can make a healing easy and accessible to you sitting at your home at zero cost. Simply know that anyone can make this information available at their fingertips. You can make a healing possible, event successful, loose weight, drop addictions, improve habits, cure emotions, attract love, perform a great business deal, enjoy a promotion, celebrate a beautiful relationship and many more with a little awareness and ZERO COST with some tips and techniques. 

No formal rituals to be done to make a powerful manifestation, cure, and healing. No masters or experts needed to take help from. No special shapes, colors or designs required to manifest a heartfelt prayer. 

Tools like Switch Words, Positive Affirmations, Bach Flower Remedies, Mantras, Colour Therapy, and Crystals, etc. can make manifestations HAPPEN. These all are as simple as a simple meaningful prayer. 

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Few things to be considered while manifestations are:- 

What is the basic problem? 

What are the related aspects of the problem? 

What suffering is caused and to whom?  

Remember being aware of the issue is half the solution done. 

These following case studies can help you to know how to relate to your own life’s issues if it is needed or you can also help a family member or friend who is walking blindly, hunting for remedies, with pockets getting empty to get healthy or to be successful or lead a peaceful life with a partner.  

Learn How To Create Powerful Energy Circle For Different Issues Part-1
For Example:-
Case Study 1:-

There are people around us who are very good in nature but egoistic too and Mary is like one of them. Her ego disturbs other people’s lives more than herself, which leaves her with less or no people around. Her families too get stressed. She considers themselves as one right and good person on Earth as if nothing is possible without her help. She wishes to rule the world and blame others for her downfall. She keeps getting hurt but hardly takes any action to improve her situation. She is selfish, possessive and self-loving. She only knows what she likes; the rest of the world is nothing for her. Mary’s nature can be corrected by Bach Flower Remedies, Switchwords, Affirmations, Colours Therapy, and other therapies too.

For Mary and person like Mary we can add these energies in Powerful Energy Circle (EC):- 





I love all and all love me. 

Peace in me radiates in my family too. 

Caring for each other has made my life joyful. 

I care for all and the same comes back to me in manifolds. 

Increasing love in me is flowing to my friends, family, and kids. 

Respecting each and every person I meet has increased the number of caring people around me. 

My ability to understand others has given me many more people in my life as true people around me. 

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For Example:-
Case Study 2:-

There are many people who drink on decent intervals but there are many people who drink on a regular basis. John is one of them who drink on a regular basis. John is spending money on the thing which is of no use, which also loses the happiness of the families, peace of his own mind. Daily fights take away the family’s joy of being together. Money is wasted than being saved for future events or present needs like kids schooling, medical need, and daily cores. Where there is an increment in the prices of fruits, vegetables, and petrol, etc. But John is consuming most of his money in Alcohol. 

But simple remedy of Bach Flower, Switchwords, and other things can help John to be free of alcohol addiction and bring back to the PEACE, JOY, and HAPPINESS of the family. 

For John and person like John we can add these energies in Powerful Energy Circle (EC):-  





I am happy within me. 

I am happy with who I am.

I find happiness within me.

I am taking care of my body.

I care and it comes back in manifolds. 

I am surrounded by supportive people. 

Being more and more with my family is increasing the bond between us. 

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