Perfect Health Serum {PHS} is the first serum of the list of our Cosmic SerumsPerfect Health Serum has everything you need to maintain your good health. Every person wants to live a healthy and fit life. But stress, pollution, tensions, poor diet, no exercise and messed up lifestyle creates several inner body malfunctioning. Your body reacts to these conditions of life in depleting physical health which you do not realize at the earlier stages but if these conditions persist for long, then you might pay later. If these conditions are there in your life too, then you too need a solution and that solution is Perfect Health Serum. No need to spend more money on health supplements now, as Perfect Health Serum can be a complete solution on its own. It is suggested to take Perfect Health Serum on regular basis for overall health and stay healthy forever. It can improve mental and physical vigor, useful in debility after exhausting diseases, tiredness, and weakness.

Perfect Health Serum can give you nutrition. It can keep you healthy as long as possible. It makes sure that you don’t need a doctor as long as possible. It is a type of tonic which is advised to be consumed twice daily. Its minimum dose is twice a day and no limit for maximum doses per day. And for this, you can charge water through VK. A healthy lifestyle including physical routine, a good physical routine with the good diet is the additional benefit with Perfect Health Serum. good physical routine

Many people lack minerals, vitamins and trace elements in their body. To know these lacking unit there are expensive tests available. When you intend for the energy of Perfect Health Serum, now no need to include a particular request along with it to provide you all vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids according to my need, as Perfect Health Serum has everything you need. Perfect Health Serum has its own wisdom to understand your need and it provides the same and you can have the proper quantity of missing elements, vitamins, and minerals in your body, nothing more nothing less. With this request, you need not even know what elements, minerals or vitamins are lacking in your body and in what quantity. Perfect Health Serum has its own WISDOM to know and provides you the right quantity of the missing units. Perfect Health Serum

Perfect Health Serum can be very beneficial for the complete health care of a person and his family and it is suggested to be consumed by all the family members. With VK it is very easy to consume the energy together by all the members of the family. There are many contents which can be energized in a huge quantity for all members to consume the energy together. You can charge all drinkable and edible items with Perfect Health Serum thru VK and enjoy your life. As you know serums are not in liquid or other physical forms, instead, all serums are attuned in the Universe as Energy Form by me and only VK Users can download these serums thru VK. Perfect Health Serum having all the energies to make an average healthy person to a good healthy person. It gives you sound health. The antioxidants that combat the effects of harmful biological oxidation come in the form of compounds; and are found in various foods. Perfect Health Serum antioxidant

Perfect Health Serum also works as an antioxidant and help to easily release harmful biological oxidation, free radicals, and stress. PHS also soften collagen. Collagen is the plentiful protein found in our bones, muscles, blood vessels, skin, digestive system, and tendons. Collagen maintains skin’s elasticity and strength and also quickly replace dead skin cells. Collagen also helps to maintain the tightness of our skin. Collagen also works as a glue which grips the body together.

Perfect Health Serum works to enhance your overall physical strength. PHS also give you amazing physical stamina and physical agility thus quickly remove general weakness, tiredness, fatigue, lassitude, sleepiness, sluggishness etc. Perfect Health Serum also has anti-aging properties. Check this video too How to Charge Water For a Particular Illness.

Make a habit of taking PHS Daily

Points to Remember about Perfect Health Serum:
  1. Name of the serum should be taken as Perfect Health Serum while sending thru VK and not as short form PHS.
  2. You can add this Serum with any other serum if needed e.g. if you are using Key Pan Serum, Digee Serum and Heart Serum etc. daily then you can take PHS with each serum.
  3. Do not use this serum with Total Wealth Serum.
  4. Do not use this serum with Love Serum.
  5. Do not use this serum if you are already using more than 3 to 4 serums for other health related issues. If it is needed then make 10 min gap between Perfect Health Serum and other Serums. This gap of 10 min is when you are taking 2 unrelated serums in 2 different water. Example: if you are taking Total Wealth Serum in one water and this serum charged in another water, then keep a gap of 10 min between intake of these two charged water. For other methods like direct request or charging the name on paper or on a photo, a gap of 30 min can be taken for two unrelated serums. Read here more about 30 min concept.
  6. Perfect Health Serum is a general tonic. You can send the energy of PHS and GOLDEN SUNRISE to plants either by charging the water for plants or by directly requesting VK.
  7. Perfect Health Serum can be taken in drinking water through VK. Also, an image of filled water bottle can be charged for your dear ones or even for an unknown person in any part of the globe.
  8. It can be sent distantly to anyone simply by writing their names on the paper or on a photograph. Just say the energy name 3 times and place VK on name/photo.
  9. Perfect Health Serum like any other serum when taken in drinking water, 100 percent energy is received by all the persons consuming this water. When given on names on paper or group photo, the energy gets divided among the receivers. Say if there are 2 names or 2 people each one will receive 50 percent of energy.
  10. Perfect health serum can also be sent directly by just touch VK and requesting the energy for the receiver. Just say Perfect Health Serum to receivers name 3 times in one go. If we say more than one receiver’s name, the energy will get divided equally.
  11. You can charge bulk food items like flour, rice, pulses etc.
  12. You can charge water used for cooking food with PHS.
  13. You can charge milk, juice, tea or any other prepared food with PHS.
  14. Perfect Health Serum with Mood Up Serum can ease the physical stress.
  15. PHS with Calm Down Serum can ease the illness related to anger, impatience or jealousy.
  16. Perfect Health Serum with Balance Serum is the most wonderful combination for the healthiest life.
  17. You can send the energy of Perfect Health Serum and GOLDEN SUNRISE to your vehicles for their better performance just by directly requesting to VK to send these energies to your vehicle. The frequency of sending energy will depend on the usage of the vehicles.
  18. Laptops, computers, cell phones can be charged with Perfect Health Serum and All Clear Serum to improve their battery and overall performance. The number of doses will depend on the usage of these gadgets.
  19. If you have blocked nose or sinusitis, you can charge hot water or steamer water with PHS, ENT Serum, and All Clear Serum. Perfect Health Serum can help in regaining the strength due to difficulty in breathing.
  20. You can charge your Nail paint with Perfect Health Serum and apply it on nails. The energy will stay in your body for the longest time.
  21. PHS can help you to energize your body in any illness or general weakness or any situation where you feel there is no energy or strength in the body. You can take PHS frequently maybe every 15 mins to every one hour depending on your need.
  22. Perfect Health Serum can be taken with Mood up Serum and Bravo Serum when you feel nervous or fearful or depressed and physically weak. You can take this combination of serums frequently maybe every 15 mins to every one hour depending on your need.
  23. Perfect Health Serum can help you to remain energetic if you are in a situation where it is difficult to get food or in case you are fasting. Take Perfect Health Serum as frequently as possible.

Please note Perfect Health Serum is a like a general tonic to improve your health and nutritional level. However please have a healthy diet daily to maintain your good health. Do write into the comment box below if you have any suggestion or idea about Perfect Health Serum. Friends, Now be ready to live and enjoy a healthy, happy, strengthful and strong life with VK and the Perfect Health Serum.

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Sharat Sir
Born on July, 1974, and the spiritual journey of this birth started since 1995. For two continuous years, Sharat Sir worked on awakening and practicing Kundalini Yoga. He used to practice this under the guidance of a respectful, and a secret Himalayan Monk. May 23, 1997, started learning Reiki level 1 and till today he has mastered and attuned with 55 different energy modalities. In the year 1999, he stepped into holistic and spiritual teachings, taught all the therapies he knows to the innumerable people, and he is teaching to many more till now. The day, SHARAT SIR stepped into the world of wellness, he has been learning and teaching both. He has learned 55 energy modalities. Not only he can attune himself to any energy modality but he can attune any person with the energy modality much more efficiently than an actual master can. He is blessed by DIVINE himself to have such a vision where he can see energies and access them for the benefit of the mankind. He can see the aura of a person and know which word, mantra or energy can help the person in his/her desire. He has that special power to access the Cosmic Energies for the benefit of mankind. He started teaching in 1999 and he has been teaching since then with much perfection. He has worked day and night to access the Cosmic Energies for the benefit of mankind. He has provided so much of free information regarding wellness of a human including *Cosmic Code Videos, *Affirmations, *Switchwords, *Vision Board Videos, *Mantras, *Energy Circles, *Free Meditations, *Law of Attraction, *Money Manifestations, *Golden Sunrise Mantra, *Reiki, *Kundalini Reiki, *Karuna Reiki, *EFT, *Magnified Healing, *Sujok etc.*Many hidden information regarding energy modalities, and its side effect where others hide the truth that this might cause negativity to the practitioner himself and many other info. People call him a Spiritual Scientist. His vision is to enable the whole mankind, whether rich or common middle-class person, to heal and cure himself and others as well in a very easy way, without refuging to medicines / approaching expensive methodologies available in the market to tackle problems using the alternative system. He conducts Meditation Sessions called “Maun Saadhna” (The Inner Silence) for the public for their spiritual enlightenment & growth. He is an Astrologer & Tarot Reader as well. He is the Inventor of VIBBES KADA (VK), VIBBES SEEDER (VS), Cosmic Codes Videos, Golden Sunrise, Golden Heart Blessing Meditation, Cosmic Shower Meditation, Cosmic Serums, Self Reading Meditation and Open Eye Meditation via chat. He works selflessly, only for the betterment of the mankind. He won Outstanding Spiritual Scientist & Pioneer in Cosmic Healing WOW Personality Awards, Mumbai in 2016 and ISHMA Global Golden Star Award Winner Mumbai, 2017 added another feather in his cap.


  1. Hi i absolutely do not get what your serums are and what VK is-it just floats over my mind-instead of understanding what you are talking about-is teh serum actual or virtual-so you intend VK into everyu bangle you sell-can I intend perfect health into my gemstones? i think I can so i will actually i already have.please explain and have someone write to me -have been confused for a year or more on what are serums and what is VK? thanks Debra

    • Our Cosmic Serums are combinations of Cosmic Energies. These Serums are energies and not any liquid, solid or medicine in physical form. All Serum are the energy packs and work on all levels of a certain problem. To get any cosmic serum one should have VK. Cosmic Serums are sets of energies which are combined in the Universe by Sharat Sir in such a way that One Cosmic Serum has a complete set of required energies which might be required in rectifying the specific situation or problem. These energies will harmonize each and every aspect of the problem or situation and thus give the relief to the body at the cell level or situation at the root cause.
      VIBBES KADA (VK), which can be worn and used by even a 2 years old child. Worldwide people are accepting VK as the easiest and safest mode of healing as it doesn’t include any risk of a backfire of any negative energy. Plz mail us at to know more about VK.

  2. Golden Sunrise Sir
    Thank you Sir for sharing this beautiful article, PHS. Thank you for VK. It’s going to do wonders. God bless. Thank you


    Thank you for PERFECT HEALTH SERUM and VK gift to all of us. Thank you for explaining it…… so simple and so abundant.

    HEALTH IS WEALTH. Thank you creating more health wealth to us.

    God bless you..

  4. Golden sunrise Sir,
    Being thankful and grateful to you from the bottom of my heart . Using these serums i do seek help through VK and it works wonders.

  5. Thank you sir for this detailed information on PHS. This is very helpful in briging the maximum benefit of PHS. Thank you so much for your continuous support and guidance. Golden Sunrise.

  6. Golden sunrise SIR.
    We are so greatfull to God that he has send you in our life who gave us such precious friend who is always there to help. Thanks a lot Sir and we are so greatfull to you for guiding on the right way of taking help from VK. Thank you once again


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