VK has a special feature, a feature which cannot be beaten up by any other energy channelizing modality. A feature which is unbelievable, a feature which is not comparable, a feature which no one can ever think of and that amazing and extraordinary feature of VK is MIMICKING.

The whole universe is made up of 16 Cosmic Energies. Out of these 16 cosmic energies, VK holds 11 Cosmic Energies. Each and every thing on earth we can think of is made up of these energies. The objects like bed, table, bricks, toys, gadgets like mobile, I-pad, laptop etc., metals like glass, plastic, gold, silver, steel, bronze etc. crystals, stones, gems, human vision, emotions, feelings, touch, taste, senses, body, animals, plants, food etc., elements like water, fire, wood, etc., words, mantras, GOLDEN SUNRISE energy, energy modalities, switch words, affirmations, Reiki healing, Pranic healing, symbols, Bach flower remedies etc., cosmetics and oils like herbs, oils, colors, divine beings, angels and much more. So it is very easy for VK to mimic the energy of anything.

It can mimic each and everything a human can think of, an object is made of, a material consists of, a thought holds of.

If you are planning to lose weight and you are lazy to exercise you can mimic the energy of a particular exercise set, yoga aasanas, breathing techniques like pranayama, jogging, running, dancing, aerobics etc along with charging water with Flab Down Serum of VK. But please know that these energies actually give the same effect of the actual physical action done so take the energy in appropriate quantity. And do add SAFETY and SECURITY with all the energies invoked.

Like one hour walk can burn your 100 calories in a mile of actual running. When we request VK to mimic it, it will also give the same benefit. VK will give us the energy of actual one hour walk. So make the most use of it (be practical here and not to take impractical energies at once to get extra benefits like 10 hours of Walk at once). Same way if you find a person who is sad for some reason, send him energy of after effects of a popular comedy show. He will actually feel the energy of the show and laugh out loud. You can also try.


  1. Thanks so much Sharat Sir for VK. Using it daily for many things..However, would like to know how do we request VK to mimick energy of Sacred numbers, Lloyd Mear or Grigori Grabavoi number codes.. Many Thanks…

    Sharat Sir

    This is amazing property of VK. I have tried mimicking energy of medicines and Tapas acupressure technique with VK and the results were amazing. It saved me a lot of money.
    Thank you very much sir for creating VK.

  3. Mimicking, a great feature for inspiration for workout, for changing stressful lives to happy modes, to make use of unavailable but required things around us, to save our pockets, to have instant help when most needed. just need to be creative to use VK.


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