A person needs to be clear about his wish, about what he wants, about his intentions. Mr. Patnaik got VK past one year. He started reading the manual and watching videos. He had a desire and asked us how can he achieve his desire with VK. He had a desire for relocation in a company in a foreign country. He came back to India for some reasons but now he wanted to relocate back to that country. He asked, “How can VK help me”?

He was given a simple solution. He was guided the way one should ask his desire through VK about his relocation in simple words. He had to make a request to VK in these words, “GOLDEN SUNRISE MAKE WAY FOR MY RELOCATION”. After chanting it for minimum 3 times he could chant as much as possible. It was quite simple to make this request with VK and wait for the results.

Days passed by and he kept requesting. Nothing seems to be working. He called up again to ask if he could do anything else. He was told to continue with whatever he is doing. He had to keep saying this to VK as many times in the day as possible. He again started to chant and ask through VK.

Again many days passed and he again saw no results. Again he called up to ask why nothing is happening even a boy towards my wish. I cannot see anything positive towards my goal, why? I asked him, “Do you have any further plans after relocation?” He said,” what does that mean?” I said, “It means that you need to plan further about your goal”. He was surprised to know that what is that planning is and how to go about it? I explained to him further…

manifestation vk

In the further planning of your goal, it means that you should know that what would you do after you achieve your goal. It includes details of your goal. For example, in Mr. Panaik’s situation, he should think about the place where he would be living. He should be clear about his location of work and the home where he would be living. Should these two be nearby? There should be easy access to bank, groceries and a nearby market for shopping. He was a married man so his planning should include kids relocation, their schooling, education, some park to play around, good locality, safe surroundings, their school, good and nice friend circle also. His wife, her basic needs, and her consent also needed to be in the planning as she is a major part of his life.

He told that he has not thought of these things at all. Then I told him that he needs to be clear about his intentions and further planning about his goal. He took a few more days to plan for his goal now. In the meantime he kept requesting to VK about his goal and alongside he should keep planning. He was using VK for many other things and all those things were getting materialized. BUT nothing was yet happening about his relocation despite repeated requests and detailed planning.

Now he was confused and upset.

His sister in law fall ill and went through surgery, he confirmed the energies and started healing his sister in law. Like many other experiences, even this was fruitful, his sister in law started recovering. He was very happy and excited to have one more success with VK.

But when it comes to his relocation, there was still nothing happening. Now he was very sad and finally called up for clarity. On asking, he told that he has been giving requests again and again and has also planned well for his family but nothing is happening. WHY?

I asked him, “If you have given repeated requests to VK and planned well and still not getting any single positive results then you need to check your intention. If repeated requests are given for right intention then results have to come. But if no results then intention needs revision.” intention needs revision

He said, “I want to go but I keep thinking about my parents, where should I settle them? I am the only son and they will be alone if I go out of India.”

Now the whole thing was clear. He wanted to relocate with his family with full planning but missed to place his parents at a safe place. His intention was to relocate but also not to leave his parents. This was a dual intention in which both relocation and stay in India were appearing.

He said it was a constant thought in my mind that where will my parents go after I relocate out of India? Whenever I used to make a request to VK a thought used to pop in my mind about my parents and I used to keep thinking about my parents. And whenever the thought of my parents come I used to withdraw my request. Again when money used to bother me I used to request to VK but when thought about my parents come then I used to withdraw my intention unknowingly.

He was amazed to know how VK works and said,” Now I realize what was I doing, I was requesting to VK and withdrawing my request at the same time. I planned well for my wife and kids but missed my parents. If it is only money then I can earn here in India also, why do I need relocation? I am happy here to be with my parents.”

He was very happy, relaxed and content to have a clear intention now. Now he had clear information about intention and how to use intentions with VK and now he was clear how VK works and why is it called an INTENTIONAL TOOL.

When you are clear about your intentions and make a request to Divine through VK, it speeds up the process of your manifestation and you also feel great, happy and content.

He was full of gratitude for VK, Divine and Me. Now don’t miss to read these articles about VK, VIBBES KADA Miraculous Healing – A Must Read Personal Experience, NO PAST ON SURFACE WHILE USING VK and BENEFITS OF JUST WEARING VIBBES KADA®. Also read the Role of Intention while Chanting the Switchwords.

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