Manifestation With the Help of Constant Focusing

How can a manifestation be made beautiful?

The very first thing to consider is to keep a constant image in mind. A constant focusing on an image helps our subconscious mind to take us to that goal. A constant focusing on an image, when kept for long, helps in easy manifestation.

We tend to forget our goal and then complaint of non-fulfillment of the goal. A constant focusing on an image of a goal keeps a reminder in our mind to energize that. A constant focusing on the image helps us in renewing our goal. It also helps in sticking to one goal. The Universe can take you to that same picture which is collected by you constantly.

An image in mind and a picture in hand or in your collection when kept for long it gives you a great feeling of achieving it too. You wouldn’t forget your own wish. Then, neither would forget the universe.

Manifestation With the Help of Constant Focusing

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When a friend of mine came to know about these few facts of manifestation, she saw a picture of an advertisement of a resort. She was excited to use this way of manifestation. She shared this knowledge with her friends too, so that they all could manifest a lifetime moment together. Maybe they were not familiar with the same fact; they refused to save that picture. But she did. She cut the picture from the newspaper and saved it into her folder.

That picture was of an infinity pool with wooden furniture and a beautiful hammock. The sun was almost about to set and the rays were quite golden to make that water of the pool to shine so bright. The wooden swimming chairs gave a feeling of a couple’s togetherness. The feeling of love was all around the picture.

The infinity pool memorized the dip in the cool water. The underwater scene of the pool was quite blue. The two glasses of drinks gave the feeling of the luxurious life one can wish to live. The couple was lying on the chair holding hands and living the best moment of their lives. The buffet had so much of variety and food seemed to be so delicious that one could feel the taste of all the food right in the picture. The variety was quite lavish that once a visit to such a place is not less than feeling the DIVINE.

Manifestation With the Help of Constant Focusing

A year passed and a trip was planned. My friend and her group decided to make a trip to coastal areas. Not even remembering that picture of that place, she agreed to visit the place. The whole plan was made so perfectly that no places were left to be visited and no luxury was missed. It was not a conscious effort of the group to make such a luxurious trip, but somehow the area and places selected were so beautiful and comfortable that it was not less than a rich trip.

They started off with the plan somehow and the places they visited were amazing. The luxury in each and every booking was beyond imagination. The discounts on so many deals were mind-blowing. The variety of food was mouth watering. The comfort of the rooms was not to be forgotten. The site viewing of the place was heavenly.

The pools were blue, shining and clear. It seemed to be a never-ending celebration living there. The designer pools were the choicest place to relax. She never knew that keeping one image of a place would make such an amazing trip without any conscious effort. All kids were happy and a luxurious moment of life they could never forget, rather a manifestation of similar trips was now a routine.

Manifestation With the Help of Constant Focusing

Now comes the most beautiful part of the story, the last area of the trip, a property full of luxury. Best than all places visited earlier, food was in ample quantity, a never-ending variety of the buffet. The yummiest of the tastes ever.

My friend was waiting for the check-in standing by the side of the pool, the view she had from there was stunning. She saw the exact image she had saved once from a newspaper. She was standing at such a place of the hotel that she was given the same view what she had saved a year back.

The same infinity pool, the same wooden chairs, the same sun shining with golden rays, the quite same hammock too was hung there. She couldn’t believe her eyes. The scene was so similar that she couldn’t stop herself from shouting at the top of her voice. She was full of gratitude to the Universe, she felt so blessed to live a picture just cut from the newspaper for simple fun and testing her knowledge, so live.  

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    How much images we can put in our HEAD for constantly FOCUSING to make done the manifestation?
    I have 5 images in my head to focus. Is it valie?


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