Male Reproductive Diseases Cure and Treatment


The male reproductive system serves many functions which include producing sperms for reproduction, secrete male sex hormones, transport sperms and protective fluid (semen). It is also responsible for secondary sexual characteristics such as the growth of hair and deepening of the voice.

The parts of the male reproductive system which fertilize an ovum in the female’s body which results in an infant are located outside the male body. These are penis, scrotum, and testicles.

The penis…this organ is used in sexual intercourse and has three parts including root, the shaft, and the glans. It is cylindrical in shape and its three chambers are made out of very soft tissue which contains large spaces which get filled with blood when a man sexually arises. The loose skin accommodates changes in the size of the penis during an erection.

SCROTUM…these are the loose sac type skin that hangs behind the penis. It has two testicles, many nerves, and blood cells. It has special muscles which allow it to contract and relax.

TESTICLES…these are oval-shaped organs which are safe at the end of the spermatic cord. These are responsible for making testosterone, the main male sex hormone. It generates sperms. Along with this the epididymis, the set of coiled tubes that join to vas deferens, the muscular tube passing alongside the testicles and transport SPERM, a fluid containing SEMEN.

The accessory gland which includes the prostate gland and seminal vesicles provide fluids for lubrication of the duct system and nourishment of sperm. The prostate gland produces some part of the semen and it surrounds the ducts at the base of the urethra which carries the semen out of the body via penis.

The problems that can lead to male reproductive disorders.

Few types of disorders and solutions

Priapism is a disorder in which a persistent and often painful erection occurs that can last for more than 4 hours.

Peyronie’s disease is a condition in which a plaque, or hard lump, forms in the penis and causes it to bend or curve.

Balantis is an inflammation or infection of the head of the penis.

Phimosis is a condition in which the foreskin of the penis becomes so tight that it cannot be pulled back off the head of the penis.

Paraphimosis happens when the foreskin, once retracted, it gets stuck behind the head. It then cannot return to its natural location. It is a serious case and can cause serious complications if not treated urgently.

Penile cancer starts in the skin cells of the penis. It is a rare type if cancer.

Testicular diseases are not very common and also not very serious but if there is pain or a change such as a lump or firmness then it requires treatment. A mild injury like a hit, kicked, stuck, crushed too can cause major pain swelling. Testicular cancer can happen at the age of 40 it can form in Tumor. If cured at the right time it can be saved else it can spread into other parts of the body. Self-examination can help to prevent tumor.

Varicocele happens more to the guys in puberty. Though not harmful but it can damage the testicles or decrease the sperm production.

A hydrocele is a fluid which gets collected in membranes. This may cause swelling in the scrotum which might be corrected by surgery.

A hernia is a bulge or swelling in the groin area. It is a portion of the intestines that pushes through an abnormal wall and can be corrected by surgery.

One of the common testicular diseases is testicular cancer. Occurs mainly in males of ages 18 -35 years of age. Risk factors include having the previous history of testicular cancer, undescended testicle as a child or close relative having testicular cancer.

Another common disease is epididymitis in which there is an inflammation on the tubular structure that is ore sent next to the testicle where sperm mature. Men between 19 – 35 age have a risk of having it. Having unprotected sex or having multiple sex partners increases the risk of having the disease.

There are treatments for many diseases and many can be prevented with good hygiene. Also, many of them are emergencies and it is important to know their symptoms and what to do when they happen.

Male Reproductive Diseases Cure and Treatment Video

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How to use this Male Reproductive Diseases Cure and Treatment video?

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