Learn To Create Powerful Energy Circle For Different Issues
For Example:-
Case Study 7:-

Not all love their daughters but a few consider them darlings, they are the princess of fathers and fairies of their mothers, they take the best care of their parents. They are a true blessing in any parent’s lives. But still they are considered as burdens; they are not welcomed until married. The fact is that females only degrade other females. A girl child is not favored in many places.

The biggest and the funniest reason is dowry at their marriage. Just because SOME people demand money and SOME agree to these money transactions, many refuse to give birth to their daughters. And if these blessings are part of some body’s life then they are not respected much. They are made to feel that they are not part of this family. Her family would be where she will get married. Pratibha is one of them who really suffered being a girl child.

Her own mother was not happy on her birth, whether it was a fight or a meal being served, whether it buying a new dress or any family discussion or decisions, she was never preferred to her brother. She was never made to feel part of the family. Her mother never left a chance to beat her up. This was devastating her self esteem.  She was not able to respect her own self. She was attracting similar people in her life. Neither she was able to make friends nor was she able to study well.  

Neither she could explore the world nor could she manage well in her life ahead. Her other relationships too came at stake. But coming across to one true person in her life turned the situation around. That one person made her AWARE of her strengths, uniqueness, talents. Made her aware of the right and wrong people and situations. Made her know her rights as a daughter, a female, a lady of the house. Few healings and knowledge helped Pratibha become a strong person now. 

For Pratibha and person like her we can add these energies in Powerful Energy Circle (EC):-





I love my family.

My family loves and supports me.

I choose to see my family as a gift.

Being together in the family is like bliss.

My family loves and accepts me for who I am. 


For Example:-
Case Study 8:-

Cherry was the only child, she was really pampered. She was very adorable and grandparents doted on her. They used to pamper her quite a much, which was spoiling her, she was becoming an egoistic, rude and arrogant person. Her single demand was fulfilled the very day she had asked for which was increasing proud in her. When she started going to school they followed her there too. Invading in class and suggesting teachers prefer her was now becoming a bad habit of parents and grandparents.  Any class completion was incomplete without her participation .and she was made to come first whether or not she deserved. This was making her an egoistic and was spoiling her nature to an extent of her little sister’s growth. She could never taste a defeat.

She could not listen NO to her for anything. This is not good. A human should know all good and bad of life. Else how will she learn a lesson of life? Her little sister was somehow was ignored by all. Father used to priorities his elder daughter than the younger ones. And mother pampered the elder one a little more. The younger one was a simple child, it didn’t bother her much, she used to love Cherry a lot, Cherry too loved her but she was unaware of her own condition which her parents and grandparents had created unknowingly.

Now comes the time of the wedding and both the girls fall in love with the same boy. Both wanted to marry the same boy, but only one could. It was quite obvious that parents would get Cherry married, not because she was elder but even the boy fall in love with the beauty of cherry, rather we would say…false beauty of Cherry. As mentioned earlier too, Martha was a simple child, but this was hurting.

This was not acceptable to Martha, still, she kept quiet. As Cherry’s rude and arrogant nature revealed the boy became quite upset to choose her out of the two. Things went worse. She started being egoistic to the boy too. Her rude and arrogant behavior was disturbing everybody now. She herself said NO to the boy, she told the boy that she wouldn’t get married to him. Now parents got their shock of life. Now they wanted Cherry to behave good and nice like her sister. Now they wanted Cherry to be pleasant to the boy. This was difficult for Cherry as she never knew what being good is, what being simple and sensible is. But obviously, there are solutions. She was given following remedy and life came to a good track. 

For Cherry and person like her we can add these energies in Powerful Energy Circle (EC):-





We all are one. 

I live and let live.

All humans are equal.

I love and accept like as it is. 

I accept the rules of nature as they are. 


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