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Without any doubt, I can say that KLEEM MANTRA is the Best Mantra for Love. Kleem Mantra is very amazing and powerful. Kleem Mantra’s sound frequency is a very powerful Beej (Seed) that will help with its powerful vibrations to attract love, quality relationships, friends, material wealth and much more.

There is lots of confusion about this Kleem Mantra in the people around the world. Some people think that it is a mantra of Goddess Durga and some people co-relate this mantra with Goddess MahaKali.

The most common mantra of Goddess Durga is Drum, so that Kleem Mantra is purely related to Goddess Mahakali. This Mantra is also related with Basic Chakra. This Mantra’s power is amazing because of Mahakali. Goddess Mahakali is related with extreme power in Hindu culture.

Many people believe that this mantra belongs to Lord Krishna as there is also a mantra “Om Kleem Krishnaya Namah” but when you search long back in the history of Krishna Bhakti (Devotion) you found “Om Krishnaya Namah” mantra. It is my opinion that around 200 to 300 year back some Krishna Devotees added Kleem Mantra with above Krishna mantra to boost up its power.

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Kleem Mantra Power and Description

Kleem Mantra is created with the sound of 3 seeds. First seed is ‘K’. ‘K’ is the seed of Goddess Mahakali. The second seed is ‘L’. ‘L’ is the seed of basic chakra and has powerful red color energy. The third seed is ‘E’. ‘E’ is the seed of speed and in this mantra, we have double E for more speed and in Hindi language we use big E (Badi E). The fourth seed is ‘M’. ‘M’ is the seed of God’s power. 

How to Chant Kleem Mantra Check Below

Sit in a comfortable posture. Focus your attention on your third eye. Imagine a red flame there. And now chant this mantra. You must chant like Kleemmmmmmmm Kleemmmmmmmm Kleemmmmmmmm. Stretch the sound of ‘M’ as like a temple or church bell stretches the bell sound hum.

Kleem Mantra Benefits

Kleem Mantra has the ability to enhance the power of other mantras. This Mantra has red color energy and red color can boost up anything. So add this Mantra before your daily mantra or you can chant this mantra before chanting other mantras to enhance their power. Regular chanters of this mantra claim that they attract people more quickly than the others. Few people chant Kleem Mantra as switchword. Click Here To Know What are Switchwords

Kleem Mantra Power Benefits
Kleem Mantra in Sanskrit

Chanting of this mantra can heal and cure many illnesses like weakness and depression. It increases affection, vigour, and motivation, therefore good for tiredness, cold, frosty and inactive people. It also energizes blood circulation. This Mantra also raises sexual desire and physical activities. It is good for anaemia and for low appetite people. This mantra is also associated with passionate love, sex, great energy, stimulus, fierceness, bravery, force, authority, and adventure. If you don’t want to chant this Mantra you can use VIBBES KADA which can mimic any kind of mantra and universal energy.  

Kleem mantra Benefits and Procedures, power, results, success siddhi attraction love, chanting mantras, kleem beej, how to use kleem mantra to attract women

This mantra has the ability to easily dig out desires of your inner mind and transmit to the divine energy to fulfill them now. Recite this mantra habitually during the day or night.

#Click Here and choose one Ganesh Mantra out of 24 Powerful Ganesh Mantras to chant with Kleem Mantra to attain more obstacle-free life and overall growth. These Ganesh mantras can also create miracles in your life. 

Chant Kleem Mantra with much devotion and also chant one Health Mantra if you have any health problem. 

Kleem Mantra is one of the Best Mantra during the practicing of Kundalini Yoga. Kleem Mantra is the most powerful mantra to attract opposite sex. After few days of chanting this mantra, you feel that many opposite-sex people start taking notice of you. Your desired persons who have never even concerned to look at you now coming up to you because they feel a magnetic attraction to you even your looks are still same. Kleem mantra not even attracts opposite sex but also attract your many other material things like home, car, clothes and other wealth and prosperity, abundance and more friends. For Any Confusion or Query Regarding the Kleem Mantra Results and Procedures to Use it , Ask me in Comments. 

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  1. Sharat Sir,

    Do you also offer your services in addition to VIBBES KADA, or you are offering just VIBBES KADA?
    My matter basically concerns love, and finding a suitable husband who is PERFECT for me.
    How can you help me to achieve this goal, in addition to using the VIBBES KADA?

  2. You should not comment on some serious matter as beeja mantra without having proper knowledge.You must be siddha before commenting on these subjects. Many siddha yogis have revealed that ‘KLEEM’ is beeja mantra both for Kali and Krishna as both are actually same.There are such hints in SAPTASHATI DURGA.It can not be just ‘your opinion’.It is not even an issue of just 200-300 hundred years.In many ancient shastras there is mentions of Kleem beeja for Krishna.Chaitanya Mahaprabhu ,who was Krishna himself also taught this.

  3. Dear Sir,

    GOLDEN SUNRISE KLEEM….GOLDEN SUNRISE SHREEM BRZEE …….when both these different mantras are pronounced with GOLDEN SUNRISE…what does it effects?

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