Kleem Mantra for Love Attraction Power Siddhi Miracles – Benefits

Kleem Mantra in Chamunda Mantra. Kleem Mantra in Santan Gopal Mantra. Kleem Mantra in Kubera Mantra. Kleem Mantra in Lord Krishna Mantra. Kleem Mantra Benefits. Procedure to Chant Kleem.

KLEEM MANTRA is the Best Mantra for Love. Kleem Mantra is very amazing and powerful. Kleem Mantra’s sound frequency is a very powerful Beej (Seed) that will help with its powerful vibrations to attract love, quality relationships, friends, material wealth and much more.

There is lots of confusion about this Mantra in the people around the world. Some people think that it is a Mantra of Goddess Durga and some people co-relate this mantra with Goddess Mahakali. Many other beliefs are also there. 

Meaning of Kleem Mantra Power and Description

Kleem Mantra is created with the sound of 3 seeds. The first seed is ‘K’. ‘K’ is the seed of Goddess Mahakali. The second seed is ‘L’. ‘L’ is the seed of basic chakra and has powerful red color energy. The third seed is ‘E’. ‘E’ is the seed of speed and in this mantra, we have double E for more speed and in Hindi language, we use big E (Badi E). The fourth seed is ‘M’. ‘M’ is the seed of God’s power. Therefore you can add Kleem Mantra before or at the end of any mantra to boost up the power of the desired mantra. You can also chant only Kleem Mantra without adding any other mantra. 

Instructions to Chant Kleem Mantra

  • Sit in a comfortable posture.
  • Focus your attention on your third eye.
  • Imagine a red flame there.
  • Now chant Kleem Mantra.
  • You should chant Kleem Mantra like Kleemmmmmmmm Kleemmmmmmmm Kleemmmmmmmm. Stretch the sound of ‘M’ as like a temple or church bell stretches the bell sound hum.

Kleem Mantra Benefits

Kleem Mantra has the ability to enhance the power of other mantras. This Mantra has red color energy and red color can boost up anything. So add this Mantra before your daily mantra or you can chant this mantra before chanting other mantras to enhance their power. Regular chanters of this mantra claim that they attract people more quickly than the others. Few people chant Kleem Mantra as switchword. Click Here To Know more about Switchwords?

Kleem Mantra 108 Times

Different Combinations of Kleem Mantra with Other Mantras

The most common mantra of

Goddess Durga is Dum

You can relate this Mantra with Goddess Mahakali, Lord Krishna, and Goddes Kamakhya. This Mantra is also related to Basic Chakra. This Mantra has amazing fierce power. Goddess Mahakali is also related to extreme power in Hindu culture.

Seed Kleem is used with many other mantras to boost up mantra’s power. Here I mention a few of them:-

Most Famous Chamunda Mantra To Please Goddess Durga

!!! Om Aim Hreem Kleem Camundayai Vichche !!!

Chamunda Mantra 108 Times

You can read more about Powerful Chamunda Mantra.

Santan Gopal Mantra With Kleem (Santan Prapti Mantra)

!!! Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Glaung Devakisut Govind Vasudev Jagatpate Dehi Me Tanayam Krishn Tvaamaham Sharanam Gatah !!!

Here “Kleem” has added value to the Santan Gopal Mantra which directly belongs to Lord Krishna. A couple who has childless due to medical or non-medical problems can chant this Santan Gopal Mantra minimum 108 times a day in front of Lord Krishna. Those who don’t want to chant Santan Gopal Mantra can drink the charged water of the mantra daily minimum 4 times with the help of VK and get the same effects.

Kuber Money Mantra using Kleem for Money Attraction

!!! Om Shreem Om Hreem Shreem Hreem Kleem Shreem Kleem Vitteswaraay Namah !!!

In the Kubera Mantra, Kleem has added great power to it. Never underestimate the Kubera Mantra. In the Hindu culture, Kubera has also a Lord of Money. Daily chanting of Kuber Mantra can also help to attain money, wealth, prosperity, and good luck. Here Kleem is used twice for more power.

Kubera Mantra 108 Times

Goddess Kamakhya Mantra With Kleem

!!! Kleem Kleem Kamakhya Kleem Kleem Namah !!!

Above Kamakhya Mantra is a great mantra to please Goddess Kamakhya. Like Kubera Mantra, Kleem is also used twice in this mantra to enhance its power and effects. This is Kamakhya Mantra is generally used for vashikaran. It is one of the best vashikaran mantra for those who want to control others.

Kamakhya Mantra 108 Times

Lord Krishna Mantra With Kleem

!!! Om Kleem Krishnaya Namah !!! 

In the above Krishna Mantra, Kleem mantra has increased its power. In my opinion, there is no need to increase the power of any Krishna Mantra because Lord Krishna is much higher than any other Deva but Lord’s devotee use Kleem most of the time. It is also called the Mantra of Attraction.

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Kamdev Mantra using Kleem for Love & Sex Attraction


Kleem Kamdev mantra is a great mantra and a powerful remedy for the Love Problems and love-related issues. Chanting of Kamdev Mantra can resolve problems related to your relationship.

Kleem Mantra Power Benefits
Kleem Mantra in Sanskrit

Benefits of Kleem Mantra Chanting

  • Chanting of this mantra can heal and cure many illnesses like weakness and depression.
  • It increases affection, vigor, and motivation, therefore good for tiredness, cold, frosty and inactive people.
  • It also energizes blood circulation.
  • This Mantra also raises sexual power and physical activities.
  • It is good for anemia and for low appetite people.
  • This mantra is also associated with passionate love, sex, great energy, stimulus, fierceness, bravery, force, authority, and adventure.
  • If you don’t want to chant this Mantra you can use VIBBES KADA which can mimic any kind of mantra and universal energy.  

Kleem mantra Benefits and Procedures, power, results, success siddhi attraction love, chanting mantras, kleem beej, how to use kleem mantra to attract women

This mantra has the ability to easily dig out desires of your inner mind and transmit to the divine energy to fulfill them now. Recite this mantra habitually during the day or night.

Choose one Ganesh Mantra out of 24 Powerful Ganesh Mantras to chant with Kleem Mantra to attain more obstacle-free life and overall growth. These Ganesh mantras can also create miracles in your life. 

Chant Kleem Mantra with much devotion and also chant one Health Mantra if you have any health problem. I hope all of you want to know about the hidden secrets of argala stotram.

Kleem Mantra is one of the Best Mantra during the practicing of Kundalini Yoga. Kleem Mantra is the most powerful mantra to attract the opposite sex. After a few days of chanting this mantra, you feel that many opposite-sex people start taking notice of you. Your desired persons who have never even concerned to look at you now coming up to you because they feel a magnetic attraction to you even your looks are still the same. Also Read: Geopathic Stress is a Major Cause Of Cancer.

Some Side Effects of Kleem Mantra

The most amazing side effect of Kleem Seed Mantra is charisma. Chanter of Kleem Mantra definitely attains unbelievable charisma and magnetism within a few days of chanting. A chanter can become magnet towards oppositive sex, therefore, it brings more women for a male and more men for a female. This sounds good but for a genuine person who wants a true love does not want this kind of power. So before chanting Kleem Mantra one should remember this point.

Kleem Creates Miracles

Kleem mantra even does not attract the opposite sex but also attract many other material things like home, car, clothes, wealth, prosperity, abundance and more friends. It is my personal belief, never use this mantra for any unethical purpose and never attract anyone’s love via using any mantra because when an effect of mantra vanish or weaken down the attraction of that person also vanish or weaken down. Dear friends, please share your success stories into the comment box below. We love to read your experiences regarding Kleem Mantra.


  1. Namaste sir Sir,
    I am wondering, how many times should I watch your Golden Sunrise Full Count video to manifest wealth in my life, to see result?

    I am already extending grateful thank you.

  2. Difficulty in reading and writing skill
    s.my son has only these issues.he is also hyperactive.but daughter is hard working but not getting good marks

  3. sir, my husband is becoming very unemotional and stubbornand, heartless, no love, and non caring towards me. I desire someting natural and permanent to regain and create all those for me. Does kleem mantra reducec effect if i stop chanting it?

  4. Respected Sharat SIr,

    Always I feel to chant only ‘SHREEM’ instead of SHREEM BRZEE….need your suggestion…Thanks you

  5. Respected Sharat Sir,

    I am Ajit

    My girlfriend left me without telling the reason and I tried to convince HER but she did not reply. So I decided to left her forever. Now I want someone to love me truly. But do not know who is that someone. So in this situation How to use the KLEEM mantra means how to use this mantra to attract that someone else whom we do not know or unknown for me

  6. Hi,
    I would like to know the meaning of “Hreem” as I couldn’t find on your website but I have heard that it gives someone self-confidence, so I want to chant:
    “Hreem Shreem Kleem”
    every day. Is that a good idea?
    I tried chanting Kleem in the past every day, it helped me a lot but relationship started but never got fulfilled because of my low self-esteem, so is it a good idea to chant Ganesh mantra followed by “Hreem Shreem Kleem” to overcome obstacles and low self-esteem. If Hreem is not the right mantra please tell me a mantra to boost self-esteem.

    Thank you,

    • Hreem is the right mantra for you to boost up your self-esteem. The combo of “Hreem Shreem Kleem” is very good, plz chant more to attain good results.

  7. Sir plz tell me 108 times is enough chanting of Om Kleem Krishnaya Namah and in how many days it shows result to attract girls
    And also tell me rosary is compulsory or we can count on fingers plz tell me

  8. Dear Respected Sir,

    Is it necessary to practice first the Bindu Tratak for some days and only then we can practice the Jyoti tratak? IS it?

  9. You know why I want to talk with you on my email because I want that you will chant for me the mantra that I want 108 for 40 days it’s so much important for me

  10. Respect sir
    I am kopal. I have been writing kleem and reciting it at moderate voice and speed 108 times. Past one month. And have been doing since then. I wish to know is it necessary to burn the paper once you’ve written kleem mantra 108 times? Also what els can i do as i wish to get married to the beloved soulmate of my choice in this very life.



  12. Namaste sharad sir
    First of all many thanks for ur reply to my last post sir. I will definitely follow ur advise.
    Sir plz suggest what mantra or switch word to chant to do well at workplace. I dont understand my work and when I try to read manuals also I feel some blockage that stops me from understanding my work. I feel very lethargic at work place I don’t feel like doing anything. I want to gain good knowledge of my work and do well at workplace but I m unable to do so.
    Pls help sir.





    • Dear, first know that your own soul is the best and top most guru for you. If you decide inside your soul to chant any mantra then your own soul becomes your true guru. I hope my short answer will help you.





  14. Namaste Sharad sir. I m female 33. I am a loner. Since childhood I wanted Friends but people specially women disliked me and never wanted to be friends with me. same is the situation right now as well. At workplace, at home , or anywhere I go women never like me even if I m good to them. This makes me feel depressed. But in case of men they have always liked and admired me a lot. I want to have good relationship with everyone inside as well as outside my house. Pls help.



  16. I have been chanting the ‘om shreem kleem namah shivaye’ for the past few weeks. I intend to chant for 40days or so to complete 1.25lacs of this mantra. I have been facing issues at work as well as personal space. Please guide if this okay to chant to help resolve my issues.

  17. To attain my true love, i used oum kleem krishnaye namah…by chanting it 108 times after bathing every day for 40 days…at first…..few weeks the effect was visible as the girl would call , reply….out of her own but at the last 15 days….effect wasnt so much……is there a particular way fr chanting it

  18. This mantra is very powerfull for me for attraction the oposite sex,but in last week i bring bad look/bad karma.Can be this mantra the reason?It’s true that i’m in a diffcult momement of my life.Sorry for my english!

  19. On which day I should start this kleem Mantra , someone says it should be started on Friday. Is it necessary to take vegetarian disc for 40 days or we can take nonveg also. Plz suggest me sir….
    I want to attract a girl ,I’m trying attract for 4 years.

  20. I want to get my Love and also want to become Rich Spiritually.I daily chant following Kleem mantras 2-3 times a day, will I succeed in Love life.
    1.Om Aim Hreem Kleem Camundayai Vichche 2.Om Aim Hreem Kleem Camundayai Vichche 3.Om Kleem Krishnaya Namah. & Others

      • I also chant, Kleem Kleem Kamakhya Kleem Kleem Namah !!!
        I am devotee of Mahakali also chant some Kali mantra. During chanting I experience heavy head (place of 3rd eye) very sometimes strong vibrations which shake my head even and excessive Yawning also.Is it good thing or nothing ?plz guide.I ask this from many but no one give me satisfactory answer I hope you will clear the things.Thanks waiting your reply eagerly.



  22. It’s really exciting I chant 1lac kleem mantra
    Within 4 month.
    My countless desires fulfilled the behaviour of people are sympathetic towards me.
    The mantra r really amazing.
    Thank you sharat sir giving us such a wonderful and magnetic spell like kleem.
    I get enormous benifit from the particular sound kleeem.
    All work and lifestyle are more easy and unexpected I really get lavishness in my life not material but spiritual also.
    I regularly count 1296 (12*108) every.
    Its really AMAIZING.
    Thank you sharat sir once again.

  23. Is this kleem mantra safe for me to chant? Will it always brings positive results and positive attractions right? I don’t want bad karma or negative results. And I’m not trying to control amyone. I just want to attract a true love life partner (male of course since I’m female) to me and marriage of course. Not a specific someone. Again no controlling anyone whatsoever. Thanks for the reply sir.

  24. Hi Sir,
    My husbands needs a job ASAP. Just this one mantra will help is it? We hv 2 small kids and have some loans to pay and all is mainly dependent on my husband. Please help.

  25. Hello sir…I am new to chanting and have been in very bad position for past year. Job, family, and material possession are all at stake. How can I use this to quickly turn things around and can I use energy circles to broadcast chant or mantras…thank u

  26. this mantra really works, i chant “kleem”. the next day some remarkable things happen to me. I still dont believe its possible. But just chant one session 108 times it make wonder. its very powerful mantra indeed no doubt about it.

  27. Is it safe for women to chant Kleem? I have heard it only attracts women, rgardless who chants it? I am a woman myself and don’t want to attract women! Otherwise I have felt the positive effect of Kleem by chanting it for few days then stopped thinking if it is safe for me, if I am repelling men by chanting it or what? Kindly reply ?Thank you for this wonderful blog.

  28. Sir you said that we shouldn’t use kleem mantra for attracts some one specific coz once the effect of the mantra vanish or weaken down that person’s interest will also weaken down so plz tell me for how long this mantra’s effect last for? Thank you. Hope you’ll reply.

  29. Sir please tell me about Vijayasundari sadhna n mantra n please Also tell me how to do this..
    What is the posture of sitting and direction of sitting.. n where to focus while doing the sadhna..

  30. we have to say it 108 times .. while chatting we have to write it also? while chanting can I think of some person whom i wantto attract?

  31. Hi Brother,
    I have one concern since long back. I have desire to chant KLEEM beej mantra. but i could not started. I am worshipping durga maa since it is durga saranavaratri. Today is 8th day of 9 days of durga ma.
    I heard , we must take deeksha from guru especially any beej mantra. I just looked http://www.litairan.com , felt very glad. that is why am asking you about KLEEM. Tell me the process to chant.
    Have nice day.

    Jai Guru Datta

  32. Can we chant om kleem krishnaye nama to attract and fall in love again to my husband and can we chant this matra during our period days? And can i chant this matra after having my lunch

  33. I began chanting KLEEM a couple of weeks ago at night to the stars. A couple of nights ago i seemed to really connect with my heart during this. I felt good went inside and continued my usual. About 2 hours later i found i had tears running down my face i was so happy and filled with love. It is as though the echo of the chant became the most beautiful song i have ever heard. And i am no singer. I am continuing this daily ritual and feel that my whole life is about to change. It has certainly changed me. Much love and blessings

  34. Does mantras like kleem also require initiation from a guru?
    I have been chanting kleem mantra for more than a month. I dont find any changes in my life. Earlier also i have taken to writing kleem for 45 days continously but seen no results at all. Is there anything wrong with me.

  35. Sir, you say to chant this Mantra. When and how many times to chant it? And by chanting this Mantra, you mean to say that one has to chant only Kleem?

  36. Sir, many specialists point kleem as the best mantra for love while several others believe that kamadeva mantra is the best for this purpose. What is the difference between the benefits we’ll get from each one? Is it a good idea to chant kleem malas and kamadeva malas every day? (Kamadevaya vidmahe Pushpabanaya dhimahi Tanno Ananga prachodayat)
    Thank you so much! Blessings!

  37. I was left spellbound!I just started chanting this mantra “Kleeem” yesterday and much to my surprise opposite gender took a second look on me when I took a stroll. Adding to it, I could even notice that relationship issues solved just very next day.

    “Kleeem” is a phonetic mantra and No doubt – it attracts people if used with positive intentions.


  38. Namaste,i am chanting kleem from 2011 till 2016 it worked so well but now its not working,please help,also i want to know how can i attract someone specific with kleem?thank you

    • Stop attracting any specific person then it will start working again. Your energy system does accept this mantra when you chant this freely.

  39. Hi sir. Please help me calrify something here. In this article you say we can use kleem for health problems and recommend Mrityunjaya Mantra too. How should I mix them? Should I chant on mala of kleem and one of Mrityunjaya and so on? Or its better to add kleem at the beginning of Mrityunjaya Mantra? Thank you

  40. Hello. Some people say that the right way to chant kleem is adding OM before it, so it become “om kleem”. What is you oppinion about it? Any difference? Thank you in advance

  41. Is the kleem mantra helpful to break its own affect on myself… because somebody tried it on me & when i start feeling thn he jus left me alone… will this work to reduce its power.

  42. How to add kleem mantra to Aum gum ganpataye namah.

    Will this help to attain properity, obstacle free and love in married life too

  43. Respected Sir,

    I am trying to start business from last one year but not succeeded yet

    Plz help me to find & cnvinvce financer & to kick start the business as soon as possible

  44. How i can use kleem mantra to get true love of a specific person? I wanna marry him. Whats the exact procedure for it pls guide

    • Golden Sunrise Ritu

      You can chant kleem mantra to get true love but if you should not ask for specific person until they love you as if it is forced love then it will diminish as you stop chanting.


    • Golden Sunrise Ajit

      thank you for your thanks. I am a proud student of Sharat sir and passing to all what i learn with him. Yes Kleem mantra can also attract material wealth like a home and a car. YOu can be precise about the desire by visualisation of the object you want. Its always good to be clear of what we want as even Universe knows what you want.

    • Golden Sunrise Ajit

      The results don’t have any outcomes by time. You keep doing your chanting and let energies show their results.

  46. Sir, i want to get marry a men of my choice. I love a guy who is my senior and he don’t even know about me. I wanted to get older with him,and wanna spend my whole life with him.he is living far from me. I want him in my life as a my life partner.please him sir.please help me in getting marry with him .

  47. Respected Sir,
    I accidentally stumbled upon the Kleem Mantra via your website and I’ve been chanting it for about 4 months now, with amazing results. The only problem, if one can call it so, is that this Mantra attracts unwanted female affection (since I’m already happily married). Is there a way to avoid this?
    Thanks very much and God bless you Sir.

    • Golden Sunrise Soumil

      Kleem is chanted to attract anything good in your life. Whatever you intend and chant the mantra for, you will get only that. If your intention is NOT to attract unwanted female or people they will not be attracted. So chant kleem without worry and for everything good.

  48. Pranab Sharat sir. With due respect I would like to inform you that I truly believe in your switchword videos as they have benefited me. Sir my husband is currently working in one MNC but he wants to quit his job and start his own work in share market but he is not sure abt its success. He is learning share market business besides his job. Pls suggest mantra or switchword for him sir. Can i chant on his behalf as he is not aware of swirchwords. Pls do reply sir. Thank u sir.

  49. Hi sir this is Vinay !! last time you had given me kleem mantra to get into the relationship!! Sir but it’s not happening!! What to do !! Is there any other mantra to get into the relationship ?? Please rply sir

    • Kleem mantra or any other mantra will help for sure only if the other person is also ready to be with you in relationship. You cannot force anyone to be with you.

  50. Maine klimm mantra ka jaap kiya tha… Since a month…to attract a man… He used to talk me in lovely manner. Then yesterday night he started avoiding me. He told to me ki tum ydi call ya msg ki toh mai…watsapp bnd krunga
    .. kya kru smjh nhi aa rha h
    . Pls suggest me … I want that man to marry me
    … I just love him.

    • If a person is not good for you, he will move away, if the person has no feelings for you he will move away, if a person is just attracted by chanting a mantra and he has no real feelings for you he will move away. Love can be enhanced not forced.

    • Try durga shiva ganesha or narayana mantra only that mantras can make a change in lives and help u get true love or someone u truly love others mantras can only infatuate or create illusions which fade away

    • WE just listen from other people that we can attain sidhi but do you know what is sidhi and for what do you want it? If you don’t know what is sidhi or what you want it for then do not go or it. just chant the mantra and have the pleasant energy of the mantra and attract anything good in your life.

  51. It is generally said, that chanting Kleem mantra, attracts women. Does chanting Kleem mantra can attract men?

  52. Golden Sunrise Saratsir, Being a VK user how can I mimic the Power of Kleem mantra through it. What is the process or command to be given to VK? Is it a daily routine? Please guide.

  53. Sharat Sir,

    Do you also offer your services in addition to VIBBES KADA, or you are offering just VIBBES KADA?
    My matter basically concerns love, and finding a suitable husband who is PERFECT for me.
    How can you help me to achieve this goal, in addition to using the VIBBES KADA?

  54. You should not comment on some serious matter as beeja mantra without having proper knowledge.You must be siddha before commenting on these subjects. Many siddha yogis have revealed that ‘KLEEM’ is beeja mantra both for Kali and Krishna as both are actually same.There are such hints in SAPTASHATI DURGA.It can not be just ‘your opinion’.It is not even an issue of just 200-300 hundred years.In many ancient shastras there is mentions of Kleem beeja for Krishna.Chaitanya Mahaprabhu ,who was Krishna himself also taught this.

  55. Dear Sir,

    GOLDEN SUNRISE KLEEM….GOLDEN SUNRISE SHREEM BRZEE …….when both these different mantras are pronounced with GOLDEN SUNRISE…what does it effects?

    Thanks & Regards,


  56. Sir, 1) due to some misunderstanding that held on d past, my relationship has become worse day by day . We talk to each other bt things were not like before. I m so much in love with my bf bt he says unke Mann me dooriya barne laga hai.. humdonome distance ho rahi hai. Kaise yeh distance kam kiya jaye aur Purana charm kaise wapas aaye??
    2)mere bf Ke ek muh bole bahen woh nehi chahti hai humdonome sab thik rahe, humesha ladai lagwane pe lagi rehti hai, ab mere bf nehi chahte hai uss ladki se baat karne ke liye par woh picha nehi chodti, uss ladki Ko kaise door rakha jaye hum donose??
    Sir plz help kijiye. Bohot din se manually kosish kiya ki sbkuch thik ho jaye par jitna din ja raha hai situation utna kharab ho rahi hai.
    Please help me sir

  57. Sir,
    I’m doing degree,
    Now i’m,2nd year I need to fisnish these two years of degree(this year n,next year) very calmly without any struggle.. So which mantra for good in studies n to get good results In exams….
    Thank you shart sir.

  58. Sharat Sir can u please suggest me is there any particular no. Of times we have to write or any specific no. For chanting this mantra
    Thankyou n regards

  59. Sir,
    I have bren chanting kleem spicific name and kleem..now my guy is back in my life…he is settled abroad he wants me to come there as well..will contnuing same mantra will help me to go to his place as soon as possible?

  60. Sir, can anyone chant these two mantras separately ??

    Kleem’ for own charisma and ‘kleem person kleem’ for d person he/she likes ??

  61. Dear Sharat sir,

    IF we chant..”KLEEM SHREEM BRZEE “…..then what does its effects….which benefits we would get….either MONEY or LOVE or both.

    How many times we have to chant to get best results……

    Please guide with your superior words.

    Thanks & Regards,


  62. Dear sir,

    I’m writing to you because I’m not sure wheather this mantra is good for me or not. I’m in a relationship with a complicated man. At the beginning he was present in my life almost everyday. But in the last 3 weeks due to his personal and work related problems he seems to have distanced himself. We talk more and more about his work than about us. And this made me distance myself as well, since now I wonder if this is worth the pain and the waiting. So do you think this mantra will bring us closer and deblock what’s blocked now? Because that’s how it feels… it’s like there is a veil standing between the two of us.

  63. sir, there is cosmic code for uti. in the same way is there any cure for kidney failures, as dialysis or transplant are so costly and more painful, many poor people can get benefit out of it if you can create a new cure, will be helpful even for our external affairs minister mrs. Sushma swaraj

  64. sir, Iam 45 years and working as a contract employee. Iam facing so many problems in my job. salary is very very less. I gave to do night duties also. iam facing so many health problems. I did post graduation in computers. please suggests me mantra to get promotion in my job that avoids night duties.

  65. helo sir i am married and mother of 2 kids. IN june 2015 i shifted from delhi to ahmedabad as my hubby is doing job here but i dnt feel like staying .i want to get back along wid my husband firstly i was doing jib in delhi. Secondally i am in relationship wid a guy who 8s younger to me from the last 4 years. Whenever i go delhi i meet him but nowdays conmuncation gap strt between us. I want to be in reltiobship wid him and i want my married life be safe also. Plz suggest. I am helpless

    • Amazing Sucheta,
      वाह क्या बात है, आपको दोनों हाथों में लड्डू चाहिए और वो भी दूटे नहीं…

  66. Sir,
    As per you have said i have burnt two notebooks where i had written kleem specific name kleem mantra…now should i continue writing the mantra as my wish is not yet fulfilled….

  67. Sir,
    As per you have said i have burnt two notebooks where i had written kleem specific name kleem mantra…now should i continue writing the mantra as i have not yet wish which i had desired for?

  68. Sir,
    I have already completed two notebooks wrting kleem specific name kleem for the person who is in different country..he has started tlking to me but still he hasnt committed..i will continue writing nd what i wanted to ask is what should i do with the notebooks which i have already finished writing kleem specific name kleem..should i keep it untill the desired wish is not fulfilled?

  69. hello sir
    felt good going through the article.thanku so much.
    should we take diksha to tell this mantra,does it give better results.kindly guide

  70. Will you still attract relationships if you have debiliated venus both in rasi chart as well as navamsha .. what do you say . I am neech venus vargottam . But I have started kleeming from today .

  71. Sir I am not. Sure why my previous post didn’t appear so I am resending you my query. Sir, will the Kleem mantra to attract a specific person work even if the person is no longer attracted to me and if the relationship is broken off or strained ? Can you please tell me if there is a specific day or time I need to start the mantra chanting and is there a timeframe for how many days I need to do it. Thank you so much for your time!

  72. Sir, if I chant Om kleem namah whole day during my day to day activities but without counting is it ok to get my love back? Or counting is necessary? Please suggest. Thanks

    • Siddhi means perfection…check your attitude, check your thought process, check your mind, check your surrounding…do you feel any positive difference there??? if yes, then enjoy your power…

  73. i hv been to many astrologers and they old the same thing that i will have everything but i will never hv the love of my life. i wont get anyone who would appreciate or love me. and the lack of love in my life is making me crazy. will this mantra resolve my problem?

  74. I am posting again since I can’t see my previous post.
    Dear Sharat Sir,

    Thank you for sharing all of this. I just wanted to share with you that I have been through a lot in my life. Maybe it is because of myself but I try my best to not hurt people. Majority of my life I have only prayed for my family, their happiness and wellbeing. I still pray for them but now I feel very lonely. I do have a friends circle but it feels like they don’t really want me in it. I like them all a lot and they are nice people and I want to feel like an important part of the group and be loved. Also there is a guy in that circle that I really love. I sometimes feel he has feelings for me too. Please pray for me and wish that I get the things I want and that he loves me back and we get together forever. Also please instruct me on how I should use this mantra to be achieve the true friendship of the group and for the love of that guy. I am a very spiritual person and just when I was losing faith and about to give up I came across this article. Please help me I want to achieve these things as soon as possible now, I have waited a lot.

    Also sir, would it be possible for me to email you and discuss other things?

  75. Sir,

    I am a divorcee and i have one daughter..recently i love a guy nd he loves me too..but his family is against this relation..wht mantra shld i chant to covience them to accept me..plss sir i need ur help..

  76. Hello Sir,
    I find difficulty in my relationships the moment I start falling in love with guy that guy take step back.
    From last 4 months I knew one guy earlier he was like talking, caring and loving and the moment I started feeling the same thing for him he changed and we ended on a bad note and not talking to each other, we are in same office , so it becomes so awkward that looking each other but ignoring and it’s been 1 month now that we are not talking to each other.
    If, I want him back in my life and wanted to get settled with him then which switch words shall I chant.

    Shall I chant Kleem.. will it help in this case.

    Kindly advise.

    • Don’t worry about them…Increase your own charisma with Kleem Mantra Chanting and then see how many come to your way….

  77. Sir,
    When attracting sumone soecific do we have to write “kleem specific name kleem” or just “kleem” on paper…nd any kind of color pen can be used to write?

  78. Is listening to the mantra helps
    Chants the mantra 10×108 for the ideal partner, after how many days you see the effects?
    I chant the mantra of kleem with Ganesh Mantra?

  79. I want friends.i don’t get good friends in life .so is kleem mantra helpful for getting friends true one.i don’t need boyfriend coz i already have

  80. Do I use First name or Nick name. And for how many days. Can I chant or can I write. Please tell me all the ways for faster results.

  81. I did kleem mantra 21 times for 2 days and that’s it a miracle occurred.When I was in my MBA I had a crush on a girl but at that time nothing materialized,but 1 year later keeping her in my mind for 2 days i did kleem just mentally and just randomly called her and BOOM!she instantly connected and now she is addicted to me,this is the power of KLEEM

  82. Sir, plz help me tell me that mantra to attract a particular person to fall in love with me. Plz tell the procedure how to chant.and how many times. Plz sir.
    Thank you

  83. Hello Sir,
    Can you tell me please that how to chant this mantra for getting any person or money or anything.
    is this a right way ???
    AND main thing is it compulsory in chant full name or just first name of person ???

  84. Dear sir
    I have been chanting kleem mantra for so long time , I have seen its results but now I am chanting the same mantra with much devotion but I couldn’t see any results now a days. What may be the reason? Is my mantra not working?

    • With the help of Mantra, you can force him to marry you but this kind of love will fly away just after stopping the mantra chanting….always seek a person who love you from his heart not by force…

  85. Dear sir, I love a girl very much . It is known to her that I’m staying upset.Once having seen me in upset said that something has happened .But I could say nothing. Now our relationship is incomplete. How it will be developed to lifetime. I want her as my life partner. Please sir have a solution.

  86. Sharat sir……how many times to repeat this ——– KLEEM *( NAME )* KLEEM in one day ?? And how much time would it take to get that person back

  87. I need to attract a particular person, to make him fall in love with me. Which myntra would be best for that? I want quick results too

  88. Hi Sharat Sir!
    Thank you for making this article, it was very helpful.
    I do have a question. I read somewhere that in order to make this mantra effective, you must leave the mouth open at all times, so instead of sounding like “kleemmmm”, it would have the “ng” sound, like “kleennnng”.
    Is this true or does it not make a difference?

  89. I think there is some kind of evil sprit blocking me from getting marry. Every relationship I’m in doesn’t last. Is there such thing that can prevent one from getting marry. If so what can be done.

  90. Hello sir
    I m facing depression in my life sir I was having realtionship with my gf for 4 years but due to some misunderstanding she broke up with me sir we both loved each other a lot sir plzzz help me sir plzzz its my request sir I love her a lot . She come back in my lyf with same love and respect. sir I love her a lot sir

  91. Dear sir,
    A special type of”Mala” is use for chanting “om kleem shreem berezee namh ” mantra or normal tulsi mala can use for chanting.

  92. will mental recitation of kleem mantra give the same result like material gain, prosperity, love,good job,girlfriend, or one has to do verbal chanting?? pls give clarity…between both of them mental recitation of kleem & vocal kleem what is good??

  93. Blessings to you my brother. Why is it important to focus on third eye while chanting? Also Will I attract good things when I begin to resonate with the kleem vibration, or should I focus on what I want while chanting?

    • Thanks for blessing Joe, I never recommend focusing on 3rd eye instead I recommend focus on heart center for more love…When you resonate the mantra then you will attract whatever mention in this article…

  94. Hello Sir, my question is how many times we need to chant kleem mantra in a day, can I chant while working, travelling or only silent space is required to chant. I am really tired of my life, I can’t make any close friends not even I can attract any person who is manager or other person. It’s hard to live now I don’t want to attract any girls but I want to attract people surrounded by me. I want spread love as I am not physical looks good but I have good heart but in this world more importance to looks not heart. Please tell me correct way to chant mantra so that I can get results as earliest as possible.

    • Dear Nitin,

      Chant kleem mantra minimum 108 times a day.
      You can chant kleem mantra during your day to day activities.
      No silent space is required during chanting.
      Just chant with heart and feel the mantra inside your heart.

  95. Respected sir i just have a very small queries 1) as to when chanting Kleem the stress in on eeee or mmmm some website that i checked info said stress needs to b on eeee pls clarify 2)how can i use this mantra or what shld i chantra adding kleem to get marriage commitment in my relationship from my bf v both love each other but due to caste systems hv some issues

  96. Do I have to think about my desire at the time of chanting or have to concentrate only on mantra ? I am chanting it for last 3 months by concentrating on my desire but no big effect found. Please suggest.

  97. Respected Sir,
    am writing this for my daughter.she is a loner,finds it difficult to make friends or even if she becomes friendly with someone,friendship doesn’t last long and it breaks and then she gets depressed and loses interest in studies and becomes angry.I feel sorry that I am not able to help her out of this situation as she isn’t receptive to my advices.kindly tell if this ‘Kleem’ mantra is helpful in such a situation or can you do some healing for her to change her mindset.

  98. 1.What is the difference between chanting just kleem and chanting om kleem kamadevaya namha
    2.can I chant it while I am doing other works or during daily travelling

  99. Hi Sir,
    I am in abroad. I feel so lonely here.no friends and social life. I have few friends but only they came to use me. What mantra should I chant to make good friends and good social life?

  100. Respected Sarat Sir,

    I am happyto learn about the kleem mantra. I am srikishna devotee, and daily morning do puja of lord srikrishna and do jap om srikrishnaya Namaha 108 times. I some time do japa om kleem krishnaya namah. May I continue it. Further my daughter is a professional singer and TV star. I have asked her to chant kleem krisnaya namah slowly while performing. Can she do it, Please guide me, With regards
    Pradip Kr, Chakrabarty

  101. Hello sir. I hope that u are still sending healing energy to my twin kids. They have been shifted to nursery. Baby boy is doing quite fine. But my doll’s progress like weight gain, taking feeds orally and taking breast feed is still very slow. Plz continue sending healing energy.
    Any switchwords u wud suggest me to chant for my kids..

  102. Hey there friend, I recently stumbled across mantra and have a few questions to ask if you can answer. When listening to a mantra do I repeat or may I just listen to it? May I also fall asleep listening to mantra? When one orgasms does he loose power when he listens to mantra? I currently listen to video that uses, “OM KLEEM KAMAYA NAMAH” will this attract women and wealth? Please respond brother, thank you.

    • Dear Heldon, you can chant while listing but it is not mandatory…Don’t worry about loosing any power…Above mantra can also attract women and wealth.

  103. Dear Sir, Kleem Mantra is Beej mantra of GOD Krishna or GODDESH Mahakali. In your blog it has been written that Kleem is the Mantra of Goddess Mahakali; but all other related blogs on Internet tell that it is Mantra of God Krishna.
    Sir from February 2016 I am chanting and writing KLEEM almost daily. I also chant OM KLEEM SHREEM BREEZE NAMAH and GOLDEN SUNRISE KLEEM SHREEM BREEZE. Well I did not put any wish but off course I am in love with a girl. I wish that she will also start loving me and then we will get married. I knew making time bound for any Mantra is not good; but till the date I did not got any success; in fact the girl is shifting to London for further study. So it seem that my prays may goes un-listen by Great GOD. Kindly suggest. Best Regards

    • Dear Manish, When you attract a particular girl with the help of any mantra, there is a chance to loose that girl as soon as you stop chanting that mantra. I suggest you to chant this mantra to increase your charisma and attract all the world.

  104. Hello Sir, I know how powerful this mantra is. I am using it for 2 months on a lady and she loves me a lot. Of late she is trying to ignore me. Any reason why is it happening? One more query, In such a scenario do I still continue with this mantra on this lady or I should use this on a new lady? Can I simultaneously chant to attract 2 ladies? Kleemmm Lady1 Lady2 Kleemmmm.

    • Mr. Raj, When you attract a particular lady with the help of any mantra, there is a chance to loose that lady as soon as you stop chanting that mantra or shift your focus. I suggest you to chant this mantra to increase your charisma and attract all the world.

  105. Hi,
    I am in love with a person and i think he likes me too. I started chanting kamdev gayatri mantra and saw some results right away, I got scared thought that i am controlling him. He is only attracted in me because i’m chanting this mantra, so i stopped it after 7 days. Then he stopped showing signs of interest so i chanted again for few days, I saw signs and got scared again and I stopped.

    Can you please tell me how chanting “Kleem” or another attraction mantra works? Are we really controlling other person’s mind and if we stop chanting would the person be no longer interested?


    • You are right Sona, When you attract a particular person with the help of any mantra, there is a chance to loose that person as soon as you stop chanting that mantra. I suggest you to chant mantra to increase your charisma and attract all the world.

  106. I m so glad u replied sir. They are admit in BL Kapur hospital , pusa road, new Delhi. They are in Neonatal ICU. One is baby boy another is baby girl. She is weaker . bless and heal them so that they both come home soon stay blessed and happy whole life. Thank u sir.

  107. Sharad sir this is the 2 time I am writing for ur help u didn’t answer my querry first time . I had asked something for myself but this time I am asking for ur help for my kids . I delivered twins 10 days ago . they are born prematurely in 8th month . they are kept in hospital in nursery and I m at home. Plz plz help me so that my kids come home soon with good health and fortune. Waiting for ur reply sir.

  108. Sir plz tell me rosary is compulsory for counting or we can count anyway while chanting Kleem mantra and how much is effective I chant daily 108 but i see no result even after 35 days plz reply and guide me

  109. hello sir,
    im edward, i loved a girl very sincerely and i want to marry her,i dont no whether she love or not,plz instruct me the mantra to chant.

  110. Hello Dear and Respected Sir. Hope you are well and good. I must say that you are guiding people a lot.

    Sir, just few days back, I also wrote my problem, and requested for your kind and valuable suggestion, but I am not able to see that message on this page, may be there is some problem, thus I am writing once again, as your suggestion is very valuable for me.

    Dear sir, for 2012 to till date, I suffered a lot in relationship and job. I lost my job many times and still unemployed. None of my relationship sustained and converted into marriage. At present, from May 2015, I am in love with a girl. She is approx 10 years younger than me. She is under very much control of her parents who are very strict to her. I always helped her a lot and already expressed my feelings to her. But she is not open to me. Whenever she is in any problem, she use to contact me immediately, but when she don’t have any work to me she always make a good distance from me. Whenever I ask the reason behind this bad behavior to me, she reply she want to contact to me but her parents are very cruel. All these situations made my totally confused and sometimes depressed.

    Well I used to chant and write “Kleem” on yellow color paper with red pen almost daily. Sir after so much struggle in my life, now I want to establish with financial and love relationship (for forever in the form of marriage, and not just for any type of time pass) in my life. I need your most valuable suggestion. Kindly suggest me sir. I will be highly obliged to you. Thanks and Best Regards

  111. Greetings Sharat Sir,
    Accidentally I hit on your website. You have focused much on kleem mantra. Is it very effective in getting your worldly desires? How much time does a kleem mantra take to actually work if recited 108 times a day? Usually mantras shows its effectiveness after 40 days.Does this hold true for kleem mantra?
    Eagerly awaiting your reply.

    • How can I or anyone set a time when we don’t have a unit of your desire… this how is very dangerous cause it creates doubts even without starting…explain me unit of your desire then I will give you time of manifestation…

  112. Sir,

    I love one girl in my office, when i told my feelings to her she told me that she is already committed but i still love her and thinking all day about her. How can this mantra will help me.

    Please help

  113. Dear Sir,
    I married 1.5 year back but could not worked well. Presently my wife is living separately due to some misunderstanding happened. I want to bring back in my life and start a prosperous and happy life with together. But she is not even ready for a dialogue, i have no clue to short out this matter. Every day i am trying whatever i can do but even i am not succeeding with a single inch. Please advise which mantra should i chant “KLEEM” or “GOLDEN SUNRISE” or can combine both or any other mantra? I am seeking eagerly your help ASAP.

  114. I and my husband both hav rahu in 7th place n soon after marriage v started having fights n now even in-laws r involved he never calls me or meets me since 6months …….is der any mantra to nullify rahu effect n make r marriage work ……….I hav tryed ur vedio for spouse love …..

  115. Hi Sharat Sir,

    I am going through a very difficult phase in my life right now. For all my life I had been single, so when opportunity came, I entered in a relationship with a married woman. Everything was going very well between us for initial 4-5 months, then things kept going from bad to worse. Finally she dumped me two months ago for no reason I can recall. It is very hard for me as I still can’t get her out of my head. Please suggest something for me so that I can find true genuine love relationship.

  116. hi sir what is viddi for om kleem kaam dev namah mantra hw to chant this mantra at that mantra chanting time we eat or not non veg food alcoholic like smoking pls suggest me sirrr

  117. Sir – if using kleem to attract specific person, should one look at a photo of the person while chanting? Or visualize person in ones mind? Thx for your help

  118. Sir, my job satisfaction is not all…Everytime i remains depressed due to my job condition..i am not regularized yet ..poor salary i am getting but other employee they are getting nice salary.which mantra would be good for my job purpose and how many times i have to chant,

    Please suggest sir

  119. Sir,

    I have been chanting kleem mantra for the past 4 months after reading some articles saying that this mantra also can help to improve people relationship… But here seemed mainly for boy and girl friends relationship… Am I chanting the right mantra..? Pls advice. Thank you

  120. si plz tell me only 108 times we can chant if we chant more then we have any merit or not plz tell sir and rosary is compulsory for counting or we can count anyway

  121. Also is the om namah shivaya a powerful mantra to use?.. and how many different mantras can you use during your day?

    • No one can judge your need how many mantra you can chant, choose your priority and then decide your own how many mantra you need to chant…unnecessary chanting has no use…

  122. Hello sir…can chanting om kleem shreem breez namah, saying it altogether..can it be beneficial in attracting love and wealth??.. also what is the benefits of chanting om kleem shivaya namah be beneficial for??

    • You have many questions regarding mantra chanting, plz understand only one good friend is enough in need when 100 of not ready to help you…

  123. Can I chant kleem , shreem brzee and golden sunrise seperately ? Or I have to chant it together ?? Which is more effective ?

  124. Hi there hope you are well. Is there a mantra to make make me open to being more sociable/chatty with people. I feel I struggle to talk/ know what to say when I desperately want to.
    Also when writing Kleenex chant, should I spell it klim or Kleenex?

  125. sir plz guide me i chant kleem from a week and i see no result no girl see towards me and no girl get attract to me and i have no gf plz tell me fast

  126. Sir,

    Certain things have misunderstood by my family members and as a result there are constant clashes and my family is some how departed. I am trying to resolve the misunderstandings by providing enough room and time for past 2 years however, it seems to be difficult to resolve it. Some times they get ready to discuss and next moment they get apart. Can this Mantra bring my family members together ? If yes, what is the procedure I will have to follow?

  127. Namaste Sir Sharat

    I have been chanting the Kleem mantra for some time now on and off because i have been having alot of problems in my marriage my husband and i are very distant for a long time now, no closeness no intimacy nothing at all, we fight all the time no love and no happiness. He has also had an affair so dealing with a lot of disappointment

    What mantra will help with this situation? Please advise as i do not know what to do any longer. Also he does not treat me like i am family he cut me out of everything in his life its like we are strangers now dont know him any longer.

    Please help me remedy this problem

  128. Hi sir….I’m female…but attracted to female…what I can do to get the girl that I love…I wish for miracle in my life…any mantra to naturally change gender ???please help me sir

  129. Dear Sharat Sir,

    I am without a job from past 6 months. before that also i have had issues with my jobs and i had to change 3 jobs in last 2 years . I am completely broke now and have no money atal. I have been applying for jobs and seeing no success. Also on my personal front my Life partner is living with some one else , they now have a 3 months old baby as well. I want him to come back to me , I want that lady to go away from him and my life . I do not want to cause any harm to her but want her out of our life. I am also facing lot of health issues lately , underwent a surgery as well. all in all i am facing difficult situation from all aspects of my life. Can you please suggest me some mantra which can help me come out of this situation. I can not face such tough situations any more. Please help me sir.

  130. Hello sir,
    From sometime ppl r avoiding me totally in office, relatives all. It is happening only because of a failed marriage where I was not at all at fault. I feel v miserable due to this social situation now.
    Can I chant kleem to make ppl approach me and stop avoiding me.
    Kleem will boost self confidence and self esteem?
    Can I find a soulmate life partner by chanting kleem?
    I tried kleem in past but not finding much success.
    Pls guide me on my queries if u can. Thanks. May god bless u!

  131. How do I improve my relationship with friends and acquaintances. My husband n I had very bad relationship since past ten years. All the mental Trauma I got made me a depression patient. Because of which my relationship with my god friends got affected. I can feel any positivity now..I feel lonely.My work efficiency has got affected. I have lost my confidence becausr of constant critisism from my inlaws n husband.How do I stop him from getting influenzed by his parents and how do I improve myfamily life.How do I make him.listen and understand my feelings

  132. Dear Sir,

    We are in relationship since last 5 yrs. We treat each other as husband and wife.

    Since last 2 months bcoz of tension in to have easy money, he got indulge with a lady. They had physical relationship as well. I came to know all this last week. He confessed every thing honestly.I forgave him. He realized his mistake and feels guilty for cheating on me. He wants to come out of this but without hurting her.
    I am ready to support him. And want him to come out of this without hurting her..
    Plz help me. What should I chant so that we come out of this problem without hurting anyone. I love him a lot and want him back ASAP.

    Plz reply.. Plz help.

  133. Hello sir,
    I am divorcee and i have 3 year old son. Now my parents want i move forward and get marry again. Is there any mantra to get good husband.

  134. Sir, I want to help my cousin sister. Actually her father has two other sisters.His mother before dying gave 5 kattas to each daughter and left the house n son’s name but it was not legally transferred. Now the sisters refuse to sign and transfer the property in father’s name. Please show me a way so that they are motivated to sign so that my sister’s future is secured as she is the only child.

  135. Sir,
    Can I chant Golden Sunrise, Kleem and Sreem breez mantra seperately ? Or I have to club all those mantras together for attraction, mental peace and money attraction ???

  136. Hi Sir ,

    Can I use this mantra do to clear misunderstanding and extreme anger my husband has towards me , who is currently staying away, atleast to bring him back and open a conversation ?
    Please suggest .

  137. Namaskar sir. ….is it necessary to put an intention in mind while chanting of KLEEM?. ..I want to chant this to have my desired own home. ….now I am living in rental home. …..your advise will change my life. …Please sir

  138. hi i keep on staying worried these days. People dnt give much importance to my words. I want people should give importance to my views and listen to my suggestions. Even workers my in laws family my husband he loves me a lot but same think m an immature person n dnt give importance to my words. Please suggest something sir. please suggest me some ways. I want to get rid of this m very emotional and m feeling very depressed & sometimes feel like m completely lost & end up. Please help me what matra will be beneficial for me and what time & how many times should i chant it.

    Does Kleem mantra will be helpful 108 times?

  139. Hello, do we need to set an intention before using this mantra and is it all right to chant it when I walk back and for to work ? Thank you again for the incredible help you give us.

  140. Dear sir,

    Can I use the Kleem mantra for marriage to someone from New Zealand?

    I don’t have a specific person in mind but would like to have a happy married life there.
    And if I was to write the mantra, how many times should I do and in what color ink?

    Thanking you


  141. I want to achieve success at work, with promotion and better salary. Which mantra to chant pls and how many times? To chant in morning or evening? Thanks.

  142. Hello sir

    Can this mantra be used for charisma and popularity? and what if i want to chant it for a specific person? will it fill the purpose?

  143. Sir… Im married… my husband is having affair with other religious girl for abt 3 years now he wants to leave her but she doesn’t want to leave him… she is a foreigner n married… how can I make her to leave country n go back to her home country?? want mantra can I chant?

  144. Hi sir sum mantras show negative result after one two days chanting. Sum ppl says that this is testing period or it is release of negativity. In such circumstances wen chant of a mantra does harm, shud we continue with that or stop practicing that mantra? Pls reply sir as it is confusing part reg mantra chanting.

  145. Dear Sir, Hello. Let me tell you that you are guiding people a lot and thus in my view you are GREAT.
    Sir, I am also in huge problems from 2012. In june 2012 I got married with a extremely currupt girl who was already married and thus I got seprated and matter is in court. After that I lost my job and almost unemployed till date. Also in my life love is totally missing; I strongly felt that many girls used me a lot for their personal benefit. By impressed with you, I started writing KLEEM by red pen almost daily. Please suggest and help me so that I can get best Job, and best Love. I will be highly obliged. Thanks and Best Regards.

  146. Comment:
    Nameste how to use kleem mantra tell me the procedure plz .I am very needy sir . is it work on anybody and prosperity health energy

  147. Sir,
    Please let me know what I can do to attract a particular Boy to get married to Me. His Age is around 40 yrs. My age is 40 yrs.

  148. Hello i need your help so i’m a widow who lived alone with two children i started chanting this mantra “kleem” for one week now , the first time a chanted it was at night time i was sleeping on the floor my daughter and me because my financial situation is critical actually i don’t have the money to buy a bed to sleep on so the first time a chanted it the next day someone buy me a bed and many materials things come like magic infront of me..but what i really want is a husband someone who will take care of me and my children so sir do i continued chanting this mantra “kleem” or can you suggest me something else..because it has been one week now i see materials attraction not love attraction …waiting for your reply..Thks

    • Ana, please continue chant this mantra as it will bring many other good things and a loving husband too…

      • Thank you very much sir..Really by my experience this mantra is a divine miracle..Thank you Thank you for all the miracles this mantra brings to me..

  149. Sir I have a colleague who is very close to me like my brother. We had a big fight and after that he is not talking to me for more than one month.please guide me any mantra so that he contact me and talk to me like before.

  150. Sir can I chant kleem mantra laying in bed or by sitting in bed. Do I need to close my eyes while chanting. Pls advise.

  151. Sir to get through the upsc exam and to get desired job as an IAS officer shall I need to watch the switch words for education video or switch words for desired job video? Can I watch the video on behalf of someone else who wants to succeed?

  152. Sir, firstly I really want to thank u for the magic word kleem.it really worked miracle in my life.our relationship has again found its firstday charm. It has become strong again. Thanks a lot for ur concern. Sir,I will again ask u if there is anything else, any video or word that can be chanted to quick the process of marriage by convincing both the family so that they take it happily soon. Cz it’s already delayed in my case and yet there is no communication or commitment from that side.

  153. Hi sir

    I want to create a positive and blissful aura around me also to increase business opportunities and get material success and a good life parter(i dont have anyone in mind)…..can i do that by chanting “KLEEM” only?

  154. Comment: sir I’m in a rlsnshp from 3 years n I used to live in hostel but from d day I come to home he started avoiding me.. he doesn’t bother to talk wid me even he don’t want to talk.. har chhoti chhoti baat pe gussa ho jata hai n mujhpe chillane lgta hai hmesha online rehta hai but kabhi mujhe msg nhi krta.. mujhe kuch smjh nhi aa rha mai kya krun I luv him so much n I can’t live widout him .. plzz help me

      • Sir pls tell me to get through the upsc exam and to get desired job as an IAS officer shall I need to watch the switch words for education video or switch words for desired job? Can I watch the video on behalf of someone who wants to succeed in the exam and get the job?

  155. Sir to get through the upsc exam and to get desired job as an IAS officer shall I need to watch the switch words for education video or switch words for desired job video? Can I watch the video on behalf of someone else who wants to succeed in the exam and get the job?

  156. Will KLEEM mantra manifest my desire to settle in abroad. Which mantra or swtich word should i chant to settle and work in usa

      • Thank You Sir for your reply. Can i write it “REACH USA NOW” along with chanting. What should be the count. Does pen ink color matter when writing this switch word.
        Also, can VK help in speeding up the process and manifesting this desire.

        • You can write this also…count depends upon your need but daily 108 times is enough…choose any color to write…VK will always help in this matter…

          • Thank You for the reply. Sir, whenever we chant a mantra or a switchword its very important that our Dyana or attention should be at fixed on it. Sir dont you think that chanting 108 times by japa mala or any other means we actually affix our subcouncious mind on completion of 108 counts rather than completely devoting us on the mantra. Are there any alternatives to this. Am i even right.

  157. Hi sir
    Can I chant this mantra to get my husband back , we are not in good terms from an year now. It was all perfect and all of a sudden changed . Now we are away too .
    He doesn’t contact anyone at all . Please suggest.
    Regards ,

  158. Sir please tell me what to watch for getting through the upsc exam and get the desired job as an IAS officer? Switch words for education video or switch words for desired job video? Can I watch the video on behalf of someone else who wants to get success?

  159. Sir, to go through the upsc exam and get the desired job as an IAS shall I watch the video of switchwords for education video or switch words for desired job? Can I watch the video on behalf of someone else so that he might get through it?

      • Sir to get through upsc exam and to get into a job as IAS officer shall I need to watch the switch words for education video or switch words for desired job video? Can I watch the video on behalf of someone else do that he may get the job?

  160. hi sir i m too much confused among so many techniques swtich words ,ec,mantras,loa…how to know which one would be best for me .i want to concentrate on a single techniqe .which one is the best ,most powerful and will cover all areas of my lie ..waiting for ur reply .

  161. sir,
    Can the Kleem mantra be used by a child to make more friends and protect himself from bullies. What is the best mantra which a child can use to form great friendships?

  162. Namaste,

    Can Kleem mantra be used by young children who are been bullied and teased to win over friends and build strong friendships ? Not talking about attracting members of the opposite sex but influencing peer group so that they can play harmoniously and not be bullied? Please let me know of some simple mantra which a 7 year old can use.

    Thank you

    • Yes Anu, Kleem is very helpful for your child… even a child can also chant “Kleem Golden Sunrise” for attraction and glory too…

  163. I want two things
    1. Charming younger looks.
    2. Positive and blissful mental state unaffected by outer negative or adverse circumstances.
    Used kamdev gayatri mantra, felt good. But want sum thing more powerful. Can u suggest anything for above. Thank u.

  164. I like one boy in my office and he also likes me but after one month when we were drunk we had sex and now after that he changed and now he using me whenever he needs to talk he comes closer otherwise he doesn’t even talk to me. I want him badly please suggest me something best fast and effective mantra as i already trusted many pandits but didn’t get effective solution. Please help me i am dying everyday because of his behavior.

    • Chant the switch words “Together adjust tiny thanks” to let go of an ex ..and to attract true love you can also repeat the switch words ” bring-on love divine now”.Don’t be attached to that guy…rather ask Divine to bring you true love …

  165. Dear Sharat Sir, Pranam, would you please suggest me some specific Mantra for getting New Job and how to attract my office Superior as well as others surrounding people wining them. Is KLEEM Mantra effective for this purpose? If so then how many times to be Chanted and daily specific time.

  166. Sir attraction power ko badane ke liye matra batadijiye kisi v byakti ko akashit kar sake apne boss ko,meating ke logo ko, ya Jo v mujhse mile akarshit ho jay.pls

  167. Sir, I’m aware of this kleem mantra as Om Kleem Namah..
    Past 9 month were very crucial for my marriage life. I tried each and everything to keep it to gather. Same basic prob his ex back in our life. I’ve given up the thought of he’ll leave her. Now I’m looking for mental peace and bit of attention which enhance my social life, not romantically but as social type.

    Sir Pls suggest me something to retort the current situation.

  168. Comment:Sir i very upset about my unstable carrier i need stable in my carrier right now i have no job and i need prefect life partner what should i do . i very double minded i wish u will give answer which manter i should do

  169. I had been rejected and left a broken heart by another as she got married to her new lover couple of years before. As I was already recovering from the 3 year pain and though had no intention of breaking up anyone or intervening in her life anymore or even talk to her,, I just chanted kleem everyday to find a new girl to move on. Instead, the person who left me ended up in broken marriage and has been trying to get back to me now. That is right after I started following your advice two months back. Coincidence?? I dont know. Anyways.. Im going to put in more thought and energy to my KLeem chanting. Thank you.

      • Sir, I’m aware of this Kleem mantra as Om Kleem Namah. And I’m going it on and off since Jan. See.. My husband’s ex girlfriend is back in our life I fought with him confronted that lady but end result is kinda backfired me to. Then I rean on internet about this Om Kleem Namah. Since last 4-5 days I were doing Kleem HUSBAND NAME Kleem. All of sudden he’s more and more angry with me. DOn’t know what reason and same page I can’t control my rage as well. If you can suggest something that would be great.. I spent my 16 years of llife for that man and never cared about myself my social life..

        Sir I know kleem mantra is very powerful. Suggest me something which can put this solution to rest so as my mind. I wanna life some life for myself too.

  170. Dear Sir, I came across your site by accident but after reading all these posts I am amazed and very interested in what you have to offer people. I too would like to ask you for advice and if need be I am happy to pay for it. I recently found out about a woman whom we were secretly in love with each other when we were teenagers, however now 30 years later she has recently (few months) separated so I would like to find out if we would be a good match for a long lasting loving relationship/marriage. I will be meeting her in a couple of weeks time at a party where I will get a chance to talk with her and see if she still has feelings for me which I believe she may. What would you suggest I do?
    Thank you.

  171. Sir,

    Am getting suicidal thoughts, due to failure in getting love. A month back i had break up. But i can’t live without him, my all happiness gone with him. I have list my smile, my career, my family as well. I want him back in my life alongwith same respect, love and care. Please help me.

  172. Sir, for how many days should i continue this and how many times a day should i chant this for its best results? My desire is to only heal the damaged relationships with my love, so on that basis for how many days should i continue this to achieve the results

  173. Hi

    I was wondering way it says on ather sites to pronounce kleem more like this kleeeeemm prolonging the e and rounding of the m.

  174. Hello sharatsir/ Is there mantra to eliminate the laziness completely, I Was always in lazy from morning to midnight eventhough i get an enough sleep, Any MANTRA FOR ACTIVELY STAY SIR?

  175. Comment:
    sir i want to get attractive looks…. just because it will make me happy…. will kleem mantra help me to get charm in me??
    how we chant kleem mantra?

  176. Hi sir ,
    From last 10days had I lost my job ..still searching job..could plz help any power full job mantra ..sorry sir again I’m asking.. And thanks in advance sir.

  177. Hello Sir,

    I am a married person I love my wife so much, but physically i am not satisfied.
    I want more girls in life those just want FUN and ENJOY not marriage.
    Can I chant this mantra without affecting my married life.

  178. Chanting kleem 1008 times everyday since the first week of January. Wanting a girlfriend or a lover. No woman has shown a serious interest in me at all. Not sure if to keep up the mantra or give it up.
    Your thoughts and advice are sought.

    Thank You

  179. Chanting Kleem 1008 times every day since
    first week of January for a girlfriend/ lover.
    Other than a few women mildly flirting then departing, no serious offers from women wanting me as a boyfriend or lover.

    Any thoughts or advice?

    Thank You

  180. Sir i chanted kleem mntra frm last frdy bt mere relatin mai aur jyada problm ho rhi h nd ladai bhi plz plz hlp me out wat shld i do nw cz i rly luv him so mch nd i dun wana loose him

  181. Hi sharat sir.I have been learning about mantras for the last 5 years..my first mantra I learnt was om namah shivaya at a meditation course and found it to be fantastic..but lately I was reading about mantras how they can be dangerous because we may be attracting a negative energy..because nobody really knows the Sanskrit meanings of these mantras meanings.so how do we know if mantras can be effecting our live in a negative direction?

  182. Hi Sharat Sir,
    Unfortunately for some unknown reason I am not able to watch/ view the video you suggested. When I click on the link you sent, it goes to an error page. Please help. Also, for what length of time/ days should I watch the video?
    Warm Regards,

  183. Hi Sharat Sir,
    I just have 2 questions:
    1) I am divorced. I am over the marriage so I have no baggage and I am happy. I would like to get married now. I am getting older and I’m concerned because I’m not meeting any qualities guys! What mantra can you suggest for meeting a man to marry but I want to be happily married this time.
    2) On Feb 3rd you commented that the Kleem mantra can not give a person true love, therefore it only manifestes powerful attraction and love (but not true inner soul love). Could you please suggest a mantra for manifesting a true relationship and true inner love. Thank you kindly in advance

  184. Sir,
    I have been chanting this kleem shreem kleem mantra everyday for last two three months as you suggested n of course thanks to you that our relationship has gone better than as it was for the last 1/2 years, which I can feel. But sir , still there is no proposal of marriage from his family side . Is there anything else along with this means any video or any other mantra I may chant or watch to attract a proposal of marriage from his side.

  185. Hi i have written this mantra for 45 days kleem 108 times but i dont know if any changes are happening or will happenin future can u help please i am doing this to attract a specific person

  186. hi i ama singer n comercial composer how can i attract all my fans during the shows and by chanting kleem and the persons name will that help me to make her mine for ever

  187. Hello Sir,
    I am happily married but due to daily workload physical intimacy with my wife is happening less often. Please tell whether Kleem or any other switchword will help us to have wonderful physical relationship almost everyday.

  188. Sir, Is there any age limit for this mantra? Can this be practiced by teenagers? What is the best time in the day to chant this mantra? Is there a mantra for students to develop interest in their studies and excel in that?

  189. Dear Sir ,
    Thank you so much for providing us with the mantra and thank you for taking the time to read and respond to all our comments . This is a very noble act . I stumbled across Kleem mantra a few years ago on the Internet and tried it and was very pleasantly supposed with the results in terms of attraction . I tried it again a few times later but I did not work too well . Now with the proper guidance and disksha from guru I am doing it again . I chant the mantra at least half and hour every day without fail and I have been doing it for 6 months now. I am doing it this time for a major government appeal which I am sure will come through with the power of this mantra .

    I wanted to ask you I have been told not to worry about thoughts that come to my mind as I chant . I have been told to just simply ignore them and don’t even think about it and continue chanting as its a normal process . Sir what is your comment on thoughts ?

    Also due to my schedule I can not chant at a certain time of the day but I do when ever I can find time and I have never missed a single day neither will I miss . Is this ok ?

    • Golden Sunrise Varun,
      Your guru is right and please don’t worry about thoughts…no one can stop his/her thought process…in meditation we can only slow down the process but can not fully stop it…you can chant anytime in the day or night….time is not necessary…the only thing you need to have during chanting is your faith…if you miss a day or two its ok..dont worry about any thing…

  190. sir,
    i have not got my answer-
    that if kleem is a mantra then can a girl chant this mantra even when in periods or should she give a break as we abstainfrom doing any thing religious like mantra, giving to the temple etc. and to see the effect of manta what is the minimum days.
    request you to answer as posting the question again

    • Golden Sunirse Nitu,

      If you chant as you are a girl and divine is something God or Goddess then no need to chant during periods…but if you chant as a child of divine and divine is your mother or father then go ahead….how can anyone tell you that chanting of a particular days give you something bla bla bla…no one has any meter or a unit to describe Divine’s blessing…

  191. since 2005 I can’t stay in any job for more than a few months because I always come across very harsh people. As a result, i can’t save and afford to pay for my higher studies. Each time I save it ends up being used for my ailments or fracture,etc. The guys I meet goes for the superficial and are hardly loyal. ill keep moving on but I keep getting trashy guys like a vicious cycle. Please advise a mantra. Thank you very much in advance.

    • Instead of chanting any mantra you need to believe your self first. Be Positive-Be Assertive… How many good relationships how have? “Bless Them” Don’t control anybody. Let them free. If you really want a mantra then chant “Thank You” as much as you can for as many things as you can…

  192. If kleem mantra is related to base chakra then how it attract love…?
    Because I have heard that for success in love it is necessary to open heart.
    Plz clear this confusion

    • Basic chakra can fulfill all your worldly desires and Love is also a worldly desire. Kleem mantra can not give you true love, it give only love and powerful attraction…for true love you need to love somebody with depth of your soul, without this nothing or no mantra can help you.

  193. Dear Sharat Sir,
    I have one confusion about KLEEM Mantra meaning. Because you are mentioned that Kleem mantra meaning k k means kali L means Basic chakras E means Speed, E Means double speed M means god power, and mentioned that also kleem mantra purely belongs to mahakali. It is completely wrong
    KLeem mantra is belongs to Lord shri krishna not mahakali, Mahakali is beej mantra was Kreem not Kleem. my request is that sharat sir please change the wrong sentence.
    Thank you

    • Very nice explanation Suma Shetty,

      Do you ever find Kleem Mantra text anywhere in ancient holly books those belong’s to Lord Krishna? if yes plz share your knowledge here…
      And after that check Durga Saptshati which is believe to written almost 10000 BC. I appreciate your effort if you do so for all of US…

      One more think do you ever listen or heard Navarna Mantra !!! Om Aim Hreem Kleem Camundayai Vichche !!!

      Where The Mantra Om is used to represent Divine self.

      And Aim Mantra is the seed Mantra of Goddess Saraswati (Goddess of creativity and knowledge).

      And Hreem Mantra is seed Mantra of Goddess Lakshmi (Goddess of Money and Wealth and more).

      Kleem Mantra is the Mantra of Goddess kali (Goddess of power).


  194. do we have to write in any particular colour pen and also when ladies have their menses should it discontinued.
    another question sir is what after the book gets filled do we keep it or how to dispose it.

    guide us.

  195. when to start chanting any specific day to chant kreem mantra time any specific…
    and 108 times has it to be continuous at one go.
    if i write 108 times does it have to be in capital and can it be written any time during the day.

  196. Thank you for the fast and promt reply. Do I need to think of anyone in particular fixed in my mind while chanting? I do 1008 around 3.30 am sometimes evening.

  197. If I chant kleem shreem kleem,will it give me results of both mantra else some different result. I want to do the chanting for Fame,money and bliss.



  198. Dear Sir, regarding the Kleem mantra:
    1) I want to migrate to New Zealand. Can I chant KleemNewZealandKleem? If not, what can I chant to migrate to the country of my desire.
    2) I would like to get married to a New Zealander. What can I chant for this?

    Thank you for your help.


  199. So im a female (lesbian). Can I use this Kleem mantra to get love and attraction of same sex or chant other mantra to attract lesbians? Do help.

  200. Sir my guy is going to appear for civil service exam. Can I chant shreem brazee on behalf of him so that he can get success in the exam. Because he is not much ready to chant mantra.but I do belive in the mantra. Please let me know.

  201. Sir I am in relationship with a guy since last 3/4 years.he is from other culture and caste.still our parents were ready for our marriage initially.but for some minor or no reasons it got destructed.some misunderstandings are still prevailing between our families.though still we both are in touch & love eachother but there is no sign or talk of marriage from that side.now I am in 30 yrs of age and my parents are very much worried about my marriage.even they want me to get married with someone else. Is this mantra kleem with the guys name will help me to get marriage proposal from that side as soon as possible? Please help

  202. Sir please suggest the mantra for me to chant.. and the minimum times.mantra for early marriage since it’s already made… I want to be good looking and blessed with money and love too.. plzzz advise…

  203. Dear Sir,

    i was in a relationship in 2003 and we were so deeply in love and i left him in 2009 till now i dunno why. i tried to reconcile with him in 2011 as we were still in love with each other but because of his ego he refused and refused to see me!!! he got married in 2013 and i started dreaming about him in 2015!! he is crying and asking for my help! i tried to reach him to understand why are these dreams chasing me then later on i could reach his relatives and found that i was right and he is breaking up with his wife! i tried to forget about the matter but dreams started to chase me everyday! i tried to forget him but i started to get news so real news about him through my dreams! so in 2015 i decided to go see him and talk to him however he escaped and ran away from me!!!! didn’t even let me see him!! i am still in love with him and i could feel he is the same!! i want him back so bad please help me. one of my friends advised me to chant kleem for 45 days and it will help it to happen! please help me i want him so bad.
    note: he blocked me on facebook and whatsapp and my family as well after i tried to contact him
    note: our break up was so bad and i was so young i hurt him a lot. please help me

    • Don’t chase anyone who are not interested in you…whatever you dream about just a mere illusion…when someone is interested in you he/she shows some signs but in your case there are no sign…plz forget that guy and move on for new life…

  204. Hello sir,

    I m a girl. I was in relation of 8 years. he got married ( without telling ) I am 29 years now. I worried abt my future. feel like commiting suicide some time. plz help me. I have faith in lord Krishna. I want a good honest men who can take care of me and love me or want to meet my soulmate whoever god has decided for me.. 🙁 plz tell me the montra which will help me soon to get rid of this… :-((

    • Your twine flame never leave you alone, if you feel alone then he/she is not your true or twine flame…or you are at the stage where twine flame is a person for outer world and not for the inner world…

  205. Can Kleem be used to win back my Twin Flame he stopped communicating and I itried to move on but that didnt work, my heart is with this person always 🙂 Many thanks

  206. Sir
    My marriage is about to end. My husband don’t want to stay with me bcz of his parents. My husband is being egoistic and also not keeping contact with me . I want to save my marriage. If kleem mantra can save this? Pls help

  207. Sir i used to chant this mantra two years ago. I was not punctual like missing chanting some days. I was not expecting total attraction. I performed it for face glow. After joining the college girls attracted towards me like i was very shocked which one to choose and how to control. I always thought why they love me so much. Boys got very jealous and started a big war in college resulted in emptiness of college. After that i havent chanted it . Had it backfired. I m very scared chanting this

  208. Sir how many total videos we can see in a day not including cosmic codes or including also plz you can tell both sir please help me Divine thks

  209. Sir how many total videos we can see in a day not including cosmic codes or including alsi plz you can tell both sir please help me

        • Chant Santan Gopal Mantra for child minimum 540 times a day… here is the mantra

          ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं क्लीं ग्लौं देवकीसुत गोविन्द वासुदेव जगत्पते देहि मे तनयं कृष्ण त्वामहं शरणं गतः

          Om Shreeng Hreeng Kleeng Glaung Devakisut Govind Vasudev Jagatpate Dehi Me Tanayam Krishn Tvaamaham Sharanam Gatah

  210. Hi sir namaste. i am married a decade back till take we do not have child, clinically it says there is no problem. can i use this KLEEM mantra to have child.

  211. Pranam Sir,
    M in a relationship with this girl since last three years. We used yo have our share of fights, love and deep connection. Since last month though, because of her parents, she is trying to get away from me. Please suggest how can I get her in my life forever as my wife, with due consent of her parents. Her parents, specially her mother is a whole lot caste conscious. Please help Sir as it is a do or die situation for us.

  212. how to prevent someone who is going in wrong way but he don’t know he is going in wrong way? everybody know he is doing wrong but in blindness he can’t see what is good n what is bad? and he is not ready to listen as he think he is right and others are wrong?? is there any solution on this situation?
    eagerly waiting for reply.

  213. Comment: sir I had my breakup 18 days ago..I love him a lot but it is trouble for me to predict his love because he is reserve by nature..I feel that he love me but this time misunderstanding won over our relation..I want him back..will kleem mantra help in this??

  214. Dear sir
    Can Kleem chanting attract my wife back ee have lots of issue and my spouse neglects me we hardly talk she just avoids me
    Please help

  215. Hi Sir,

    I am trying to post a comment over here but my comment is not showing???? Please provide me with an alternate communication address so that i can consult you.

  216. Hello Sharat sir,
    Can I chant kleem mantra to attract someone very specific. I mean to make him mine forever. He is attracted to me but not as a lover. I love him immense. He is no joke for me. His aloofness kills me. I really love him. Have never loved anyone this much. I chanted this mantra for 30 minutes today. What can I do for better & faster results? I really love him. I am very serious about him. Your guidance shall make my life. Help. Thank you 🙂

  217. I love a guy deeply. He used to like me a lot before. We chatted also like long lost lovers. I really love him..my feelings are very genuine and true. I am not obsessed with the idea but I love him. How can I make him want me or love me? I don’t want to be his timepass. But I want him to see me again as his compatible. I chanted ‘Kleem’ for 30 minutes today. Anything else that I can do? Specially when I meet him then! Thank you!

  218. Pranaam,

    Sir i wanted to know the correct way to chant this mantra, do i have to chant it in my heart of speak out the Kleem mantra for it to be effective, last year in Oct i was getting married to a girl with whom i was in a 5 year long relationship but she refused just before our engagement because her christian pastor refused her. Since then she isnt talking to me and has blocked me everywhere. I want to marry her and i really do love her. I was reading Dr. Pillai and came across Shreem Brzee mantra for prosperity and mobey and also Kleem mantra, i also came across Om Shreem Kleem Brzee Namah mantra. I have been chanting Shreem Brzee mantra for over 5 days now and i chant 1296 times daily. Please tell me how to use Kleem mantra as i still love that girl and want to marry her and spend rest of my life with her. If i chant Om Shreem Kleem Brzee namah mantra will it give me the desired result of having the girl back and also prosperity or i have to chant both the mantras separatly. I am really trying hard sir please do let me know.

    Thanks and Regards

  219. Pranaam Sir,

    My girlfriend with whom i was getting engaged last oct decided to listen to her christian pastor and do a breakup with me….its been more than a year since she hasent spoken to me and has blocked me everywhere…..i was reading Dr. Pillai`s article and found about Shreem Brzee mantra for prosperity and wealth and Kleem for love. I have been chanting Shreem Brzee for over 5 days now and i have chanted for more than 5600 times…..i want to start with keel mantra as well….please tell me the correct way to chant it and also do i have to chant inside my heart or out loudly……also i cam across a mantra Om Shreem Kleem Brzee Namah, will this help me in attaining the desired mantra to get prosperity and also will the same girl come back in my life as i still love her. and i do want to marry her. Please let me know sir i have been trying hard.

    Thanks and Regards.

  220. Thank you very much for this article , today in the
    Morning I had some doubts about it .
    All my doubts are cleared after reading it .
    Thank you

  221. Hi Sir, I want my ex back in my life. He brkup with me one month ago I tried all means that I want to be with him BT he showed no interest on me . I cried evry single day frm the day he brokup. Please help

    • Thank you very much for replying.
      So do I say 108 times ” KLEEM MOHAN KLEEM, and do I need to look at his photo into his eyes or visualise him while chanting to speed up e process or that’s not necessary.
      In addition, a) do I need to chant AIM after KLEEM, as I heard that will make him marry me and be attached to me like s magnet or KLEEM will do that, and b) will KLEEM help to make him propose me for marriage, as this is what I want.
      Awaiting your reply anxiously on this. Thanks.

  222. Hi, as you mentioned above , Kleem mantra will help our desired person who have never even concerned to look at you now coming up to you because they feel a magnetic attraction into you even your looks are still same. Will that make me crazy(bechaan) of me, and only love me not any other woman, and have only me in his mind and propose me for marriage, as I want to settle down and have family with him. In addition, do I need to say him name of look at his photo while chanting, and do I chant aloud or in silent. Kindly let me know. Thanks.

  223. Hi, as you mention above that Kleem can help with our desire person
    who have never even concerned to look at you now coming up to you because they feel a magnetic attraction into you even your looks are still same. Will that make him crazy(bechaan) of me and only love me, not any other woman and think of me only and propose me for marriage, as I want to settle down and have family with him? Do I need to say his name or look at his photo while chanting. How to chant, aloud or in silent? Kindly advise?

      • Does i record my own voice with same method and keep listening it in headphone in loop continuously instead of chanting, does it will help.. ?, because in office & with people around you cannot chant.

  224. Hi

    Please tell me. Can i use the mantra kleem to atract my ex girlfriend, or there is something better? The broke up was two months ago.