Jet Lag Quick Relief with Ease (Instant Relief)

Flight fatigue or travel insomnia, anything we can also term as jet lag. It happens due to travelling in different time zone from that of your own daily routine. It can also be experienced by other emotional physical symptoms. This can include anxiety, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, sweating, memory loss, dizziness. Irregular heart beat or any other related illness.

Either children or adults, anyone can suffer from jet lag. If you travel a lot and can relate to your symptoms with those of jet lag, you too are suffering from same. But if other signs of sickness or dizziness are there do seek medical help. And do avoid frequent trips.

Causes of Jet Lag

When a person travels a lot or travels far from his native place and time zone changes quite a much, jet lag happens. In this body is incapable to cope with a new and different time zone. Like a person travelling from India to Australia can suffer from jet lag as the body is not used to the new time zone and will feel insomnia, dizziness, fatigue, irritation. It might lead to either diarrhoea or constipation as brain is confused to what is the right schedule of passing the stool and day/night combination now.

Body reaction due to Jet Lag

Our bodies are set up with time zone of our native land, the place where we live maximum. A part of brain is set up with a time zone and works like a clock which also regulates temperature of the body, blood pressure, glucose level. When brain notices the day and night pattern in a fixed way, it moves accordingly. It works in a routine of passing stool, feeling hungry, and other daily routine, but when it sees a change in the day and night it gets confused about the routine set and jet lag occurs.

There is no particular severity of jet lag and also it may vary in symptoms also in different people and different time zone and different distances.

The risk factor in jet lag might long last and become severe if you travel across three or more times, fly extremely opposite direction, quite old in age, fly frequently, sleep and stress are in manageable, or alcohol consumption is much.

The recovery from jet lag depends upon the time zone travelled. It is temporary so recovery is soon but if you are not at ease soon or your sleep deprivation or stress increases then risk of a stroke increases.

Remedies of Jet Lag

Many home remedies like physical exercise, good diet, complete rest can help in getting out of jet lag soon.

Get your medical check-up in routine if you already suffer from diabetes or heart problem and then plan your trip with doctor’s advice.

Adjust your time schedule days before leaving and returning back so that body is saved from the shock of change.

Avoid alcohol before or during the flight, to have a nausea free travel and comfortable journey.

Drink good amount of water than any intake of coffee.

Make movements in the plane to stretch your body, legs and knees. And avoid much naps. Rather keep busy in something creative or productive.

If possible break your trip into small parts, take good breaks in your journey.

Wear simple, comfortable clothes and keep yourself as comfortable as possible.

With little babies try to follow same routine, this will help them avoid jet lag.

Avoid unnecessary medication.

And also watching this cosmic code video is beneficial.  

Jet Lag Quick Relief with Ease (Instant Relief)

How to use this Jet Lag Quick Relief video?

You just need to watch this Jet Lag Quick Relief video before, during or after flights possible with a good headphone. After watching your mind will totally get fine-tune with your body and atmosphere, so your Jet Lag problem gets healed quickly.

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