Now Heal, Revive & Cure Any Organ Easily & Simply Using VK

VK is attuned with Cosmic energies. VK has its own wisdom to send required energy, even when you don’t know which energy to request.

In this video ⇑, you can learn how to simply use VK to revive or heal any organ or body part. Even a child can use VK in this way.

You can know more how VK energizes every cell of the organ or body part by directly focusing energy on it. You can do this healing for your vital organs like Brain, Heart, Lungs, Liver, Kidney, pancreas or any other organ. Know more benefits of this amazing process, VITAL ORGAN BALANCING in this article.

You can also do this Vital Organ Balancing in easy ways for others or self as given in examples in this article.

You can club Cosmic Serums with Vital Organ Balancing process to creatively use VK.

Here ⇓ are some interesting links to read VK success stories, where VK users used VK on their body to heal or recover:

  1. Healing of toothache using VK in a simple way.
  2. A VK mother healing abdominal discomfort of her son using VK.
  3. Getting rid of stress headache and pain in the eyes.
  4. Eczema healing with simple steps.
  5. Menstrual pain has gone.
  6. Recovering beautifully from a big cut and injury caused by a metal rod in the leg.
  7. Chest pain and acidity relief in an easy way.
  8. Stomach pain relief.
  9. Leg pain, fracture, and desired body weight and shape.
  10. Clearing of severe acne in a simple way.
  11. Escape from fistula surgery.
  12. Getting rid of Tennis elbow.
  13. Pressing of acupressure points.
  14. VK in emergency healing, rescuing pain caused by a hitting stone (Testimonial no 129).
  15. Walking through the fire with no wounds.

VK can be used in simple as well as creative ways to energize any body part. Do explore VK to de-stress your eyes, take relief from hidden or stubborn pains, shape up your body. Do explore VK with this simple and powerful way of energizing body.

Gratitude to Sharat Sir for VK and its infinite possibilities for good health. This video and article are prepared under the guidance of Sharat Sir.

Note: Follow doctor’s advise wherever needed.

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  1. Thank you so much Rakhi ji for this video. I am using VK on my pancreas area with chanting of Key Pen Serum and Digee Serum one by one. I am also using VK for eyes by chanting Eye Serum.
    Gratitude and Golden Sunrise

    • GOLDEN SUNRISE to you Babaljeet Kaur,
      Thank you for your thanks. Thank you for sharing your way of using VK. Do share your VK experiences on Litairian forum or in litairian article comment box to inspire others.

  2. Pranam Sharat Sir Golden sunrise
    I tried VO of my face with all clear serum chanting with VK.Started this on the day i saw this video in Apr everyday few min i face has a better complexion with lesser and lightened dark patches and pores.Thank you Sir for VK.Thanks for video Rakhi.Feels good.

  3. I want Mata Laksmi to give me healing of abundance wealth for a healthy, wealthy, happy & prosperous life for my whole lifetime. Tqvm Sharat Sir Ji for your altrustic love.

    • @Seema

      Send GOLDEN SUNRISE to your wish with VK. Keep the intention of best deserving partner for her in marriage

  4. Golden sunrise and thank you Rakhiji. I wish to seek one advise. when one has to energise/revive many organs say like Revive ears (improve hearing from Loss of hearing), to destress eyes, relieve pain in hand and fingers due to working during the day, simultaneously heal the feet pain due to heel-spur by the end of the day and so on. Can it all be done in one go, by rotating VK at respective locations one by one in one sitting. If so, for how long VK has to placed or rotated at each site?
    Thanks & Regards,

    Mrs Raghavan

    • GOLDEN SUNRISE R Raghavan,

      Thank you for your thanks. Yes in one sitting you can do this healing as shown in the video , one organ at a time, and back to back.

      The time of each healing will depend on need of the energy. For normal energising its 3-4 mins per organ. If there is illness then maybe 5 to 20 min. With practise, a VK user will know the time.

      Some organs may need daily healing for 10 min or some may just need few mins. You will also know from the relief you get. Just do with ease and intention to be healthy NOW FOREVER.
      Do share your VK experiences on Litairian forum


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