Gratitude Definition is Very Simple {Attitude of Gratitude}

Gratitude Definition is very simple. Gratitude it’s not just a word, its feeling, feeling of being grateful, feeling of being thankful, For BIG or SMALL, for each and every little thing of The Universe, for each and every small atom of The Universe.

Which gives us Life to Live, Air to Breathe, Water to Drink, Food to Eat and Beauty to Enjoy. The law is… more we are thankful for anything good in our life the more we attract again.

Making gratitude a daily practice can help us at all levels, Mind, Body and Soul. Being thankful even for the tiniest bit from The Universe fetches us more good.

Gratitude Definition is Very Simple {Attitude of Gratitude}

Practicing gratitude just by words is not enough; we need to pour our deepest true feelings while doing so.

Like more and more we are thankful for being a good friend we get surrounded by more good friends. Law of attraction says if we are thankful for something we get more of it in abundance but if not then that will be taken away.

That doesn’t mean that we fear of not focusing good, rather we make gratitude a daily routine. Knowing that feeling thankful for something will be given in abundance we can be practical enough to focus on stuff to be thankful for.

Like thanking for an Exotic Vegetable means we are rich enough to buy that. It’s an art to understand the fact behind being thankful for such a vegetable. The fact that we are in a way thankful for Being Rich and Enjoying Luxury. And only rich are able to afford not poor.

So in other way we are thankful for the money Universe has given which makes us able to buy that exotic vegetable and not exactly the vegetable.

Being Thankful means we are grateful for the SOURCE of a particular thing like being thankful for Zebra crossing is actually being thankful for the safe FEELING while crossing the road.

A friend of mine asked me whats the fun of being thankful for Zip pouch which is just used in refrigerator to preserve a vegetable. I said I m thankful for that zip pouch because it helps me in storage too with comfortable packing and preserving of the food.
So it is very smart to know the real reason and way of being thankful. Lets be thankful and practice gratitude.

YES!!! Even to the tiniest bit given by HIM.

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