GOLDEN SUNRISE ® Poem is Dedicated to Divine and You


The chirp of the birds softly,

Shook the day Awake…..!

Breeze caressing the nature,

Are perfectly in Handshake…!!

Flowers sway in harmony,

With intoxicating Fragrance….!

Seems like welcoming,

An outburst of Radiance……!!

Radiance of golden sun

Is this the illuminating rendezvous,

Which the night was trying to Conceal….?

And in spite of all its endeavors,

Was not able to Enveil…..?

Oh, there seems some Intricacy,

Guess it’s a deep Conspiracy,

Whom did darkness try to Antagonize…..

Behold, it is the Golden Sunrise …!!

Golden Sunrise End of darkness

Golden Sunrise is God’s Charity,

Endowed to bestow abundant Prosperity…..!

It blesses with Peace, Joy & Happiness,

And Wipes off & Clean, all Asperity…..!!

Now, there shall not be any Pain to Agonize,

As we have, the power of Golden Sunrise….!!

golden sun magic

When anguishes are too much,

And the poor heart Sink….!

But still one’s Hope,

Gives a naughty Wink……!!

And says, not all is Forfeited,

C’mon you are yet not Defeated……!!

What brings this magic, it’s a Surprise….

It’s the divine bliss of Golden Sunrise…..!!

power of Golden Sunrise

Gone are the days of Distress & Dismay…!

Diseases are wiped off and Depressions are Away…!!

Mantras more powerful and Serums Energize….!

All are the legacies of Golden Sunrise…..!!


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Sanjay Roy
An amazing person with the beautiful insight of spirituality. ISHMA Global Golden Star Award Winner (Mumbai 2017). Cosmic Energy (VK) Healer. A Certified VK Teacher. A senior member in core committee of Litairian. Adds great value to thoughts and knowledge. A person not only to be followed as a mentor but a unique teacher too. An inspiring guide. Always suggests and follow to be positive even in the face of adversity. A self-less follower (and friend) of Sharat Sir. An author at Litairian.


  1. Beautifully expressed Sanjay sir

    Full body rejuvenated reading your words when we read chirp of birds.

    Whole heart got pink when it knew Sharat sir and GOLDEN SUNRISE are there for all of us in life’s thicks and thins.

    Gone are the days of dismay when GOLDEN SUNRISE guides our way.

    Not to be mentioned but now GOLDEN SUNRISE GOLDEN SUNRISE GOLDEN SUNRISE everywhere.


  2. GOLDEN SUNRISE Sanjay Sir

    Thanks for this Beautiful expression …..what GOLDEN SUNRISE does in all areas of our lives.
    Images are too good.
    GOLDEN SUNRISE has become an integral part of many lives…

    We join you in expressing gratitude to Divine and Sharat Sir for this beautiful switchword/mantra …. GOLDEN SUNRISE for use by anyone or everyone.



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