Golden Manifestation with VK is the Key to Success. Sometimes you feel depressed while doing golden manifestation. In this article, I am trying to help you with my point of view about golden manifestation. These points are the results of the long discussion with Sharat Sir about Golden Manifestation. My questions and some of his knowledge are blended below.

Despite so many efforts I could not achieve my goal

Omg !!! Gave so much of energy still it didn’t work

I think my VK needs a recharge

I think it has stopped working.

These are some common questions arising during manifestation, ARE THEY?

Well, if YES then I have some simple things to keep in notice while manifesting. Here are some tips in some simple language which might help you know the way to golden manifestation.

1. Rule One



As soon as you came to know about VK and its achievements you are quite excited to achieve each and everything in life. You have many goals to achieve. All seem to be important and achievable.  And you want all of them to achieve it overnight, Is it?

I agree that VK has a speed of rocket to take you to your goal but you should take the time to manage and prioritize your list which you want to manifest. All the things and wishes need their own particular set of action and amount of energy to be invoked and filled to be manifested. For someone losing weight can be the first goal and for someone buying a car. For someone, a home is a priority and for someone curing illness can be the on the top list. Knowing and prioritizing the wish list shall help you amazingly achieve it too.

2. Rule Two


It is very important to set a plan of action. by a plan of action we mean we should be clear about the thing we want and lay out maximum points possible to take the action as a human. When we lay a clear plan for our manifestation in as much detail as possible, it becomes easier and easier to keep moving towards our goal. For example, if we have to buy a car then we should know what would be our plan of action to buy a car. For some people arranging money can be the first step, for some other people seeking permission of an elder person of the house would matter. For some choosing the favorite car, color, model, number out of the wide variety available in the market would be important. some might buy a car out of surprise for a loved one to increase the loving bond between them or to make them special or some might buy a car for status symbol, either you have to invest on your own or you wish your partner to be with you in your choice, these and many more reasons might be involved to think for a person to actually buy a car. 

After analyzing these points one can know which area needs the energy to buy a car. Is it a relationship or a money arrangement project? Is it a matter of choice or just a simple wish of a good status?

3. Rule Three


So know what you exactly want, which is going to finance the car, where would the finance come from, who all needs to agree to get that car home. Which company car should you buy? Which model should you buy? What all features you want in the car. If you need a particular amount of money to buy a car then the plan includes energy to the work, which will give you more money to buy the car. If you need to take permission from an elder then harmonize the relationship, if you want to buy a particular company and model then ask VK to help you choose the best one according to your requirements.

4. Rule Four


Make a list of energies to be invoked to achieve your goal. Like what affirmation and switch words to be used or what colors or serum are to be used for a particular goal. Like if you are suffering from cold and cough you shall invoke energies of Orange Color and ENT Serum prepared by Sharat sir.

Or if you want to lose weight then you have many things to use.  SWITCH WORD, affirmation and serum energy.



5. Rule Five


Knowledge is the treasure but using and practicing it is the key. Simply knowing the things cannot help you achieve the goal. So now take action. Taking actions means make EC for SW, prepare water with FLAB DOWN SERUM and anytime in the day you can simply keep commanding with the affirmations finalized. And ENERGISE it with VK. VK knows completely NOW what you wish and has its own intelligence to work accordingly.

6. Rule Six


I want to lose weight but up till now, nothing has helped me, how will I lose weight now? 

I am not dieting, how will I lose weight now?

I am not exercising how will I lose weight now?

I love food how will I manage to lose weight now.

I have tried so many times but it was always hopeless, how will it happen now?

I want to shed off all the weight and be a film star (how can be a short and a fat person can ask for a figure like that o KATREENA KAIF).

Then when no results are out this wish will leave you disappointed and you think again this effort was in vain?

Now keep your focus in check. Check what are you feeling about your goal? Are you happy? Are you waiting for a practical result?

Hope you are not giving the energy of FLAB DOWN SERUM AND EATING only pizza and burger?

Hope you are positive about your result?

Hope you are happy to be slim and fit into your dresses again?

7. Rule Seven


Though VK turns the things upside down in a speed of rocket but it needs your practice too. More and more you practice more shall be the increment in the FAITH and more the faith more shall be the results. You wouldn’t go impatience to see the results NOW. Practice makes a man perfect (also a woman too, jokes apart) and increases in faith will help you be patient to see your results. Practice as many things you can, this helps you in understanding the working of energies and VK. Once you are in habit of getting smaller results, you can help yourself wait for the bigger results too. 

8. Rule Eight


To add on to your results you can also use LAW OF ATTRACTION. That means adding your visions and mind energy to your goal. Like if you are working to buy a car then you can imagine yourself to be seated in the car, or FEEL the happiness when the car would be home. You can FEEL the long drive with your partner, you are going to a party in your new car, your friends and relatives are congratulating for your new car. Some friends ask for a ride in your new car. Some are praising for the choice of the model, color, and features of the car. This will also help you stabilize your focus towards the achievement of your goal.

9. Rule Nine


BE happy that you are working to achieve your dreams. Many don’t even think of. Be happy that you are making the efforts of achieving your target; many don’t even consider it possible. Be happy that you are having VK with you, many don’t even know about it yet.

10. Rule Ten



Pay gratitude to VK, BE THANKFUL TO GOD, and be thankful for the awareness and ways of achieving your target. Be thankful that a person, our SHARAT SIR invented it and shared it with humanity. Be thankful that you are self-independent to achieve your goals. Be thankful to all the related people of your wish to help you one or the other way, either positive or negative. All help somehow.

11. Rule Eleven


When we keep energizing one goal then we think what will happen to this and other goals of life. When you energize one goal do keep in mind next goal too, so that will help in energizing it timely and fast. And you do not keep sitting, energizing one goal and if it is not manifesting for any reason then you get disappointed of not reaching your goal.

Please feel free to comment into the comment box below and ask anything regarding this golden manifestation article. I am here to help you on golden manifestation topic. If you liked this post, would you consider sharing it or forwarding it? WISH YOU A HAPPY GOLDEN MANIFESTATION. Read here what is Golden Sunrise Mantra ®.


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  1. Ftom whr to get VK KADDA sir..i m also new to it…i need ur guidance ..can i chant GOLDEN SUNRISE for mine relationship with hubby as its not going worse.pkz guide me..thanx sir

  2. Dear Sir
    I was introduced to Switch Words by my cousin a few months back. Had not really used it as the need did not arise.
    It was only yesterday ie.29thmay2017 when I got a call from my daughter in Mumbai that she cudnt find her hand bag which cotained some important documents and important set of keys plus her driving lisence & debit cards. She had safely kept her handbag in one of the empty laptop bags around the stage in a mall where she was to give a Jembe demo.
    My first reaction was she should not worry as she would find it as that is what my gut feeling said.
    Second was something prompted me to open the net and check on switch words which I did.
    Next was i found the SW REACH.
    I called her and requested her to chant REACH.
    This was amazing, I was further prompted to look for a stronger word/words and it was I found a similar case where the person chanted CERATO,CHESTNUT BUD,ROCK WATER,REACH. I also read about someone writing the words down. I did the same.
    Something prompted me she would get her bag by morning.
    My visulisation increased as i was chanting and writing.
    Next morning I called my daughter to speak to her only to hear from her cousin that they had received a call from the mall and were called to identify the bag. God be praised it was her bag with all her belongings but was raveged for money which was not there. Thank you to my Universe my Angels and the powerful SW that we found the handbag. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES.
    Ms Navaz.K H

  3. my thanks to you Sharat Sir,

    I got the VK and I am so suprised about your team and their support.They always do have an open ear and heart to guide you through the manual and different possibilities to help through VK.

    I am working on my Monsieur Max, my cat, who is with me since 19 years in July – now practising with the help of VK to install the Pain Care Serum which is without toxication for him and I hope he is feeling good.

    Did learn a direct practice to work on organs which was also helpful and avoided a backeye infarct, thank you very much for the developement of VK and thank you very much to your perfect team.

    For myself, I got an intense reaction on the VK and the Swichtword Perfect health serum – I got fever and a painful bronchite which brought me to stay in bed now. I see it as a way to Perfect Health and as a presentation how VK and its 11 Cosmic Codes are working very fast and if the way to Perfect Health is to stay in bed and sleeping hours over hours and tossing hardly – then I see it as a way like in Homeopathy as there is for first a detoriation before the healing to perfect health is done.

    thank you – thank you – thank you

  4. thanks for the response Sir. pls note i did not get any manual. it was just Vk. no other mail. in the package. can someone pls mail it me again. thanks so much


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