Fire Element Represents Enthusiasm Passion Courage Spirited & Vigor


Fire Element (Agni tattva) as the name suggests represents fire. As we all know, Sun is the foremost source of energy in our solar system, so is the Fire Element in our body. Sun being the vital source of energy. Heat of sun makes the life possible on earth in the same way heat of Fire Element sustains life in the body. Fire Element is associated with our senses of touch, sight, and sound. With the aberration in levels of this

With the aberration in levels of Agni Tattva nature changes dramatically. Either the level gets increased or decreased, the fluctuation will only harm us. Agni Tattva also effects our thought process immensely. The main characteristics are shabda (sound), sparsha (touch), and roop (form).

Agni tatva is associated with anger. With the increase and decrease in this tatva, the person’s level of anger fluctuates. With the aberration in this tatva, the person may start getting easily irritated, restless and may panic in unfavorable situations. The people close to the affected person may have to bear the wrath of the person even for shortcomings. So there is a strong need to balance Agni Tattva to be happy and make others the same too.

Low level of Fire Element can be a reason of depression and poor diet. 

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Also its major role comes in digestion. The one whose digestion system doesn’t work properly, there might be an imbalance in his Agni Tattva. Hence to balance the Fire is the primary thing that one should do in order to get the desired nutrients and other healthy material extracted from the eaten food. Agni Tattva enhances your digestion, appetite and metabolism so that the desired material can be extracted from the eaten food. With an imbalance in this tatva, no matter how much the person tries, the beneficial effects of food will not reach the person. It is also the primary source of energy that causes us to do some work.

With an imbalance in Agni Tattva, no matter how much the person tries, the beneficial effects of food will not reach the person. It is also the primary source of energy that causes us to do some work.

Without the presence of the right amount of Fire Element, weight loss problem can not be materialized.

Fire Element represents enthusiasm, passion and spirited vigor. Fire Element also assists in blood production and production of other fluids. Agni Tattva assists in chemical and biological reactions. This is the base for all sources of energy. Fire Element shows its implication in form of heat and light. The energy is usually in effervescive form. Fire Element also is associated with the grace on your face and body along with the complexion of your body.  There are many other implications of Fire Element also. Click and read more about other elements.


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