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Energy Circle (EC) means a circle created to accumulate energy to send to a particular person, place, thing or event by your own intentions. You can use switch words, switch phrases, bach flower remedies, positive affirmations, mantras, prayers, gratitude, numbers, symbols and much more. Before moving ahead please click here and read what are switchwords and how to use them 


Some Do’s and Don’ts While Using Energy Circle (EC)

    1. Energy Circle (EC) should be pasted on a solid wall, or any other fixed place (see image 1). But if the energy circle is charged or activated through VIBBES KADA then pasting of an Energy circle on a solid wall or any other fixed place is not compulsory. It can be fixed or have a movement. You can carry your EC anywhere you want.
    2. Energy Circle (EC) at moving locations like one in a drawer or on a moving wall of almirah, or any other moving object or place doesn’t hold the energy, hence the Energy Circle (EC) pasted at such locations become ineffective (see image 2, 3, and 4). But if same Energy Circle is charged or activated through VIBBES KADA then the energy will still flow for your intention.
    3. Energy Circle (EC) should not be placed in any book, copy or any closed box where it’s radiated energy gets stuck (see image 2, 3, and 4). But if the same Energy Circle is charged or activated through VIBBES KADA then there is no boundation. Energy will still flow.
    4. Energy Circle (EC) should be either front facing or upward facing to let energy flow towards the universe to have positive manifestation done (see image 1 and 5). And there should be ample space of minimum 12 to 18 inches in front of Energy Circle (EC) for energy to spread and reach to goal. Only then it goes to the Desired AIM. (This is discovered by Sharat Sir as HE can see the energy field.) EC - WHAT IS ENERGY CIRCLE & HOW TO USE IT?
    5. Just a simple request to VK “activate all my ECs” helps us to make any number of wishes being manifested possible through the creation of Energy Circle (EC). 
    6. We can also activate these Energy Circles (ECs) with the energy of the switch word GOLDEN SUNRISE.
    7. As we are energizing these Energy Circles (ECs) with VK the only thing we cannot write in “The Serums of VK Made by Sharat Sir” (see image 6).
    8. Though these ECs have to be energized with VK, distance is neither a hurdle nor the number of times these Energy Circles (ECs) have to be charged. VK makes it easy to energize from anywhere at any time. EC - WHAT IS ENERGY CIRCLE & HOW TO USE IT?
    9. Energy Circles (ECs) work with 24×7 formula even but very slow while Energy Circle (EC) activated by VIBBES KADA can give amazing and speedy results.
    10. Colour, shape or size of an Energy Circle (EC) doesn’t matter, either with VK or without VK. The only thing to be followed is that it should be created with a non-breakable line (see image 10).
    11. We can also use intentional drawings in the Energy Circle (EC) like making a hut or a money tree for a new home or big money instead of using any word or sentences (see image 7).
    12. Only the name or picture of a person should be written in the EC. Date of Birth or Home Address including with Name requires more energy and it may take a long time for charging a wish because in that case, all the energy separated to name and other things mentioned in the Energy Circle (EC) (see image 8). EC - WHAT IS ENERGY CIRCLE & HOW TO USE IT?
    13. Create as many numbers of Energy Circles (ECs) for a single person but take only one aspect of a person in one Energy Circle (EC). Whereas while charging with VIBBES KADA, any number of people can be added in one Energy Circle (EC) for the same issue (see image 9).
    14. Make sure that everything is written completely inside the Energy Circle (EC) and not touching or crossing the boundary of Energy Circle (EC) (see image 10).
    15. Energy Circle (EC) can be made on any paper drawn by any color, pen or pencil. Printed Energy Circle (EC) looks pretty but it is not required in activation of the same when VK is used.
    16. Normally energy gets little disturbed if the paper is folded or crumpled, but when the same Energy circle is activated with VIBBES KADA then the intention matters first and it still gets activated.
    17. You can separate the names of people in the Energy Circle (EC) whom the energy has to be sent by Comas and multiple energies to be broadcasted can be separated by Hyphen (see image 9).
    18. The initials of names of the person whom the energy is being sent should be in capital letters and remaining name shall be in small letters e.g. Ron – Hermione.
    19. Name of broadcasting energies should be in capital letters e.g. GOLDEN SUNRISE–PINK ROSE.
    20. GOLDEN SUNRISE while added in any Energy Circle (EC) creates Great Wonder and Magic.
    21. Last but not least, you can tear the Energy Circle (EC) when you get your wish manifested. It deactivates the Energy Circle (EC) completely.
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Activate and Energize Energy Circle (EC) with VK?

Vibbes kada is a metallic (steel) wristlet attuned by Sharat Sir with 11 cosmic energies. This is used for healing. It is an infinite healing blessing which is neither person specific nor age. Any person can use it anywhere for any positive purpose. It can be used to charge Energy Circle – ECs which can be quite beneficial for a person. Please feel free to comment into the comment box below and ask anything regarding this article. We are here to help you on the Energy Circle (EC) topic. If you liked this post, would you consider sharing it or forwarding it? If you want to Learn How To Create Powerful Energy Circle For Different Issues Please Click #Here

Written By Payal Jain Under the Guidance of Sharat Sir


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  1. Golden Sunrise Payal mam and Sharat Sir
    Excellent article mam got some questions to ask:
    Re EC if i want to make EC for the shop where Im working should if I write the name of the shop only and below that the switch words is it ok? Or should I write name of the shop below the address along with the city and country as well and then finally the switchwords?
    And if want to send energy to all my staff via EC should i write Staff of XYZ store and below that the switch words ? Is address necessary?

    Thank you Mam and sir

  2. Golden Sunrise,Sharat sir and payal ji
    I am a member of a small credit society,want to participate in a bank as Director. I came to know that Energy Circle can help me to become director or member of Bank this institute where I am trying is related to my work experience can this helps me? how my nomination can be confirmed?or how can I get vote from governing body?etc please help me by all possible means of Energy Circles.I wish to hold this post.
    One other offer for school governing body also in consideration by a can I get entry thrugh.what is the basic process how can get support people or their names in Energy Circle.

    • GOLDEN SUNRISE Shirishji

      You can use these sw phrases in an EC with your name

      The word DIVINE will help in support in all ways.

      • I know the 21 participating people’s name and or their recognition post.
        How can I get their favour in voting,to become anonymously elected for certain post,or directorship

  3. Hello Sharath Sir,
    I downloaded EC for stucked money, in that I am writing names by pen but it is not looking clear, is it OK or not and also my name is Kiran Kumar whether I write Kiran or kiran kumar in the EC, pls explain me sir, waiting for ur reply.

  4. Namaste sharat sir
    I desperately need your help my son is 22 couldn’t complete his studies was resticated from school from then he has lots of problems depression he is short tempered now going through thrombosis treatment .
    He is interested in D J and light engineering but bcos of his health he is not able to cope up I don’t knw how to cope up want to knw about VK

  5. I got money stuck with many people, After I making one EC for all the people, can I put that Ec in my purse and carry it, as I am having VC. Pls suggest me.

    • Plz note: There should be ample space of minimum 12 to 18 inches in front of Energy Circle (EC) for energy to spread and reach to goal. Only then it goes to the Desired AIM. Plz read again.

  6. Hello Sharat Sir,
    Mine and my husband’s money is stuck with a couple for last do I get it back asap with EC and where can I buy VK.
    Plz help.

  7. what is the switch word for good heart health. if somebody has mitral valve leak. need switch word for good health and energy circle.

  8. Hi Sir,
    I want to make a EC for urgent money, can u please help me with specific colours, affirmations and sw.. i want a specific amount within specific duration

  9. Hello sir,

    I want to get admission fr my child in a particular school. Can i use switch words “golden sunrise (name of child) charm (name of school) school now”? Thanks in advance.

  10. Sir. I do not have VK. I want to use a energy circle for my son’s studies and examinations. He is in 12th now and is still lacking in focus and concentration towards life. Please help me how best I can use EC with out VK.
    Thanks and regards in advance.

  11. I am in debts and thing are becoming worst day by day please help me how to come out of this situation. please help me with switch word or EC whatever can work quick.

  12. Hello again,
    I want to make sure I am using VK with EC correctly.

    I have several ECs of various people and various issues.

    Throughout the day and always before sleep, I say…..
    “Oh Vibbes, please activate all of my Energy Circles” [3 times]
    “Thank you, thank you, thank you”

    I can go many weeks without reading each EC and I do not have in my memory what each EC says.
    Is it necessary or helpful, to read each EC, every day, or every week or month if there are no changes to the ECs?
    [they are tacked to a cork board which is hanging on my wall]

    Thank you,

    • You are doing correctly dear….keep doing the same…no need to read EC again and again…VK knows and remembers your every EC perfectly….enjoy your life with ease…

  13. Bharat sir, I would like to purchase vibes kada from you, how it is possible ie how to contact u n how to order for it. What is the cost n in how many days will I get it. Sudha Rao, Vadodara , Gujarat. email id :

  14. Sir jus now i noticed this page while surfing about angel numbers switch words bach flower remedies. Am new to this but i want to try this to get my promotional transfer as desired for which i am trying/struggling to get for the past 8 yrs. This year also i have applied and what switchwords should i chant/use EC to get through successfully. Am staying away from my family pl help me.

  15. Thank you. This article does explain more of how to use Energy Circles. I still have a question.
    Can I put my ECs on a cork board mounted on a wall and using tacks to hold each EC.
    So each EC will have a tack within the EC. Is this OK?

    Or, it is necessary to cut out the EC, say a square, leaving a little space to use the tack?

    • You can put your EC on a cork board with facing towards open space…you can make all EC on one paper…shape of EC doesn’t matter…

      • OK. Let me try this again.

        Is it OK to stick a tack into the words of an affirmation, within the EC, on my cork board? Thank you

  16. Hello sharat..are ther any EC switch words to overcome kaal sarp dosha,naga dosha/kuja dosha??
    if so,please let us know with switch words to be written in EC..
    you would be helpful to many people out there who even after performing every puja told by pundits are unable to yield any result..
    thank you

  17. Please sir help me that I get good proposal and marry soon by end of this year so that my parents tension become less.. please sir help me Thankyou❤

  18. Can I use switchwords, mantra related to one issue in the same EC, e.g. while making an EC for weight loss, can I write switchwords that u have used in your video for quick weight loss, also can I write linga mudra in EC which also aids in weight reduction

  19. Dear Sir,
    My child has autism. HE is 14 years old. His communication is severely affected. His EC will have his name – ‘Karan’, then do it write ‘communicate – well’ and ‘Golden sunrise’.
    I do not have Vibbes Kada to charge it. Instead i can just chant Golden sunrise to charge his EC ?

  20. Thanks for clearing the doubts. One more query, can we keep these EC cards under the pillow. Will it work?

  21. Dear Sharat sir ..I am unable to understand vk a patient of rheumatoid arthritis ..will this help me?Am going thru a troubled time with lots of issues help me sharat sir .am a big follower of yours.Thanku for the info u put up for us

  22. Hello Sir , Good Morning .

    Can we use mantras inside energy circles ? Like using Swayamvaraparvathy mantra. Is there any specific method for mantras?
    So if have created for myself and husband , My Name comes on top then Mantra and Husbands name. I wanted to post a sample but no option to upload.
    I have lotta issues in marriage and we are staying apart , Please suggest.
    Please suggest if KLEEM Mantra and help as well?


  23. I don’t have any personal space to put my energy circle on a solid wall. Can I put it as my desktop screen.
    Or can I save it as a file on my laptop and view it whenever I can.

  24. Hello Sir,

    Thanks for the post.I have one query. Does the Energy Circle works if my partner stays in different country? Ex: i am staying in India and My is in US.


  25. A very good article. Cleared many doubts but it would have been better if some examples of ECs are also included in the article. For example if any one wishes for a new home then how he or she can make an EC, what affirmation or switch word and what kind of energy should be used. I always have certain doubts about all these things and I think many of us must be having some doubts. Although Sharat sir and PJ can be approached to clear the doubts but I think we document it, it would be better for many of us. I must appreciate and thank Sharat sir and PJ for their efforts for making us aware about EC. THANK YOU THANK YOI THANK YOU.


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