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  • Are you searching for switch word phrases in multiple groups on facebook?
  • Do you have this question how can I remember long switch phrases?
  • If I use simple short Switch word phrases will it serve me?
  • What about single switch words, do they work?
  • Single switch words are easy…but should I use them?

If you have these types of questions and such doubts, read this article…

Switch word concept of healing originated from James T. Mangan from Chicago. He wrote a wonderful book with the title “The Secret of Perfect Living”. This book was first published in 1963. In this book, he introduced the concept of using words to change life for a person’s benefit. He referred them as SWITCH WORDS.

These words when used would unite the conscious and subconscious mind for the betterment of the person. The conscious mind desires with heart, but it also keeps thinking of obstacles and limitations. The subconscious mind runs your desires. When you use switch words by chanting or writing or through audio-video, these words get into your subconscious mind and unites it with your desires.

These words would help to increase wealth, improve relationships, to ward off obstacles in the path of prosperity and to feel happy and good. I already have an article where you can read everything about switch words in details.

James Mangan discovered Single words which would ‘SWITCH ON’ the subconscious mind with continuous use and connect it to your desire.

For example, he explains that the word COUNT can be used to Make Money. So when you keep using this word repeatedly, it makes an impact on your subconscious mind. The mind relates the switch word COUNT with counting…..Money is what you would like to count. Counting of money raises your frequency. Switch word COUNT is used as a money-making mantra. So just the word COUNT relates your subconscious mind to the conscious mind for money making ideas and actions.

Switch word BLUFF is a single word to ward off fears, so for any fears, one can chant BLUFF repeatedly.

Switch word REACH is a single word, which James explained that it can be used to find and reach to something which is lost. So when you just chant REACH, you can find a lost object or even REACH your goals if your mind feels lost with the current situation.

Switch word MOVE is to regain energy and go ahead. So just chanting of MOVE, your subconscious mind gets your conscious mind to work for the present and future.

Another switch word is DIVINE, which he explained that it can be used repeatedly to work miracles. So when you use the word DIVINE repeatedly, your subconscious mind connects to divinity and builds faith in Universe to deliver your wish. It is also a Master Switch word. So you can use it alone or combined with other words.

Switch word TOGETHER is another word, which activates the whole mind system. This is also known as Master Switch word and work wonders when used alone or even in a combination.

Switch word GOLDEN SUNRISE is given by me and it also works as a Master switch word. Alone it works to remove negativity and to open new avenues in your life.

Switch word ADD is another single word, which works wonderfully to add what you want more in your life… more love, more happiness, more opportunities, more money, etc.

In this way, you actually can use just single words as such or use master switch words as single switch words or if you feel you can club master switch words with the single switch words. All would work greatly.

James Mangan, the Pioneer of switch words discovered single words, which are very effective if there are mental blocks.

Some switch word masters then went beyond single words to form Switch word phrases combining single switch words and master switch words.

The switch word phrases also work. But they have certain limitations.

If you use an incorrect sequence of words, it may not give you the effect. Read this article DIVINE MAGIC BEGIN NOW or BEGIN DIVINE MAGIC NOW.

Also, it is difficult to chant big switch word phrases. The mind may get confused with too many switch words. Because switch words are only a mind game.

If you use long switch word phrases and confuse the mind, it will not serve the purpose. My personal view is that switch words should be used as single words or combination with Master switch words. The switch word phrase should have 3 or 4 single words. At the most 5 words in some cases, if it really required.

To simplify the use of switch word phrases, I added them in my switch word videos. When you watch them, you don’t have to concentrate on the words, as it will strike your subconscious mind when you watch them. I have attuned it with energies. So instead of chanting switch words for 25 min, you can have the same energy in 5 min, just by watching it. You can watch them even while you are traveling without much effort.

Some Points to Remember:-

  • James Mangan discovered single words.
  • James Mangan wrote a wonderful book with the title “The Secret of Perfect Living”.
  • Switch words ‘SWITCH ON’ the subconscious mind for manifestation.
  • Single words or Master switch words are easy to use.
  • You can chant or write them with ease.
  • You don’t have to memorize it as its only single word.
  • You can make EC with the most important single switch words.
  • You can add master switch words too.
  • You can add Mantras, Bach Flower Remedy names, Crystals, Healing Gemstones, etc. in your EC.
  • You don’t have to worry about the correctness of placing words in a sequence as you will add it as single energy words.
  • Long switch word phrases many times confuse the mind.
  • The switch word phrases have certain limitations.
  • Switch words are only a mind game.
  • Instead of chanting switch words for 25 min, you can have the same energy in 5 min, just by watching my switch word videos.

Let’s learn with some Examples…

Example 1: Suppose you want to make an Energy Circle for a home where the family is always fighting or quarreling, you can make a simple EC choosing words from my Switch word List and Dictionary.

Here you can choose a master switchword, which can create positivity and bring hope. GOLDEN SUNRISE is one such master switchword.

Then you can choose the switch word LOVE, this is another Master switch word, helps to create deep affection and attachment in relationships. It helps a person to feel love within self and for others. To know more read here in switch word list and dictionary.

Then you can choose the switch word PEACE, this is a switch word, helps to create harmony, release mental aggression, stop quarrels and fights. To know more read here in SW dictionary.

So now you can prepare an Energy circle with the names of family members in Capital small and Switch words in Capital letters like…

  • LOVE
  • Vijay Bhatia
  • Renu Bhatia

Example 2: For a court case involving money or material. Use the words from the dictionary.


Here, you can use the master Switch word GOLDEN SUNRISE to ease out negativity between the parties in the case and create positive vibrations.

The single switch word CLEAR will help to remove misunderstandings, negative thoughts and intentions, removes obstacles, and helps to get the truth. To know more, click the link of the Switch word list and dictionary.

BUCKTHORN is the switch word to attract fortune and good luck.

CASCARA SAGRADA is a switch pair which brings wealth.

Example 3: For severe health problems, refer to the switch word list and dictionary. You can use two master switch words, GOLDEN SUNRISE and DIVINE.

DIVINE is a Master switch word, connects a person to increase vibrations and release negative emotions.

Use the ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL in the EC, this helps to increase healing abilities and self-healing, rejuvenate.

This way you can explore Single Switch Words as guided by James Mangan for your situation. You can refer my Switch word list Dictionary and make your own Energy Circle.

Now you can explore Single switch words for yourself and for others. It is also easy for children to chant single switch words. Even the elders with weak health or memory can use these powerful single switch words on their own. You can share single switch words with others and help them.

You can post your experiences on switch words on my facebook page or facebook group for switch words or on my articles. You can share with me or Team Litairian, if you have used switch words and got results, I will include it in my switch word list and dictionary.

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    WOW Sir for sharing the original concept of Single Switch words through the journey from the Pioneer , James Mangan.

    Thank you for the Exclusive Switvh word dictionary to form Energy circles as per need in an easy way.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts in knowledge sharing and spreading happiness unlimited.

    Thank you again


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