Correlation Between Positivity and Gratitude

Dear friends do we know what Positivity actually is?

Positivity is a state of mind where a person feels charged, glorified, fearless, and content.

Can we dance without music?

The answer is no… Positivity is like that music, we can’t enjoy the real bliss of life in the absence of positivity.

Now how to Achieve Positivity?

First start to believe in yourself, start to believe in God. If God is an eternal flame so we are the sparks of that eternal flame. We too possess the characteristics of that flame. We all are part of God henceforth all creatures in this universe are God.

Once we start developing such feeling we start loving each other and the hatred which is hidden inside will turns into love and bliss. We must remember that a positive attitude is not a destination but it is a way of life. It’s like a magnet for attracting positive results.

If I would say that positivity and happiness are correlated to each other than it is not wrong. I am much happier now what I was earlier & with less issues.

If we study the lives of people who were early in bad shape and afterwards they rise from shambles in a spectacular manner. We shall find that it is their positive attitude and will power that transformed their lives into bloom.

In the Vedas it was said:
“This Universe, in truth ,in the beginning was nothing at all. There was no heaven, no earth, no atmosphere. This being that was solely non-being conceived a wish: ‘MAY I BE’

So there is always a positive will behind any creativity in all sphere of life and we have to accept this truth.

Dear Friends a positive mind set is a key to all issues, the solution for all problems lies within us not anywhere else. Once we start to accept that every failure or shortfalls are the lessons of life & these are blessings to us from the divine, the negativity will vanish easily & this positivity will give us enough strength to deal with adverse situations.

Paying and feeling gratitude towards each and every particle in this universe brings lots of positivity in life. If we want to feel happy, we have to be first thanks to the things that we possess.

So be positive, develop an attitude to gratitude stay blessed!!!

Written By

Pankaj Nijhawan

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  1. Gratitudes to practice of gratitudes which has now moved to future gratitudes. Gratitudes are blessings in disguise and it helps you in your energy shift.

    Gratitudes gives you the power to be free from too much if vibration that serve no purpose. There may be misunderstanding in any family or business. The moment you remember the small joys you shared with them brings you to be thankful to the person, well wishes and the happiness together. Gratitudes can be further enhanced when you energies your gratitudes with VK and GOLDENSUNRISE the results are very apparent and a cool calm you is a surprise for you.

    If you want a project to be signed a promotion or an interview to see you thru . you can bring blessings onto to required future happening . Gratitudes past, present, future brings a change in you and your twisted energy meridians are more than happy to go back to its normal state since it was never happy being in a twisted position.
    Gratitudes if you want a project to take off. Say Thank you as it is happening or happened. ” Thank you for implementation of this project on time “. Same way you can give future gratitudes to get administration help if you have any official documents pending, school admissions to desired schools, to your family members for any guidance. Just do it.

    All the gratitudes to parents for the food clothing education home marriage and siblings and move on to the present and to the future . All gratitudes need to come from inside it is not for anyone you are paying gratitudes it is to change your own magnetic field resonance to match with Cosmic energies to give you all that you want.

    If you feel jealous if a person just pay gratitudes to that person for all the help guidance truth shared and how much that person meant to you at that time and move on.

    Health if you have any illness which just doesn’t budge even after so much effort. Pay gratitudes for perfect health of that part or Organs and feel the joy of being healed and healthy.

    Wealth pay gratitudes to Papa for all the money spend on you and then your managers along the way, other sources of income, gifts received without your asking, taxi fare paid by a friend, discount given, food served at your place of visit they needn’t serve you tea and just push you out of their house no it didn’t happen. So be grateful for all u have.
    Home looking for a plush home first pay gratitudes to the rented home you have been living where your kids grew up whose walls had crayons of our kids. The dirt hand prints and kick on the wall near the bed. The kitchen which gave you sunlight light and happiness to cook food. Say Thank you and Divine will gift you a bear Present your HOME.

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