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Learn How to Easily Perform Acupressure, Acupuncture, Reflexology & Sujok Using VK

Using VK Easily Perform Acupressure Acupuncture - Reflexology & Sujok Without Touching a Person   GOLDEN SUNRISE to all Let us learn in this video how to mimic or request VIBBES KADA - VK for Acupressure, Acupuncture,...
Psychic Surgeryvideo

Learn How to Easily Perform Reiki Psychic Surgery Using VK

Reiki Psychic Surgery. Psychic Surgery Healing. Psychic Surgery Success Stories. Dos and Don'ts of Psychic Surgery. Perform Psychic Surgery Without Reiki Attunement and Without Reiki Knowledge. The Simplest Way of Doing Psychic Surgery. Here in this...
vital organ balancing cosmic serums

How to Use Vital Organ Balancing & Cosmic Serums Together

We have already discussed with you about Vital Organ Balancing (VOB) in detail in our previous articles. The articles include benefits, ways, and techniques of performing VOB for your good health and outcome. In...
Water Veins effects litairian

What are Benker Grid Cubes & Water Veins with an Experiment by Sharat Sir

Most of the people get into a new house or business premises, just checking some directional and Feng Shui compliance. But there is something more to it. There are some Natural energies from Earth which...
positive negative energy vortex effects

What is an Energy Vortex – Positive & Negative Energy Vortex’s Effects

Table of Content The Cause of Negative Energy Vortex The Effect of Negative Energy Vortex Case Study of a Negative Energy Vortex Effects of the Negative Energy Vortex Portal The Cause of Positive Energy...
Geopathic Stress Test & Removal

How To Detect Geopathic Stress Zone in your Home & Cure It

Table of Content Geopathic Stress Zones Detection & Symptoms Common Signs of Geopathic Stress Lines Detection Solutions to Cure or Neutralise Geopathic Stress Geopathic Stress Zone Solutions for your Home Geopathic Stress Zone Protection...
Remedies for geopathic Stress

What is Geopathic Stress & How it Ruins Your Life

Table of Content History Of Geopathic Stress What Causes Geopathic Stress? Effects and Symptoms of Geopathic Stress Geopathic Stress and Sleep Geopathic Stress and Animals ...
Select Mental Case

How to Select Calm Down Serum & Mood Up Serums in a Mental Case

Mood up Serum and Calm Down Serum are Cosmic Serums. They can be used only with VIBBES KADA VK. Both Mood Up Serum and Calm Down Serum are prepared to improve the mental state of...
How VK Intentional Healing Tool

How VK is an Intentional Healing Tool ? Understand with 10 Examples

VK is a very simple healing tool. In fact, Sharat Sir has made it in such a way that all we have to do is just request VK. But our human mind complicates things....


Switch words are one-word affirmations, which were first given by James T. Mangan, in his book titled The Secret of Perfect Living. James Mangan expired in 1970. Later switch words were extended by many Masters with...

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