Be Courageous Bold Confident Fearless Enhance Personality

Be Courageous Bold Confident & Fearless (Enhance Personality) (6 in 1 Combo)

Circumstances can make you weak with fear. But it is important to break this emotion. Fear can lead to physical weakness, mental trauma, delay your wish manifestation, create unusual blocks. One needs to release...
switchwords Strong Happy Relationship Bond. Powerful Solution Delayed Marriage

Strong Happy Relationship & Bond. Powerful Solution for Delayed Marriage (9 in 1 Combo)

Love is the highest emotion for all living beings. Every human has a birthright to love and be lovable. Love increases with more love from inside. Here in this my 9 in 1 Combo of Multi-Screen...
Easy Ways Proxy Chanting Switchwords Phrases

Easy Ways to do Proxy Chanting of Switch Words & Switch Words Phrases

Table of ContentWhat is Proxy Chanting & Who is Proxy Chanter of Switch Words? Role of Focus in Proxy Chanting What are the Limitations of Switch Words Is There an Easy and Better...
effective Single Switchword Phrase

Single Switchword vs Switchword Phrase….which is more effective?

Are you searching for switch word phrases in multiple groups on facebook? Do you have this question how can I remember long switch phrases? If I use simple short Switch word phrases will...
GOLDEN SUNRISE Switchword MANTRA Easy Manifestations

Chant GOLDEN SUNRISE Switchword MANTRA for Easy Manifestations

As we all are familiar with Switchword Mantra Golden Sunrise, which is now very famous to all of us and has become a part of our lives. Many people now start and wind up...
Meaning Usage Difference Switchwords CLEAR CANCEL

Difference between Switchwords CLEAR & CANCEL with Detailed Explanation

Table of ContentMeaning & Usage of Switchword CLEAR Illustrations of Switchword CLEAR Meaning & Usage of Swithword CANCEL Illustrations of Switchword CANCEL Comparison between Switchwords CLEAR & CANCELWe have discussed earlier in our...


Switch words are one-word affirmations, which were first given by James T. Mangan, in his book titled The Secret of Perfect Living. James Mangan expired in 1970. Later switch words were extended by many Masters with...
Role of Intention while Chanting the Switchwords

Role of Intention while Chanting the Switchwords

Intention while Chanting: Along with chanting a switchword or using any other way of manifestation, the intention plays an important role in achieving your goal in a perfect way. To understand more about the...
Differences Between Switchwords ADD FIND BRING REACH

What are the Differences Between Switchwords ADD FIND BRING and REACH

In our previous article "Differences between Switchwords "Golden and Gold", you read about both the Switchwords Golden and Gold. You read about the vast usage of the Switchword Golden and limited usage of switchword...

बीज़ मंत्र – स्विच वर्ड्स की कार्यप्रणाली by Puneet Tyagi

हम सभी संस्कृत और हिंदी मंत्रों के बारे जानते है जैसे चक्रों के बीज मंत्र (लं वं रं यं, आदि), गायत्री मंत्र, महा मृत्युंजय मंत्र और भी देवी देवता आदि के मंत्र।   आख़िर ये मंत्र...

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