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Diamond Most Amazing and Magical Stone’s Benefits

Diamond Most Amazing and Magical Stone's Benefits
Diamond is the Royal Leader of Gemstones and the purest mineral. Unlike most other minerals and gemstones, which are composite carbon-silicates with metal dirt, diamond is simply a carbon gem. It is exciting that the similar factor that creates coal and graphite also creates...

Amethyst Healing Properties (A Powerful Healing Stone)

Amethyst Healing Properties: Inner Peace-Meditation-Healing
Amethyst is the beautiful form of the crystal. Amethyst is much admired and even though it is the rarest manifestation of crystal, therefore it's very popular in the world. Amethyst is a comparatively durable gem, as is quartz. Amethyst is typically a six-sided gem and...

Ruby the King of Nine Gems

Ruby the King of Nine Gems Most Amazing Benefits
Ruby is a form of Aluminium Oxide (Red Corundum). It is made up of Corundum (Al2O3), and Chromium impurities (Cr3+), which are accountable for its wonderful red coloration. Ruby is the most expensive gem in the Corundum family. The name for this particular type...

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