Balancing Five elements Nature Vaastu

Balancing Five Elements of Nature in Vaastu

Vaastu itself means five elements present in it by default but the Earth element always being dominant in Vaastu is a very normal phenomenon. Anything made on the earth is made out of elements. The proportion...
Energy Vaastu : 5 Elements Should Be Balanced for Happy Living

Energy Vaastu : 5 Elements Should Be Balanced for Happy Living

Energy Vaastu - Everything that exists on this planet is part of five elements in different proportions. Similarly, our body is made of Five elements and the house we live and a place we work...
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Earth Element Provides Stability to Our Body and Mind

Earth Element (Prithvi Tattva) as the name suggests is related to our planet earth. As we know there are some characteristics of our planet, which act as the factors influencing Earth Element in us. The...
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Fire Element Represents Enthusiasm Passion Courage Spirited & Vigor

Fire Element (Agni tattva) as the name suggests represents fire. As we all know, Sun is the foremost source of energy in our solar system, so is the Fire Element in our body. Sun is...
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Air Element Brings Life Freshness Happiness Intelligence & Mercy

Air Element (Vayu Tattva) is the fundamental element to the survival of all living beings, without Air Element there is no life on the Earth. Air Element is a very active, thin and most movable element. Air Element...
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Ether Element is Most Responsible Element for the Powerful Manifestation

Ether Element (Aakash Tattva): As you all know that we all have five Element present in our bodies. These Elements shape our body and are responsible for what we are and how we behave. Ether Element itself...
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Water Element for Money Love Friendship & Balancing of Hormones

Water Element: We all have five elements (tattvas) present in our bodies. These elements shape our body and are responsible for the way we are. The level and power of these elements shape our nature and personality....

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