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Place a GOLDEN SUNRISE Image in Your Premises & Witness the Magic

What is GOLDEN SUNRISE ® Switchword & How its Help to Create Magic

GOLDEN SUNRISE: When life is becoming hell and all doors of prosperity, wealth, abundance, and progress shut down. When the situation gets stuck with bad luck. When each and every moment forces you to go...

Master Switchwords: The Soul Mate of All Switchword Phrases

Master Switchwords: - The Subconscious mind is a recorder and collector of all your life experiences, good or bad. This collection of information is the root of all our habits and fortune. Although it seems...
energy circle by sharat sir

EC – What Is Energy Circle And How To Activate It With & Without...

Energy Circle (EC) means a circle created to accumulate energy to send to a particular person, place, thing or event by your own intentions. You can use switch words, switch phrases, bach flower remedies, positive...

What is VIBBES KADA VK and It’s Benefits

You are here because your good fortune and karmas are awakened. NOW your life is going to change in all manner. From NOW onwards, your life will be changed from negative to positive and...
Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga Poses, Mudras, Dangers, Benefits, Awakening, Energy

Kundalini Yoga - Kundalini Awakening - Kundalini Energy Travel Upward - Kundalini Yoga Poses (Postures) Kundalini Yoga Mudras - Kundalini Yoga Benefits Kundalini Yoga Dangers? What is Kundalini Yoga? Kundalini Yoga is also called Hatha Yoga or Laya Yoga in...
Easy Way to Handle Negativity and Bad News (Based on Study)

Easy Way to Handle Negativity and Bad News (Based on Study)

In our day to day life, we meet many bad news, events and negative energies. Many people are not ready to manage these circumstances easily even most of us feel panic and depress during a...
Color Therapy for Balance-Harmony-Healing And More

Color Therapy for Balance-Harmony-Healing And More

Color therapy is also called chromotherapy. Color therapy is frequently encouraged in the well-being of our life. Vibrational Drug consolidates the utilization of essence-energies inside living life forms, for example, plants, gemstones and gems, water,...

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