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Cosmic Serums

Cosmic Serums : Solutions to your Overall Problems and Worries

“After giving the precious gift of VIBBES KADA, I am very glad to introduce to you my latest and one more magnificent discovery called COSMIC SERUMS. {My feelings in words after launching the Serums, March, 2011}....
Self Reading Meditation

Self Reading Meditation and its Benefits

SELF READING MEDITATION: Golden Sunrise friends, Again I am here with a new and an easier way of meditation for you. SELF READING MEDITATION. Yes!!! SELF READING MEDITATION is a meditation where you will be “reading”...

What is VIBBES KADA VK and It’s Benefits

You are here because your good fortune and karmas are awakened. NOW your life is going to change in all manner. From NOW onwards, your life will be changed from negative to positive and...
Place a GOLDEN SUNRISE Image in Your Premises & Witness the Magic

What is GOLDEN SUNRISE ® Switchword & How its Help to Create Magic

GOLDEN SUNRISE: When life is becoming hell and all doors of prosperity, wealth, abundance, and progress shut down. When the situation gets stuck with bad luck. When each and every moment forces you to go...

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