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Archangel Haniel Increase Intuition Imagination Spirituality & Inner Joy

Archangel Haniel commonly referred to as ‘Angel of Intuition’ or the ‘Angel of Joy’.  Since the joy comes from within when the person is able to connect with the supreme power. Archangel Haniel related with...
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Archangel Gabriel Bless Us Inspiration, Motivation Creativity & Happiness

Archangel Gabriel commonly referred to as ‘Messenger of God’ is an angel of the high order. Archangel Gabriel is mainly responsible for ministering and raising the children, inculcating effective communication and creative expressions in us....
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Archangel Chamuel Can Resolve Relationship Issues & Strengthens the Bond of Love

Archangel Chamuel referred to as ‘angel of love’. Archangel Chamuel is also referred to as ‘one who sees God’. Archangel Chamuel removes away the pall and unravels the love in your heart. Archangel Chamuel...
Archangel Azrael Unite sharat sir

Archangel Azrael Guides How to Unite with the GOD & Emotions

Archangel Azrael commonly referred to as ‘angel of death’, is the angel that guides our soul to the journey of heaven. Archangel Azrael has been mentioned in Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, and others with different...
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Archangel Ariel Helps to Induce Positivity and Optimism in Us

Archangel Ariel often referred to as “Lioness of God” is a powerful archangel and a magnificent spiritual being. Archangel Ariel is the angel of our planet's natural resources. Primarily, this angel takes care of managing and regulating...

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