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Affirmation is a well-known system to correct, rewire and rewrite our mind. Like exercise, affirmation boost-up the level of feel-good hormones in our brain and forces our mind to form new and positive thoughts.

Affirmations deeply sway both the subconscious and the conscious mind. Affirmations automatically, easily & reluctantly raise connected images into one’s mind, which can motivate, inspire and energize us. Affirmations also boost up our belief system to take action for the desired manifestation.

What are Affirmations & How to Prepare an Affirmation

What are Affirmations & How to Prepare an Affirmation

Affirmations are statements which we continuously think and imagine in our mind. These statements come repeatedly in our mind. Our mind is in habit...
Affirmations for love Powerful Positive

Affirmations for Love – Attract More Love Now

Affirmations for Love: This article and list of Affirmations for Love are for those who need to be loved and also for those who...
Affirmations Entrepreneus litairian

40 Powerful And Best Affirmations For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs Affirmations: – Many of us did not have formal training and enough MONEY when we started working. At that time, we felt unworthy...

20 Abundance And Prosperity Affirmations (Train Your Mind)

The feeling of Abundance and prosperity is a powerful mindset for mankind. It is the birthright of every person but sometimes, we unknowingly get...
money affirmations litairian

25 Best Money Affirmations That Work (Choose To Be Rich)

Money Affirmations: These Powerful money affirmations train your mind to align with your desires. You can attract money with these Most Powerful money affirmations....

Affirmations: 15 Points You Should Know Before Start Affirming

Do you believe that a few statements can change something in your life? If yes, then go ahead and read this article till the...

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