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Brain Serum {BNS}: Brain Serum is the 24th serum of the list of our Cosmic Serums. The keyword of Brain Serum is “Brain”. As a VK user, you must use Brain Serum whenever you who know any problem, especially in the brain. Brain Serum can help in memory and brain functioning for both otherwise healthy and people with brain illness in all age groups.especially brain

Brain Serum is a health serum, which can help with all disorders and problem in the brain.

It can help in dementia, Alzheimer, epilepsy, seizures,  and even in Coma. Brain Serum can also help in different serious headache disorders like a migraine, tension-type, cluster, cranial neuralgia, headache due to cranial or cervical vascular disorder, etc.epilepsy seizures blue neurons

Brain Serum can help in neuro infections due to worms, bacteria, virus, parasites, meningitis, leprosy neuropathy, tetanus, viral encephalitis, poliomyelitis, rabies, brain tuberculosis, neurocysticercosis, toxoplasmosis, cerebral malaria, trypanosomiasis, (Chagas disease, Sleeping sickness), Schistosomiasis and  Hydatidosis. brain tuberculosis neurocysticercosis

BNS helps in HIV associated: cognitive-motor complex; myelopathy, polyneuropathy, myopathy. Brain Serum is beneficial for multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, brain stroke, Brain ischemia, hemorrhage, and traumatic brain injuries.Parkinson's disease brain stroke ischemia

BNS can also help in Nutritional deficiencies such as Beri Beri, Polyneuropathy, Progressive myelopathy, and Pellagra. It can also help in neurological disorders due to alcohol or other substances like arsenic, barium, bismuth, lead, mercury, thallium, and organic solvents pesticides.Beri Beri Polyneuropathy,

Brain Serum can also help for Optic neuropathy, spasticity, cerebral palsy, neurologic pain, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), arachnoid cyst, and bipolar disorder. BNS also helps in depression, mania, mood swings, locked-in syndrome, Tourette’ syndrome, schizophrenia, dizziness, and vertigo. Brain Serum is good for dysphagia, paralysis, clots, stammering, language disorders, apraxia, Agnosis, Meniere’s syndrome, gait disorders.Brain Serum dysphagia paralysis clots

BNS can also help for Sphincter (Loss of urine control, incontinence) and sexual dysfunction due to neurological disorders. Brain Serum can take care of sleep disorders such as insomnia, night terrors, nocturnal enuresis and other sleep disorders due to neurologic disorders. BNS can also help in Metabolic disorders due to the nervous system and Reye’syndrome. Other areas where Brain Serum can help in radiation-induced myelopathy, brain tumors, psychosis, neurosis and Memory loss.brain Metabolic disorders nervous system

Brain disorders which are chronic or acute or by birth may require healing with patience. Continue sending energies till you get desired results. Increase the frequency of sending energies based on the need. Send Brain serum and other relevant energies by all possible ways such as food or water or other intakes.Brain serum energies

Points To Remember About Brain Serum

  1. Brain Serum is a cosmic serum which can be used only with VIBBES KADA VK.
  2. Name of the serum should be taken as Brain Serum while sending thru VK and not as short-form BNS.
  3. Do not use this serum with Total Wealth Serum.
  4. Do not use this serum with Love Serum.
  5. Do not use this serum if you are already using more than 3 to 4 serums for other health-related issues. If it is needed then make a 10 min gap between Brain Serum and other Serums. This gap of 10 min is when you are taking 2 unrelated serums in 2 different water. Example: if you are taking Total Wealth Serum in one water and this serum charged in another water, then keep a gap of 10 min between intake of these two charged water. For other methods like direct request or charging the name on paper or on a photo, a gap of 30 min can be taken for two unrelated serums. Read here more about 30 min concept.
  6. Brain Serum can be taken in drinking water through VK. Also, an image of the filled water bottle can be charged for your dear ones or even for an unknown person in any part of the globe.
  7. With Brain Serum, if you are a brain patient, you can continue with your brain medicines prescribed by your doctor and do regular medical checkups and consult your doctor as needed.
  8. All Clear Serum and Perfect Health Serum are the good companions of Brain Serum. Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is also the best companion of BNS. Both can be used together for critical and chronic brain illness. For any critical or serious case, this combination can be sent every 10 min or as frequently as possible until desired results are seen.
  9. Sending energies of Deities or Ascended Masters such as Sai Baba Udi, or Angel Raphael is a good idea for people with brain disorders along with Brain Serum and other relevant energies.
  10. You can charge edible oil, cooking oil, ghee, butter, cheese, cottage cheese, paneer, fried foods with Brain Serum.
  11. It can be sent distantly to anyone simply by writing their names on the paper or on a photograph. Just say the Brain Serum 3 times and place VK on name/photo.
  12. You can add GOLDEN SUNRISE with this serum to enhance its effects.
  13. BNS can also be sent directly by just touch VK and requesting the energy for the receiver. Just say Brain Serum to receivers name 3 times in one go. If we say more than one receiver’s name, the energy will get divided equally.
  14. You can charge bulk food items like rice, flour, pulses, etc with Brain Serum.
  15. You can charge water used for cooking food with BNS.
  16. You can charge tea, coffee, milk, juice or any other prepared food with BNS.
  17. Brain Serum can help in improving memory in all age groups including students. Study Serum can be added along with Brain Serum for focus and concentration in all age groups.
  18. When your work/project involves reading some information or checking a large amount of data, some analysis, interpretations from the information or any skill in a job which requires concentration, then you can take BNS with Study Serum. This combination will help in memorizing a large amount of data thus resulting in clarity when interpreted
  19. For nutritional deficiencies such as beriberi, polyneuropathy, progressive myelopathy, pellagra, etc. use a combination of Perfect Health Serum and Brain Serum.
  20. If a person remains depressed or sad due to brain disorders, use a combination of Brain Serum and Mood Up Serum. If the person is fearful, can add Bravo Serum.
  21. If a person becomes violent, angry or shouts and also suffers from a brain illness, use a combination of BNS and Calm Down Serum. Do NOT use Bravo serum in such case.
  22. Brain Serum along with Pain Care Serum can also help in different serious headache disorders like A migraine, tension-type, cluster, cranial neuralgia, headache due to cranial or cervical vascular disorder, etc. You can also include only ONE either Mood up serum or Calm Down Serum for mental healing.
  23. For the mental healing of a person with a brain disorder, along with BNS, you can choose to send either Mood up Serum or Calm down serum with the help of this article.
  24. For neuro infections due to worms, bacteria, virus, parasites, meningitis, leprosy neuropathy, tetanus, viral encephalitis, poliomyelitis, rabies, brain tuberculosis, neurocysticercosis, toxoplasmosis, cerebral malaria, trypanosomiasis, (Chagas disease, sleeping sickness), schistosomiasis, hydatidosis or HIV associated cognitive-motor complex; myelopathy, polyneuropathy, myopathy, you can use a combination of BNS, Immune Serum, All Clear Serum and Zapper Healing 9v 10kh with safety and security.
  25. For stammering, language disorders, apraxia, speech or auditory agnosis, or for Meniere’s syndrome where ears are affected with symptoms of vertigo, one can use a combination of Brain Serum and ENT Serum. One can also watch a video of Meniere’s syndrome or vertigo video as applicable.
  26. Sleep disorders such as insomnia, night terrors, nocturnal enuresis and other sleep disorders due to neurologic disorders, use a combination of BNS and Calm Down serum. Heart Serum can be added if there is a lack of sleep due to a poor circulatory system.
  27. In metabolic disorders due to the nervous system such as Reye syndrome, where the liver is also affected, a combination of BNS, Digee Serum, and All Clear Serum can be used.
  28. For arachnoid cyst, where fluid gets collected in surfaces between the brain and cranial base, a combination of Brain Serum, Care Serum, and All Clear Serum can be used.
  29. For Brain tumors, a combination of Brain Serum, Care Serum, and All Clear Serum can be used. Also, watch a video of tumor treatment.
  30. For Epilepsy or seizures, use a combination of Brain Serum and All Clear Serum.
  31. Digee Serum is a good companion of Brain Serum because Digee Serum is able to ease gastric problems which occur due to irregular eating habits of people with brain disorders.
  32. For brain clots, paralysis, brain ischemia, cerebral ischemia, or brain disorders due to poor blood circulation such as brain Haemorrhage, you can use a combination of Brain Serum, Heart Serum, and All Clear Serum. You can also add the energy of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra in critical cases.
  33. In case there is a loss of urinary control in brain diseases as in Sphincter (loss of urine control, incontinence), a combination of Brain Serum and Key Pen Serum can help.
  34. For sexual dysfunction due to neurological disorders, a combination of Brain Serum and Fem Serum (for females) and Men Serum (for males) can help.
  35. For gait disorders or posture and walking problem due to brain illness, one can use Brain serum.
  36. For memory loss due to brain disorders or aging, use a combination of Brain serum and Perfect Health serum.
  37. BNS can be combined with other health serum or mind healing serum based on the need.
  38. You can also do VO Balancing on the brain region using VK. It is very good to do VOB with the chanting of BRAIN SERUM and/or MAHA MRITYUNJAYA MANTRA.
  39. Must do Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra Self Reading Meditation if you have any brain disorder. This meditation helps for recovery at the soul level. This meditation can be done for others too even when they are not with you. When you start reading this meditation for others, intend that person that you are reading this meditation for and mentally say a declaration sentence. For example, if you are reading this meditation for Ruby Khanna, say this declaration 3 times: ”I am doing this SELF READING MEDITATION FOR RUBY KHANNA”.
  40. Along with  Serum must watch these videos where needed: cosmic codes dissolving blood clots video, Meniere’s disease, vertigo, and complete health.
  41. Charge any oil with Brain Serum and apply the same to the head area as an additional way of sending energy if the person is willingly allowing to apply oil.
  42. Charge body clothes too for the same effects.
  43. Check this video too How to Charge Water For a Particular Illness.

Please note: Consuming the energy of Brain Serum is good for a Healthy Brain. It is not suggested to drop the medicine which is prescribed medically for a brain patient. If you keep sending the energy of Brain Serum regularly then you can have a healthy brain. In the case of an emergency, VK works as a good safety measure. Till you reach a doctor, keep rotating VK on heart and brain area of the patient. It might save a person from a major attack or save someone’s life.


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  1. Golden Sunrise Sir
    Wow !! Wonderful Serum. Thank you so very much and Congratulations Sir !! Going to be very useful for many.
    God bless you in all abundance for your Selfless Services. Unable to repay you.
    Tq Tq Tq

    Thanks you is a very small word to pay gratitudes to your selfless work.
    Million thanks congratulations on this new discovery , it will so many people whose disease is not stated seriously by anyone . Even nears and dears cant help the person who is fighting with brain diseases.
    Thankyou so much sir

  3. Golden Sunrise Sir
    Heartiest congratulations for the launch of this new serum.
    Thanks a lot for every selfless effort you make for the betterment of humanity


    Thank you for fulfilling my wish of inventing Brain Serum.

    Million thanks and Hearty Congratulations to you Sir on this new wonderful Brain serum. I used it for my relative who was hospitalised for Brain Infarct and even after discharge doctors were not sure if he would cope up. Past around 4 months of Brain Serum has changed his life and he is feeling healthy.
    Thank you for your selfless efforts



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