What Amazing Goes Beyond The Medical Science With VIBBES KADA
ONE PICTURE OF 4TH DEC 2015 AND OTHER OF 26TH MAY 2016 on pillow

Golden Sunrise friends,

This is not an article but it’s my experience as a person as a daughter and probably some may think I am writing as a healer. It’s not about healing it’s about the actions or karma that I went on doing for my mother and started wondering where it was leading me.

In Jun 2015, my mother started developing some rough patches in her foot. Initially she complained about some itching and roughness. Later the patches started increasing in size. On medical examination, it was diagnosed as Eczema. Against her wish, I made her take around 5 injections of Immunoglobulins every fortnight. The injection being intra-muscular used to hurt her but I didn’t have a choice thinking a little prick with some swelling is better than a rough growing itchy patch.

Months passed by and instead of improvement, the roughness increased and it started spreading from her ankle to the entire side of the foot to the front. Her pain and swelling in that area increased. This restricted her walking and she was not able to walk properly even at home. I used to see her in tears and feel helpless. Some professional guessed it was related with Varicose veins. I made this Affirmation from Louise Hay in bold on an A4 size paper and stuck it on her cupboard for her to read it frequently.


We got her 2D Echo Doppler test done and showed it to one of the best Vascular surgeon in Mumbai to only find out that it was only Eczema with no correlation to varicose veins.

I could see nothing working for her including steroidal creams, which didn’t work on her even after daily application for 3 months.  I sent these photographs to Sharat Sir on 4th Dec 2015. 

What Amazing Goes Beyond The Medical Science With VIBBES KADA

Sharat Sir guided me to do VITAL ORGAN BALANCING (VOB) on the affected part with chanting of GOLDEN SUNRISE for 10 min and another 10 min with chanting of MAHAMRITYUNJAYA MANTRA with VIBBES KADA (VK). I asked him what else he said that’s enough. 

It was 11pm in the night and Sir said Start NOW. I wondered as I was away from Mom how do I do it Now. He said do it on her name on paper or photo. I started the same day…..in-fact late night.

I started VOB on her foot with chanting of GOLDEN SUNRISE and MAHAMRITYUNJAYA MANTRA. Initially I used to wonder what I am doing. I got this thought because till now nothing has worked let me continue what I have in my hand. I had already seen changes distantly for critical illness with my VK. But this was connected to my mother. What I had been seeing past few months with my own eyes, the deterioration of skin from a beautiful fair shiny foot to a rough pigmented itchy scaly patch. No one could digest what I was doing. Around 4 times in a week, I used to visit mom and do VOB for her with my VK. In between she used to apply a moisturizer and no other medicine. Also she started watching the cosmic code video for eczema by Sharat Sir once a day.

The days when I was busy or she was out I used to skip it or do it on my palm as her foot.  I could see improvement in her skin texture after 6 weeks. I was surprised and very happy.

But again I could see the Eczema spreading. The reason I found was her itching. Because of uncontrollable itching she had scratched and it got worst. On Sharat Sir’s guidance I started giving her ALL CLEAR SERUM in water or by direct request.  I also added MOOD UP SERUM for her cheerfulness. I continued with the VOB and again I could see the improvement in her eczema. Pictures taken on 5th Mar 2016.

What Amazing Goes Beyond The Medical Science With VIBBES KADA


On whatsapp group Sanjay Roy Sir guided to use ENT SERUM energy charged cream for cold and cough with VK to be applied locally. With excitement I wrote in the group ….Mei chali cream lene…Based on this guidance I charged my mother’s cream using VK with GOLDEN SUNRISE, BEAUTY SERUM and MAHAMRITYUNJAYA MANTRA. She applied it once a day. The idea was the energy would stay on the affected part for a longer time. I continued with VOB and ALL CLEAR SERUM along with cosmic code video watching by her and this cream application.

With the energy charged cream and other modalities I could see a drastic difference in her skin. Pictures clicked on 25th April 2016.

What Amazing Goes Beyond The Medical Science With VIBBES KADA



And I still continued with VK to see the results………picture on 24th May 2016.

What Amazing Goes Beyond The Medical Science With VIBBES KADA


What Amazing Goes Beyond The Medical Science With VIBBES KADA
ONE PICTURE OF 4TH DEC 2015 AND OTHER OF 26TH MAY 2016 on pillow

In all these months, I underwent lot of personality changes. I started when there was no hope in my medical field. But I just initiated it, thinking that I have something in my hand which is wonderful…that was Sharat Sir’s gift to me…VK.

As I was rotating VK on the affected part I could feel energies going to her foot. For almost 3 weeks there was no visible change but I did not loose faith neither my patience. After seeing the change my hopes increased. Initially I just went on doing it as my duty or karma as a child to my mother.  But slowly I started loving to do this. I did NOT feel it as my duty or karma. It became my PASSION. As I was seeing the changes and the free movement of her foot I was feeling happier and satisfied. Sometimes in between I felt it was again increasing and I discussed this with Payal Jain. She guided me to use the intention NOW FOREVER. After this again I saw the changes happening faster. I also used Law of attraction when I did proxy VOB imagining her beautiful shiny fair foot and I felt it was clearing the eczema faster.

My learning is UNIVERSE OPENS THE DOORS YOU JUST HAVE TO KNOCK AND GRASP THE OPPORTUNITY. If I would have restricted myself to limitations of medical field I would have still felt hopeless. Where medical science ended…DIVINE healing began. I truly experienced what SAI BABA says SHRADDHA and SABURI….have FAITH and PATIENCE.  VK works beyond the faith of the DOER….but the DOER has to keep doing the actions and also have patience to see the results. 

Just today I told Sharat Sir It is unbelievable to me and I have tears in my eyes as I see these pictures and that I DID THIS.

Sir said “WE ARE NOT DOING ANY HEALING…ONLY DIVINE DOES FOR US”. As I am writing this…I HAVE TO SHED MY EGO…another learning from SIR.

I thank my Mother for her patience with me in spite of all the pains she felt. She did everything what I told her to follow. I am thankful to SAI BABA for practically teaching me to have patience and for showing me the results through this episode.

My heartfelt deep gratitude to Sharat Sir for this beautiful gift of cosmic energies in my VK. Gratitude to COSMIC ENERGIES and VK. And special thanks to Sir for his guidance on Eczema. With high respect, I thank Sanjay Roy Sir for his beautiful article on how to use VK with simplicity and the guidance to use energy charged creams. I am very thankful to Payal Jain for constantly guiding me and encouraging me throughout.


!!! OMSAIRAM !!!


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