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Money Affirmations: These Powerful money affirmations train your mind to align with your desires. You can attract money with these Most Powerful money affirmations. Choose to live abundantly and RICH with these money affirmations.

Many people live their lives in depression due to lack of money because they have a strong negative mindset about money. These money affirmations can alter your negative mindset and help you to become more prosperous.

Below are the 25 most powerful affirmations to attract money and you can choose at least 10 affirmations which are best fitted to your nature for your daily practice.

Don’t hate money. If you hate money, it will never come to you abundantly. Money Affirmations Positive Best And Most Powerful

Remember Money cannot buy joy and happiness  but it can give you a wealthy life and Wealthy life can lead you towards joy and happiness


25 Money Affirmations Best & Most Powerful


1. My Love towards Money is High.Money Affirmations

2. Money comes easily & naturally into My Life.Money comes easily Affirmations

3. I attract Money Excellently. My surname is Money.attract Money excellently Affirmations

4. I understand that Money is Vital for a Good Life.Money good life Affirmations

5. The Divine is my constant Money Provider.constant Money provider Affirmations

6. I always have more than enough Money in My Life.enough Money Affirmations

7. My all actions make Money for Me.actions make Money Affirmations

8. My bank balance is Ever balance Affirmations

9. Money is my close Friend. We have Everlasting Friendship.close friend Affirmations

10. I am a Money Magnet & Attract Money Constantly.Money Magnet Affirmations

11. I attract & save more Money daily.attract save more Money Affirmations

12. Money is a central part of My life. I am becoming Financially Independent.financially independent Money Affirmations

13. My Perception of Money is Perfect & Positive.perfect positive Affirmations

14. I always Pay Gratitude for My Richness.Gratitude richness Affirmations

15. My Financial Dealings are Divinely dealings Affirmations

16. I have firm faith that what is good for me always comes to me in Rich abundance Affirmations

17. I always perform Good Deeds with My Money.good deeds Money Affirmations

18. My Money is Blessings for all.Money blessings Affirmations

19. Money always Over Flooded into My Life.over flooded Money Affirmations

20. Whatever I Donate & Spend Comes to me Thousand Times More.thousand times Money Affirmations

21. I attract whatever I mentally Choose & Accept. I Choose Money.I choose Money Affirmations

22. I now choose & accept Health, Success & Happiness with Money.happiness with Money Affirmations

23. This is a Wealthy & Friendly Universe. I always get My Portion of Riches.wealthy friendly Money Affirmations

24. I now Bless Lavish Abundance For Myself & For all the Earth.lavish abundance Affirmations

25. The Divine Plan of My Life Now Takes Definite concrete shapes of Money, Success & Prosperity.Money success prosperity Affirmations

Watch Powerful Money Affirmations Video

For you, I have also created a vision board video to attract huge money. Never miss reading 15 points before start affirming. The Best way to chant money affirmations is in front of a mirror. Repeat above affirmations at least 28 times in a row x 3 times a day for good results. Try above Compelling Money Affirmations in your Real Life and Do Comment with your Experiences.

You can also watch above money affirmations video daily because regular chanting with watching is much easy to change the pattern of your mind. You no need to chant any of above-mentioned Money Affirmations if you are a VK user because only Total Wealth Serum can fulfill all your money and wealth-related worldly desires.

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