Benefits of Watching Sharat Sir's Switchword Videos

Switchword videos are created by me with the intention of quick and powerful results. People who use these switchword videos can get the benefits instantly.

No rule for my switchword videos.

In my research I found watching a 3 min of a video is = 25 min of switchword chanting.

If your requirement is fulfilled by watching once a day, then that is enough and if not watch twice a day or more.

Sometimes in acute cases, you need to watch quickly back to back as many times as possible. And in chronic cases just watch twice a day is enough. No one can judge and understand your need. Check your situation and need and then decide how many times you need to watch your selected switchwords videos. Decide your own and use according to them. Before moving ahead please click here and read once what are switchwords

You can watch my switchwords videos as many times as you can. You can watch many switchwords videos a day but remember that all my switchwords videos are attuned with cosmic energies too, therefore sometimes watching many switchwords videos a day can make you dizzy or you can feel giddiness or vertigo or sleepy due to extra energy.

Shifting of Switchwords so rapidly in my switchword videos create fast and instant energy as they bypass your conscious mind and directly interact with your subconscious mind to create magical results. Even I personally attune each of my videos with cosmic energy to optimize its result. At this speed, the powerful switch words easily bypass your conscious hindrance and tap into the only level that allows you to create an immense change – your subconscious mind.

I did lots of experiments and found that 3 min of watching video = 25 min switchword chanting and 25 min switchword chanting = 5 days of EC energy, so 3 min of video = 5 days of EC. And if you watch many switchword videos a day your energy level will reach at the highest point.

Watching switchword videos twice a day for a long period of time will permanently change your mind’s frequency and then the mind will adjust itself at autopilot mode forever. Once mind starts attracting automatically then no need to watch these switchword videos regularly and then watch as follow up dose (Just Twice A Week). Now enjoy all my switchwords videos without hesitation. Please feel free to comment into the comment box below and ask anything regarding my switchwords videos.


  1. Sir,
    When my Father in law died,
    for 11days I felt severe body pain and finding difficult to do even basic work.Very uneasiness in the body and on 11th day early morning he came in my dream and he told me I am not going anywhere I will be here only.
    In dream he appeared me in his home.
    After that I felt something left my body and I felt my body very light
    And I was able to do all the cleaning work of my house very easily as on 11th day we have to clean all our houses.
    Sir can you please guide Sir.whats the meaning of all this


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