Auto Suggestion: How They Affect Our Life

Auto Suggestion is a powerful mind technique that relates to all implications and all self-ideas of motivation which get in touch with our mind all the way through our senses. These are self-created deliberations. It is a conscious power that directly pulls our subconscious mind into a particular direction or action. It may be negative or positive according to our conscious will.

Auto Suggestion means repetition of words or self-created sentences with feelings again and again which work on the subconscious mind to change the thought pattern and the perception already created in the mind. Merely, by changing our perspective and thoughts against a particular wish or desire, we can manifest our wish or can achieve our goal easily. By focusing only on a problem, we can never reach its solution. In simple words, we have to change our thought pattern by changing our words from a problem to its solution.

The idea behind the auto-suggestion is deliberately and intentionally feed the subconscious mind for a particular thought of action.

A thought may be negative or positive but never forces subconscious into action until they consciously or unconsciously affect the subconscious. We are gifted by Universe to have control over the information which is received by our senses.

Example: We taste, touch, smell a particular fruit and according to its look we call it Apple because we have learned that way and informed our mind all the qualities of this fruit and named it Apple.

If we change its name and inform our mind deeply that it is a Banana but taste, smell, touch and look remain the same, then our mind will gradually accept our new idea and will accept that fruit with a new name BANANA. But that all can happen after deep Self Hypnotic level practice.

Now think, what happens when we want to change our life but not succeed? Auto Suggestion is a way to modify, magnified and enhances our right pattern towards the desired result. All that success manifest when we willingly feed our subconscious mind with an accurate pattern.

Faith is a big side-effect of auto-suggestion. When we see the results, then our faith is created. In the course of echo and repeating the auto-suggestion method, we willingly create thought habits which are constructive to our efforts to alter need into its fulfillment.

Auto Suggestion: How They Affect Our Life

Carefully Choose Words for Auto Suggestion

The words you select are not those who touch your emotions. You should never affect and change your subconscious mind. You have to learn and choose the right words to influence your life via influence your subconscious. Law of attraction is basically the law of emotion. When your emotions and connected words are rightly chosen, then you attract more things, paths, and people according to your emotions and words.

Example: When you love someone with lower emotions, you attract love by other people but with rage and other lower situations. When you love the whole Universe with great and highest emotions, you attract all the good things of the Universe with great situations.  

Emotions can be created by auto-suggestion. Create more emotions by suggesting yourself more and more good thoughts. Sometimes, you can loudly chant “good affirmations with full emotions, love, and feelings and help your subconscious to fulfill your desire.

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  1. Beautiful and complete explanation of working of subconscious mind and how it works. This is a very important point to understand the right law of attraction as this can change our lives to a great and very different extent. Thank you for explaining in so simple words Sharat sir.


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