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Sonia lives in North Delhi. She is a Life Coach. She is a Reiki Master/teacher. Cosmic (VK) Healer/teacher. Pranic Healer. Crystal Healer, Kundalini Reiki Healer, Angel Therapists & Angel Card Reader. Smudging Specialist with Ancient Herbs. Numerologist. EFT healer. Works with Mirror therapy. Master of Dowsing & Numerology. She helps people with her knowledge of Affirmations, Switchwords, Healing Stone, Armoa, Bach Flower Remedies and Law of Attraction.

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Wonderful Tips to Manifest Your Desires Faster Using Law of Attraction

Wonderful Tips to Manifest Your Desires Faster Using Law of Attraction

Some people who at first know the Law of Attraction, think that there are some magical spells when performed precisely, give everything that one...

VIBBES KADA® (VK) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ Part-2)

It is the Part 2 of VK FAQ VIBBES KADA® (VK) is a healing tool that is attuned with 11 Cosmic Energies. These cosmic energies in VK...
How to Send Energies With a Direct Request to VK Rakhi

How to Send Energies with a Direct Request to VK –...

Golden Sunrise Friends, Is there a simple way to energize people, situations, happening in life just by saying a few words? I have not learned energy...
Learn 33 Days of Excellence in Mindfulness Telephonic Online Course

Learn 33 Days of Excellence in Mindfulness (Telephonic Online Course)

About the Mindfulness Course  The mind plays a game with our bodies and life. Most of the situations in our life are due to these...
What is Mindfulness Meditation How to Practice Nine Skills of Mindfulness

What is Mindfulness? What is Mindfulness Meditation?

Do you know what was the first thing we did when we came into this world? “We breathe“ and the last task we do...

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